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CZT Family Tree - Margaret Bremner

CZT Family Tree - Margaret Bremner

We always say that the Zentangle Method attracts really awesome people. We have had the pleasure of working with wonderful Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) all over the world and we are excited to share these wonderful people with the entire Zentangle Community. Through our series, CZT Family Tree, we will introduce individual CZTs.

Today, we are excited to introduce Margaret Bremner!



Name: Margaret Bremner                                                            CZT#: 3


Currently living in: Surrey BC Canada

Favorite tangle: I probably have 20, and they change from time to time, but I often find myself opting for variations of Tipple, Printemps, and Crescent Moon. I prefer to capitalize the names as it distinguishes them from just words.



Favorite place to tangle: At the table in my art space.

Favorite quotation: For many years I loved Anaïs Nin’s “Life expands or contracts according to one’s courage.” While I still like that, I think it now comes second to “Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.”

My favorite story or memory about teaching the Zentangle Method is: a student I had twice. She was a 30-something single mom of a young teenage boy. Earlier in her life she had made miniatures, sometimes the standard 1:12 scale, but often much smaller. She’d had a serious medical incident resulting in a severe loss of eyesight and the knowledge that she didn’t have a lot longer to live. She was left with a sliver of vision at the outer edge of her left eye. I’d been advised that a student had limited vision, but I did not realize to what extent until the class began. She asked my permission, and during the first class frequently came up to my demo board and - inches away from the side of her eye - viewed what I was drawing, then went back to her seat and drew. Of course I’d provided her with larger materials. The second time she joined a class I drew oversize examples of the tangles we’d be doing (two per 8.5”x11” page) that she could have at her place, view at her leisure, and take home. It was impressive enough to me that someone with such limitations would register for an art class, but what really struck my heart was her cheerfulness, gung-ho attitude, and willingness to ask for assistance with her needs.


Through my experiences as a CZT, I have learned that people love to realize that they can so draw! (Also, that this is a truly wonderful, open, caring community of individuals.) When I encountered Zentangle I felt like I'd discovered home. Now, pretty much all my artwork is infused with tangles.

If I’m not tangling you’ll find me … hmm… doing other art things? Most of that is Zentangle-related now, so… visiting my thoroughly adorable granddaughter, enjoying the vegetation of the west coast, and constantly trying to eliminate Stuff.

Mosaic name: MargaretBremner
Instagram: margaretbremner





  • Dear Margaret,

    I’m just amazed to what I sprinkle and radiated smile you have here. Such great photo’s. Very grateful I found you on my Zentangle path. Also being the proud owner of your wonderful art. Big Hug, Hilde

    Hilde van Ginhoven on

  • I’m so happy to see yo’uve moved near me. My friend and I are cobsiderinb a class with you when this Pandemic is done. I am going to be 71 soon . Never to late to improve

    I am an Avid follower of you . You are an AWESOME human being.

    Christina Arlington on

  • I just revisited this post and re-read all your wonderful comments. Oh my, oh my, oh my. Thank you all so much!

    Margaret Bremner on

  • Margaret, so great to see you featured here.. your art is always so beautiful and you are a wonderful person, always ready to share with the Zentangle community. Thank you!

    Brenda Shaver CZT 8
    Ontario Canada

    Brenda Shaver on

  • I met Margaret at CZT Seminar #3 in Whitensville, not knowing what an artist she was/is. I have been following her art from then and am grateful for the inspiration she gave me through her art and the tutorials on her blog.

    MariaVennekens on

  • I adore Margaret’s art and have for a long time now! Such joy to read this CZT Family Tree article! So blessed to be part of this awesome community of artists!

    Brenda Campbell on

  • Margaret and Laura Harms are the reason I am a CZT. Their early influence led me to want more! It has been a joy to have the opportunity to be inspired by her unmistakable style.

    Kudos, Margaret! You are the roots of my Zentangle family tree.

    Chris Titus on

  • Zentangle brings fantastic people together. Meeting MARGARET has been one of my favorite parts. She is so talented. A ray sunshine for each of us ❤️

    Karen Izzi on

  • Margaret Bremner has been one of my most favourite CZTs, and Tanglers for her fantastic creative renditions of variety of Tangles on one hand, and on the other, for her down to earth honesty and humbleness. I recall I had deconstructed a tangle pattern and named it as SIRD. Margaret had acknowledged it too on my blog, but, after a while she could have come across that pattern somewhere and she deconstructed the same, giving a name. However, as soon as I pointed it out as already published tangle SIRD, she not only acknowledged it immediately to me, but she removed it from her blog and gave link to my blog!

    I salute her for her these qualities of being a great human being.

    I continue to love her creations, and happy to get to learn more about her here. Thanks Maria for that.

    Dilip Patel on

  • Margaret, what a delightful addition to my day, reading your responses to these questions and viewing your lovely art. I feel like everything you do has something to teach me about color or composition or innovative use of a tangle! I am thankful to be connected to you and your art by the virtual thread of Zentangle.

    Amy Broady on

  • Margaret, you were my first Zentangle Hero! Your style is so unique. I have learned so much from your balanced use of light and dark, and also that your example encouraged me to shift from making TINY, TINY patterns to larger representations that better showcase each tangle. Your work is stunning, your talent is incomparable, and the ease with which you seem to churn out one masterpiece after another makes me want to take a nap! (tee-hee!)

    Antonine Koval on

  • Oh so inspiring…. I will get out my microns and tangle today. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful art.

    Jennifer on

  • So nice to see you featured Margaret, fellow Canadian CZT!! Your art is so creative but precise with a steady hand and really what we all aspire to accomplish.

    Heather Toswell on

  • Great to see you here, you look very cool with your wings! I ’m a great fan of your work with so many surprises! Thank you Margaret to share your story and your tiles with us ! Greatings from Belgium.

    MatheussenRia on

  • I was impressed、your episode .

    Anyone can challenge!
    You proved it !! Thank you !!

    Hidemi Yamada on

  • Margaret is simply awesome. Super awesome.

    Marie Browning on

  • Margaret,
    What an artist you are. I enjoy seeing the way you combine different ‘things’.
    Also, the story you told was very insightful. I have a few friends who have macular degeneration and know how very hard it is for them. I can’t imagine losing my eyesight.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Deborah Davis on

  • Margaret Bremner, I love your work and have followed it for years. Maybe because your name seems regal and/or your work is so creative like those gorgeous wings! Either way you are terrific! What an inspiration. Keep it happening for all of us.

    Carole Lape CZT19

    Carole Lape on

  • Margaret, I first discovered your beautiful Zentangle work in January 2018 when I was gifted with a tangle a day calendar book! You were the featured artist on the various monthly pages. I loved coloring them in and admiring your strokes. since then, I’ve been following you on Facebook groups and I’m never disappointed by your work. You definitely belong on our family tree. Thanks for all the inspiration!

    Mary Illana Perrin CZT32 on

  • Margaret, I have been admiring your art for years! I have even used variations of some of your pieces in my senior center Zentangle classes. Keep it up, you are inspiring!

    Carol Dunn on

  • As you know I’ve been following your blog ever since I met you at the Paradise Event on the east coast of Florida.

    I always say I want to be just like you when I grow up! Thanks for being so generous on your blog. I check it often.

    Ginny Stiles on

  • I love the Zentangle angel’s wing very much. Beautiful.👍🏻🥰🤗😊

    Helen on

  • Margaret, from day #1 of discovering Zentangle and your work, you have been an immense inspiration to me in terms of finding my own style, working outside the box and your fabulous use of color and texture. I need to be better about keeping up with your blog and mining it for further inspiration, but I’m so busy tangling! LOL Thank you for the multitude of things you’ve contributed to this community over the years. Namaste 🙏🏻

    Lovely RIta on

  • You have been one of my favorite artists since I found Zentangle. Loved your story and thank you for always sharing your creativity and inspiration.

    Jody Genovese on

  • I often find inspiration from you, Margaret. You have a certain flair in your.Zentangling. Thanks fir sharing your story and your art

    Lisa Hoesing on

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