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Project Pack No. 07 - 12 Days of Zentangle: Day 02

Project Pack No. 07 - 12 Days of Zentangle: Day 02

Welcome to the second day of Project Pack No. 07.

Alfie enlisted some of the animals in our home to help prepare his tools for today's tangling adventure. Iron Elephant helps hold the sharpener under Jade Rabbit's watchful guidance.

We'll tangle on a 3.5 inch (89 mm) square gray tile and use all the pens, pencils and tortillions in this Project Pack.

Today's limerick salutes the tangle we'll tangle and its creator.

As every tangler knows
That passion and gratitude shows
How one stroke at a time
All Stars shine sublime
With our thanks to Tomàs Padrós

Please leave your comments below. Each day we will pick commenter at random to send a Zentangle surprise to!

Yesterday's winner is Kate Aherns! Please send your snail mail address to!



  • WOW beautiful tangle. Love the shading and your tutorial!!! had me mesmerized TFS!!!!

    Cheryl Wolf on

  • What relaxing fun watching Rick tangle and talk through the tangling on the wonderful gray tile! Thanks!

    Linda JF on

  • My first project pack and I am loving it!

    Annika on

  • Really magical ! I love it !

    Jocelyne Archambault on

  • Love how this looks!

    Tisha on

  • Hi from Australia. I have been doodling for a while now but never formally, just making it up as I go. Now I have discovered you I will not go back to just doodling. I need the calming a d focus this brings as I suffer from anxiety due to PTSD. knowing that you have to go slowly is good therapy for me. Your examples are wonderful.

    Robyn on

  • I always love to watch Rick draw. Everything is so precise and slow. Nice tile today!

    Terri Young, CZT 16 on

  • A beautiful tangle. Great introduction to the gray tiles and looks so 3-D.

    Jo Diamantes on

  • Festive holiday stars! Thx Tomas Padros for creating this delightful tangle. Thx Rick for the step-by-step. Incredible to have it broken down into easy strokes and then the hi-lights and shading make the tile pop! Happy stars to us all ; )

    Lelia Evelyn on

  • I love Tomas’ tangles. They keep my mind very busy and the rest of me can relax and let it happen. Thank you for the shading inspiration!

    Anne Harauz on

  • So happy to have the 12 days of Zentangle again!! I watched this video while I was getting chemo this afternoon and it was very relaxing & peaceful! When you started out I was not too sure this was a tangle I would like but after watching the video I can’t wait to get home & try it. The white & gold really add a lot to the design. Thank you for sharing this with us!!

    Denise Payea on

  • So beautiful—as always! And simple once it’s demonstrated…Thank you.

    Tenley J on

  • Beautiful! Can’t wait to have a minute to get started! Love Tomàs!

    Della on

  • Finaly: The 12 zentangle days before Christmas are here ! I ’ m always looking forward to them , with all the preparations for Christmas to do, they bring great joy and pleasure and a time to relax and take my time. And to participate in the beauty of your ideas and our results.

    Thank you once more for all of it.

    Martina on

  • I love all of Thomas` Padro`’s work. I have been following him since he came on the tangle scene. His work is amazingly mesmerizing!

    Leslee on

  • All Stars has never looked more beautiful ❤️

    Kathy on

  • A great tangle and a great tile!

    KEM on

  • I love this new tangle, especially the shading as it looks 3-D paper folding where Rick added the white graphite. So striking! These wonderful gray tiles provide many new opportunities for creative Zentangling. Thanks for bringing them to life!

    Elaine Y. Olive on

  • Was up just after 5am (Aussie time) and straight to the computer. Wow! again another magic moment. Sooo exciting! Thankyou

    Wendy Tann on

  • Beautiful result! Loved just watching as you so carefully drew this lovely pattern …so calming to watch. I have tried this pattern but never received such a nice result. Your demonstration has encouraged me to try again. Thank you.

    Deborah Murdough on

  • I LOVE his tangles! And I really like your addition of sparkly gold. It make it look so holiday-ish!

    Charlene on

  • Oooo…wonderful Zentangle fun shown here! Yay to Thomas Padros! ~ Rose

    Rosemarie Crawford on

  • I recently played with this lovely tangle from Tomas Padros on a white tile yet felt it was missing something, now I know it is the high and low lights afforded by using these wonderful gray mid-tone tiles. Going to start mine right now!

    PamS on

  • All stars is such a nice tangle and it will surely give fun on this second day of Project Pack 7. I’m very glad to have had a little chat with you and Tomàs in the lobby of Hotel Monopol Saturday evening. Tomàs and I were excited, just one more day before the magic began… Thanks for your kindness, your beautiful Zentangle art and your coming to Europe!!!

    MatheussenRia on

  • All Stars is a great dimensional tangle!

    AndreaR on

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