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Beauty in All Things

Beauty in All Things

"Beauty in all things."

That’s what Maria said this morning when she saw the patterns of light and dark in the foam of the coffee I brought to her.

When we teach a Zentangle class we remind students to relax and sit comfortably. We encourage them to notice their posture and their breathing. We suggest that they do not need to hold their pen with a tight grip.

When you are comfortable and relaxed, when you have a nice posture and your breath flows easily, when the grip on your pen is gentle; then, your strokes flow more easily. It makes sense that your strokes flow more easily if you are relaxed. But your creative response-ability also flows more easily.

We also encourage our students every now and then to hold their tile at arm’s length and turn it this way and that. It shifts your perspective when you look at your tile further away because your eyes realign themselves in a different angle of view. I find it interesting that the Hindi word for perspective, दृष्टिकोण (drshtikon), translates literally as “vision angle.”

Of course, we always encourage our students to regularly “turn your tile.” When you turn your tile, it is more comfortable to draw the same stroke in different directions. Also, when you turn your tile, you see patterns and shapes differently and you get new inspirations for your next strokes.

You can apply these suggestions for tangling patterns on your tile to creating and expressing the patterns in your life:  

  • Sit comfortably
  • Notice your posture and breathing
  • Relax the grip on your pen
  • Shift your perspective now and then
  • Turn your tile

And most importantly . . . Beauty in all things.


Thank you to everyone who commented on our last blog post. We have randomly selected Melissa Grudin to receive a Project Pack No. 09! Please send your snail mail address to


Rick Roberts


  • After reading today’s post, I also read all the comments and even though my brain “knows” all these wonderful life lessons (change perspective, loosen the grip, breathe…) it is so good for my heart to get them again! I echo what others have said: I have SO MUCH GRATITUDE for all of you at Zentangle. You’ve given us so much, and then even more right when we need it! I can’t imagine life now without the Zentangle practice and community! 💜

    Lynnette Jerome on

  • The words “just relax” are what we all need to hear right now. The tangling has been a great distraction from all the fearmongering and anxiety out there. Now, if I don’t sleep, it’s because I’m thinking up new tangles to do!! Thanks for all you do!

    Deborah Alborell on

  • Such a great timely reminder. And as I am doing a daily Zentangle session by FB messenger for a dear friend who is having a hard time, so will share some of it with him today in my post. He has never done Zentangle so is a good challenge for me to do it all by words, and no video as per his request. Blessings to you at HQ and thanks for all the extra blogs and making the KTT more public so I too can watch them.

    Sue Leslie on

  • Dear Maria, Rick and the hole Zentangle world,

    These days I had holiday, but I couldn’t spend them in the place I choosed, so as everybody my husband and I stayed at home like all of you. We live next to the forest and every day we watched the birds, we listened to springtime, we heard the music of the birds, we smell the flowers and trees awaken from their sleep during winter, also our dog Oskar get the feeling of spring, well he woke us up at 5.30 in the morning, cause he smelled the female dogs. These holidays we are so intensive aware for the beauty of nature and like you write, dear Maria and Rick, we see the little things, because we have the time.
    Thank you so much for your inspiration.

    Julia-Maria Weber on

  • In this time when daily life seems to stop all over the world, the zentangle community is a great help. You can find a moment for yourself to fully resume your normal activities. Thank you for your commitment and creativity.

    Vera Rutten on

  • You are such an inspiration and you see the world in an amazing way.

    Ginny Stiles on

  • Perfect! Yes, we Zentangle everything, including our coffee. I noticed that if I am tangling, and I stop, look up, and take a deep breath -when I return to it I’m more relaxed. It isn’t even difficult

    LIsa Hoesing on

  • Wonderful tile, wonderful reminders! Blessings.

    georgianna klein on

  • OMG you are so clever-love this tile!

    Kathy on

  • What an awesome cup of coffee! Happy Anniversary to my CZT 23 friends, we got certified 4 years ago today. It’s been a blast. Thanks for all y’all do at Zentangle HQ!❤️

    Sandy Kelley-Jones CZT on

  • Thanks for the reminders. 💝 the image!

    Rimona Gale on

  • What an inspirational cup of coffee that was ! I can’t wait to get back to the drawing board and do my zentangle interpretation.

    Jill Maxwell on

  • Ah heart in all things. I’m starting to see…as my squirrel blesses my balcony each day. Instead of telling at him I’ve been leaving a peanut and we visit during my morning coffee. He had been rather destructive up to that point. Now we are friends. Sharing the nuts and the beauty of a new day! Thank you both.

    Mary Ellen Ziegler on

  • So much gratitude for the reminders, gentle as they are, to take comfort and solace in the beauty of the small things that surround us in everyday things! And especially, stop and smell the coffee!!!

    Lise Orwig on

  • What a wonderful new world I have recently discovered here! I am now an avid student. Thank you fr l you do, Rick and Maria!


    Lori Dupont on

  • Thank you all at Zentangle for reaching out so frequently during this time. As many have remarked, Zentangle came into my life at a life changing moment and I welcome the reminders.

    Deb Murray CZT 30 on

  • I have found that I relax the moment I take up my pen and tile. That would probably never have happened if it wasn’t for Zentangle! I see things more now, and enjoy the beauty in the patterns!

    Catherine Gisby on

  • I’m enjoying all the blog posts lately… a glimpse into how you guys are handling the current situation. With grace and giving back to our community! I received my project pack 09 on Saturday and after a quick look inside I am sooooo excited for this one. Can’t wait!

    Jeanie ‘JJ’ James on

  • Thank you so very much for the beautiful reminders and for all of the wonderful posts and content you’ve been sharing with us of late. It’s been a huge help in getting me through my days during this time of isolation and uncertainty. I’ve said since the very beginning……Zentangle has changed my life in powerful ways and I will be forever grateful that it’s such an integral part of my daily life. May you all be blessed with health, joy and beauty. Namasté

    LovelyRita on

  • For me, the reminder to relax my grip on the pen is key. If I do that my breathing falls in place and I move into the present moment. It’s a respite to tangle and especially now.

    Jackie on

  • Love the tangle and the thoughts behind it. Zentangle is so important to my life, but even more so these last weeks in isolation. It helps me let go of the what ifs and gives me peace. Thank you for that!

    Melinda Butcher on

  • Thanks for the reminder to change our perspective when creating tangles. When I take this advice in looking at my life too, I see things differently. I see our current snow and frigid outside temperatures not as “uncomfortable” and “undesireable,” I see the snow as a beautiful “equaling.” The snow makes every yard appear equal. No one’s yard is greener, tidier or more “beautiful.” Every yard is equal.

    Kim G on

  • Thank you for the beautiful reading and reminder to relax. When I Zentangle, I sit cross legged to relieve tension in my spine

    SUsan sHane on

  • Thank you for this reminder to “turn the tile” or “turn our focus” especially toward beauty. I’ve been noticing that tree blossoms and blue skies seem so much more beautiful and are messengers to lift our spirits.

    Carolyn Thomas on

  • Coffee is truly one of the beautiful things in life.

    MKay B B Watson on

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