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Bijou Coins a Word

Bijou Coins a Word

Bijou and I were talking the other day about how Maria and I say that creativity comes from the heart. 

Bijou said, “I think creativity comes THROUGH the heart.”

“What do you call a well where the water flows out naturally under its own pressure?” asked Bijou.

“An artesian well,” I replied.

“How do you spell that?”


“How do you spell heart?”


“Do you see it?” asked Bijou.

At first I didn’t, then . . . “YES! They both have A-R-T!”

“I have an idea for a new word . . . put “heart” and “artesian” together and make the letters big where “art” overlaps.”

“Like this?” And I typed “heARTesian.”

“Yes!” shouted Bijou. (Bijou doesn’t actually “shout” but I can tell when Bijou’s excited.)

There was no stopping Bijou now . . . 

“Once creativity starts, it flows on its own, like an artesian well. But, you have to know how to start the flow." 

Then, Bijou went to his stack of Bijouisms and slid over the card for “Appreciate.” 

“Appreciation and Gratitude unlatch the gate of your heart and allow creativity to flow. Appreciation and Gratitude are what keep it open, as well.”

“Then Beauty flows from that transcendent aquifer. It rejoices in coming into this dimension through the gates of our hearts, as it takes a unique form that only each of us can create.”

“Ah . . . heARTesian. Let’s ask Maria to write that.”

“Yes. Let’s.”

Rick Roberts


  • At first I thought Bijou was going to introduce his own line of Zendala’s which would be fun. Lovely article ❤️

    Victoria Clarke CTZ36? on

  • Maria, I adore this new word, coined by Bijou. It’s fun and adds another dimension to Zentangle.
    Thank you so much for your continued sharing of your creativity which in turn triggers creativity within each of us. You are so inspiring, offering us hope in a time when it is much needed. Thank you ❤️🙏🐕

    zentangle club ireland on

  • This is beautiful. But I would like to ask, how did you know the word artesian and what it meant so fast?

    Anonymous Tangler on

  • These post always find a way into my heart. Each and every one gives me quiet pause to reflect on the joy the day may bring.

    Thank you so much

    jennifer on

  • I love this blog. It is “heartisan” itself!

    Clara A Brunk on

  • I love this artistic word!!

    May Lam W.C. on

  • What a lovely thought from Bijou!

    Lisa Anderson CZT20 on

  • Perfect!! Now, we NEED A tangle named HEARTESIAN. Thank you for the lovely story!

    Lori Ann Dupont on

  • Absolutely heARTfelt appreciation for the world of Zentangle that you have created & share! Opening heARTs every day to the creativity found inside heARTesian tiles🥰

    Josephine J Wood on

  • Dearest Bijou,
    Thank you for such a linguistically appealing new word! Sending a round of heARTy applause!

    Jane Rhea on

  • I can’t top off any of these comments but I sure enjoyed them. Many thanks!

    Rimona Gale on

  • I imagine Bijou is feeling quite proud of himself, and rightfully so. The creativity simply flows, out of our hearts, Zentangle as its medium!

    Ginger White CZT 34 on

  • Reading this post began my day with a big smile!! Thank you. I love to smile! And Georgi, what an excellent title for Maria: Zenligrapher!!! Brilliant. 👏👏👏

    Jan Brandt, CZT12 on

  • Bijou, you have given us yet another beautiful reason to celebrate being part of the Zentangle community! Your words of inspiration apply to each of us, and remind us of all the blessings and positive aspects we experience as we tangle along! Thank you sweet Bijou!!

    Bonnie Johnson on

  • These conversations add such sunshine to my day. Thanks Bijou. thanks Maria for beautiful personification of


    Carolyn Satter on

  • I feel so fortunate to have been taking Zentangle classes in Baltimore!! Love your take on ART! Zentangle has become my favorite way to relax and share with family and friends. Take care and good health to you and your entire family!

    malka shavrick on

  • Bijou sounds so much like Rick…and sometimes like Maria …or is it BOTH….LOL HeARTesians!

    Mary Ellen Ziegler czt33 on

  • What a lovely and productive conversation! Mine are rarely that awakening. HeARTesian it is. Tangle onward!

    LaJuaniaw on

  • How fun is that? Bijou is such a creative little fellow! heARTesian, love it!!

    Wendy on

  • Oh my goodness that is just brilliant, it all fits and makes perfect sense. I love the analogy that creativity flows through us, its so perfect and something I had not thought of, Thank you or this wonderful to start my day with such beautiful thoughts♥️

    Gretchen on

  • So we are heARTesians for the Zentangle Method! Please make a new shirt with this word on it… pretty please, with sugar on top…

    Kim Kohler on

  • How fun ART you, Bijou!

    Betsey on

  • Bijou is quite the thinker. Love the results.

    Gail Minichiello on

  • Ohhh, I love this new word, this is very smart, thank you!

    Pilar Pulido on

  • Ahhhhhhhhhh, Bijou speaks to my heART!

    Brenda Campbell, CZT on

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