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On the Second Day of Zentangle ...

"On the Second Day of Zentangle . . ."

Alfie holds a black tile as he sits on a pomegranate.
Behind him is a Christmas card Maria created. It reads,
"Welcome the wondrous season that gives free rein 
To embrace what is worth holding dear."
On the second stroke of Zentangle
R and M progressed, black tangled white . . .

For years we explored the patterned beauty of black ink on the white square tile. This new art form continued to grow and develop through creative minds all over the world. We started looking at new and fun ways to continue our exploration of tangles. We were not ready to introduce color, but what about using white ink on black paper?

We went to work immediately on our new idea and soon our home/studio/office was a symphony of black pieces of paper covered with white tangles. This reversal of roles opened up a whole new way to look at tangles. 

In June of 2011, after much searching for the right paper and pens, we unveiled our first Black Zentangle Tile. We cut the rich, black 100% cotton mould made paper from the same die as our white tiles. We chose a Sakura® Gelly Roll white gel pen and buttery smooth white charcoal pencil from General Pencil to illuminate this beautiful new paper. 

At first we assumed this reversal in roles of the traditional tangling materials would be exactly the opposite, but to our surprise it opened a whole new world of opportunity and discovery. 

Tangling on a dark surface was uncharted territory and we realized we were seeing old tangles in a a new light. To see some recent explorations on black tile tangling enjoy the video tutorials from Project Pack #01

Today we have a fun lesson using both black tile tangling combined with some white tile tangling.

Second Day of Zentangle... Part 1
Second Day of Zentangle.. Part 2

Rick Roberts


  • I love the new spin on the old. Using the tiles in a different way. I looked forward to the next post.

    Karen Rushton on

  • I’m loving this trip down memory lane and the fun videos.

    Rhonda Miller on

  • I’m a retired art teacher and finally have a chance to read. I like mysteries and recently read a series that talked about zentangles and raved about how wonderful they were. The heroine was a crafter and even became a trainer zentangle teacher. The name of the author is Joanna Campbell Slan and the books are the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series. My students enjoyed learning about zentangles in my class and now you have mystery buffs being introduced to zentangles.

    Donna on

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