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CZT Family Tree: Ildica Boyd

CZT Family Tree: Ildica Boyd

We always say that the Zentangle Method attracts really awesome people. We have had the pleasure of working with wonderful Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) all over the world and we are excited to share these wonderful people with the entire Zentangle Community. Through our series, CZT Family Tree, we will introduce individual CZTs.

Today, we are excited to introduce Ildica Boyd!

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Name: Ildica Boyd

CZT#: 27

Hometown: Christchurch, New Zealand

Favorite tangle: Very hard question to answer! Perhaps ones that have embellishment options like tripoli or quandary, or tangles that develop unexpectedly like ratoon or noom repus, or better still ‘Tango a Tangle’, I love dancing two tangles together.

Favorite place to tangle: When on my own, in my studio (I prefer a desk to focus and rest my drawing arm), or if I’m out and about - with other people!

How I use the Zentangle Method in my life: I came to Zentangle by accident, I was at my parent’s house and saw a very interesting looking book on my mum’s desk and asked her about it. “Oh,” she said, “my sister gave it to me, but I haven’t had time.” Hmm, Christmas present to me I suggested – and so she passed it on and that started my tangling. Some months (and lots of tangles later), I became a CZT, and my journey teaching it had begun.

And to finish the story, some months later someone gave my mum the book for the second time, so thinking that this was a sign that someone was trying to tell her something, she found time to delve into it the second time round, and between my Mum, her sister and I, we swap artwork and pictures of what tangling we’ve been up to.

How I use it now - In many different ways: To tangle for myself, for a clearer head space; to do ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) for birthday cards, bookmarks little craft projects as gifts; by teaching it, making people feel more confident about their own tangling ability; and for ‘Community Wall Tangling’ projects, where I put up a very large piece of paper and get a heap of people involved to join me and fill the giant ‘tile’!

My favorite story or memory about teaching the Zentangle Method is: This would have to be watching the realization appear from within – they can do it. Watching and experiencing how a new tangler reacts, as they produce a beautiful tangle. With so many tangles, and teaching in group classes, it is also delightful to see kindness, how someone struggling with one is encouraged by others to keep going and show them fabulous or quirky attributes within that they themselves don’t see.

It can be strange to watch one person really having to concentrate with a tangle, while their next-door tangler thinks it is easy; only to have the roles reversed on the next tangle. It’s just a lovely illustration of how we are all unique and think slightly differently. Then when they are all finished, their tiles come together in a beautiful mosaic, and they all work. I do like to have hidden layouts in strings too, so when the mosaic comes together at the end, there might be a hidden mega pattern, or bigger string result that only appears as the tiles all come together.

As well as group Zentangle classes I started setting up ‘Community Wall Tangling’ Events locally. For this I buy a huge roll of Fabriano Academia paper 10 m by 1.5 m long, and with board markers – a 01 micron might take a while – I tangle a border with lineal tangles and then pencil in a giant string. It is then displayed on a wall in a local community centre. Invites go out to the known local tanglers, and anyone and everyone to whom tangling might be new, but who want to join in, to come along and add some tangles. The results are fabulous!

A mixture of existing tanglers and people completely new to tangling produces an incredible community collective piece of work! All the contributing ages and individuals with all their different tangles and styles of penmanship work together on a big scale. So, it doesn’t always need to be a 3.5 inch square tile. The bonus part is then to display it locally in our local library afterwards - this one was 6.5 m long.

Although an alternative solution is to chop the paper to a more manageable 1.5m by 3 m dimensions, so people can work on it from a table too – and even if it’s not 7 m long (the longest I have done) it is still an effective display on the wall even at that scale.

Through my experiences as a CZT, I have learned: That I also love what my students teach me, whether it is looking at something differently or in an unexpected way, I love being surprised. I like random, I’m an ‘off on a tangent’ kind of person, (my husband is always amazed at how many different ways I can make him a cup of tea!) It is always fun to find a new line, shape, curve, route, twist, or embellishment to add to the ‘options’ collection! I have also relished the supportive tangling community from around the world.

If I’m not tangling, you will find me…: Enjoying our country’s big back yard usually tramping (walking/hiking) or doing something with fabric – sewing, embroidery or weaving, (I originally trained as a woven textile designer) – so it’s a passion for patterns whether in fabric or on paper is obviously what I’m attracted to.

Mosaic Name: ildica_TangleatioNZ_CZT27




  • Fabulous Ildica! That time lapse video is special and all that you have done and encouraged with your local community is so special. How wonderful that you can put the time and effort into this. Precious. Love it all and congratulations for it all. Hoping to see you again and tangle soon.

    Veronica Hodges CZT#37 on

  • So cool… Good on you, Ildica! When’s the next tangletastic community event?? Let us know!! 🏵 *a

    Anne Toth on

  • Hi Ildica, wow this wall tangling idea is amazing, and yours is wonderful ! Nice to learn a little bit about you :)

    Celine Micout czt37 on

  • Wow, Ilidica, I found myself reading your story today and its such a heartwarming thing to be able to draw with your family. And Wow, who figures someone gifting the book to your mom twice, really?? that is not a sign it seems more of a lighningstruck lol. What an amazing piece of work the big piece, quite the essence of the Zentangle Community, drawing together. It must be awesome to be around this wall drawing, one can keep looking, and I noticed a wonderful Mookalike.. what a bonus..
    One day we will draw together live…

    Hilde van Ginhoven on

  • Came back to this to look at your beautiful wall-tangling piece. It’s gorgeous and you always have such wonderful ideas. I still have your “Extend Your Enhancements” booklets offered on your TangleatioNZ site, and I often refer to them for inspiration. <3

    Much love from Singapore.

    Stephanie Jennifer on

  • leuk!!!!!

    Salih on

  • Love this idea ! Just genius! Will try and create something like this in my community ! Thank you for your inspiration!

    Gail Rosin on

  • Dear Administrator.

    Dallas Fowler on

  • Wow! I love how your Zentangle story went from an accidental find in your family to community walls!

    Carol CZT19 on

  • You are amazing!!

    Pam Lee on

  • Congratulations Ildica on a wonderful project. Such a credit to you and your tangling team and a fantastic reminder to us all to dream big!

    Suzy CZT Christchurch

    Suzy Abbott on

  • Wow, Ildica! What a great Zentangle “discovery” story! I loved your video! Thanks for sharing the idea of a community wall of tangles! I’m going to forward this email/video to the education and outreach director of the art museum where I volunteer. I would love to see a Zentangle wall at a future community event!

    JessicaDykesCZT39 on

  • Hi, nice to read your story. I love the community marathon tangle drawing, it’s really a great idea to bind the people together to comment to each other when they are drawing and share about their opinion. Besides, it gives each one some spiritual moments to know oneself. Hope to see more drawing from you on

    Grace Au on

  • Congratulations Ildica! I love your Community Wall Tangling creations – well done on the many achievements!

    Michelle Dugdale CZT37 on

  • A pleasure to see you being part of this family tree. Mostly because of your great adventures with those murals, huge dimensions to Cross the borders , sizes and echo with Zentangle in public spaces. Congrats and thanks for sharing your passion for Zentangle with us. 🤗🤗🤗

    Os on

  • What a fabulous idea. So inspiring for your community. You must be very proud of the finished pieces of art.

    Val on

  • wow!!!! Your Community Wall Tangling’ project is amazing!!!! The biggest project that I have done is one of my walls at home. I love what you do :)

    Yolanda López on

  • Woohoo! Good things coming your way in 2023 Ildica! Can’t wait to see your next adventures! Lots of love from your SG family x

    Debbie New CZT 18 on

  • LOVED this! So fun to hear how you’re involving your community to contribute to these giant tangle panels. My husband is an artist who supports my Zentangle love, and he was really impressed by the large format. Way to go, Ildica!

    Molly on

  • How wonderful to hear your story and see your journey and what you are doing with it. Fabulous to see you are in Nz. I am in the North Island and have a dream to be CZT qualified one day. Beautiful work and wonderful community sharing Ildica.

    Daina Mellor on

  • Congratulations Idlica. Love your story on your tangling journey, especially the one involving your community. Currently I am enjoying your FYIC Challenge. Take care and have never ending tangling fun.

    Poh Yen Ho on

  • So inspirational!

    Nova Scheidt on

  • So inspirational!

    Nova Scheidt on

  • I took a course of learning Zentangle with Ildica as our teacher which opened up a new world of art and possibilities, I do art every day, I incorporate zentangle with other art forms, it gives me inspiration to do more and more, I give it all away to friends and whanau plus strangers I meet along my art journey, I have Ildica to thank for my love of all things art, I am never without my art gear even when travelling overseas or up north, giving it away wherever I stay, in a not so nice world kindness, sharing and giving are my small way of bringing peace and joy to others. Kia ora Ildica 💖

    Helen Baker on

  • Love your story and your tangles, Ildica! Brava!!

    Shawna Oertley on

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