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Kitchen Table Tangles: Zentangle Apprentice Lesson #2 with Molly, Indy and Mazzy

Kitchen Table Tangles: Zentangle Apprentice Lesson #2 with Molly, Indy and Mazzy

Zentangle Apprentice™ brings the Zentangle Method and experience to our youngest generation.
Children around the world are creating amazing pieces of art using the Zentangle Method. What is fascinating about the Zentangle Method is that it stretches across cultures, religions, media and ages without having to alter the content of the method. Though the Zentangle Method itself changes very little whether you're working with children or adults, we thought it would be fun to create some lessons and materials for children (of all ages) to create with the Zentangle Method.
During these unprecedented times, we at Zentangle HQ are focusing on creating more content for our Zentangle community.
Our dear friend Bijou noted that schools are not in session and families now have more time together at home. Bijou suggested that we create some video content for our younger tanglers.
"What a brilliant idea", we enthusiastically agreed. And so we rallied our "in-house" Zentangle Apprentices to help us in the studio.
Bijou wrote this note and requested that we send it to all of the Zentangle Apprentices across the world:

Dear Zentangle Apprentice,

We hope you are finding creative ways to use your time during these days we spend at home. There is so much opportunity for discovery and learning in moments like this.

We thought that maybe you would enjoy digging into the Zentangle Method with us. Molly has invited her friends Indy and Mazzy to help her create this very special video just for you. Whether you are brand new to the Zentangle Method or have done lots of tangles before, this video is for all. Even though we have created it with kids in mind, we think that friends of all ages might enjoy to tangle along as well.

Thank you for joining us and happy tangling,



Feel free to share this video with any of the tanglers in your life (children or adults) that you think might enjoy tangling along or to the teachers who may be looking for activities for their students.


Share your artwork on the Zentangle Mosaic App or other social media sites with the hashtag #ZentangleApprentice2



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