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Muddy Morning Walk

Muddy Morning Walk


The path of my morning walk is under water from last night's rain. I walk barefoot, so that's not a problem. I just roll up my pants.


Midway through the muck, I look down and stop still. The ripples in the cool, ankle deep water grow quiet. Certainly, it is for moments like these that "OMG" (Oh, my God!) was made.


There are my leaves of grass "drawn" in a hollibaugh fashion. There are fields of tipple bubbles -- sometimes drawn traditionally, sometimes in a hollibaugh fashion. And yes, there's even a hint of flux.

The tipple reminds me of how Maria has taken to tangling her bronx cheer raspberries. Here's a picture from the velvet finished blotter on her desk:


For napkins, Maria rips up old sheets. During breakfast, as we listen to an audio book, Maria will often add another tangle to a napkin. Here, it's bronx cheer.


I used that morning walk's photo as inspiration to put pen to paper and tangle. I looked at the photo and then put it away. I didn't want to re-present it. I wanted its inspiration.


My original intention was not to draw grass leaves, but as I laid down the first stroke of hollibaugh, my tile moved and . . . OK, grass it is!

For mud, I tangled huggins and connected it to some of the tipple bubbles.

In my experience there is pattern everywhere. Perhaps I can see it. Perhaps, like in the mud, I can't . . . at least, not just yet. But I know it's there because out of it has come hollibaugh, tipple, and flux!

A common comment from new tanglers is, "I see patterns!" The patterns were always there. But as you create your own patterns, you begin to notice other's.

Even on a muddy morning walk.

Rick Roberts


  • Wonderful blog, beautiful interpretation of that OMG moment! Thank you for sharing. PS i did think of Maria’s bronx cheer, when viewing the photo, as this is how I witnessed her doing it at zenAgain, and also Jody Genovese ’s tunnel vision though likely ’cause i was playing with it yesterday!

    Pamela Sauerwald on

  • Thank you for sharing your morning inspiration with us! Last December, as we traveled, we came out to the truck in the cold morning air, to witness small ice patterns on the frozen windows. Photos grabbed suggestions of hollibaugh and others, giving me a fun and fleeting souvenir. The leafless trees taunted me to stop and tangle. Even my husband now points out possible tangle ideas to me, now!

    Ginger White on

  • So glad you are not a COLD feet person like me or you never would have come upon this wonderful discovery. Love your written description, the photos and your tile. If we just keep our eyes open we’ll see patterns everywhere. Some have already made it into the Zentangle pattern world and others may be celebrated in the future. Thank you, Rick!

    Gale Sherman on

  • A few months ago, here in my frozen grassy pasture in Nevada, I saw where wind had frozen tiny Tipple bubbles under the ice, on top the grass, I also saw Diva dance swirling around the Tipple along with the Hollibough! wow, so I ran back to the house for the camera and also used the picture as inspiration for the most enjoyable tangling! Zentangle sure has a way of bringing us all together no matter where we are!

    christine maskaly CZT #29 on

  • Funny enough, I was doing my morning tangling and the Ripples pattern wanted to be part of the tile. This is a pattern I seldom tangle. Then, as I read your post, the word ripples was right there. Interesting…

    Nancy Domnauer CZT on

  • What an inspiration to start my day. Thank you, Rick. 🥰

    Quwatha Valentine on

  • This is just lovely and inspiring! Such a wonderful start to my day full of prep for a new series of classes starting tomorrow! Thank you!

    Mary D'Angelo on

  • Gracias por mostrarnos una vez más que en nuestro entorno natural se encuentra lleno de patrones , solo en atención lo podremos descubrir , saludos desde Venezuela

    Ana Summa on

  • Beautifully photographed, described and tangled. Thank you for uplifting morning moment!

    Mary Lindeblad on

  • 💕 Love everything about this post!

    Thanks for sharing your insights with us

    Carol G on

  • What a wonderful meditation! Thanks so much for sharing, Rick. Illustrates how the discovery of patterns brings one into the present moment…just like the Zentangle method.

    Gini Shimabukuro on

  • You captured the essence of this with your words and with your pen and pencil. Wow…

    Jody Genovese on

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