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A Zentangle Tradition

A Zentangle Tradition

In a few short weeks, we will resume our annual tradition: The 12 Days of Zentangle. This time of celebration is a great opportunity to share tangles, techniques and festive ideas with tanglers across this world. As we have done in recent years, we combine the 12 Days of Zentangle with a Zentangle Project Pack series. This year we are excited to be celebrating with Zentangle Project Pack No. 16.

Each year we look forward to working with our good friend, Alfie, to spread a little joy and Zentangle magic during the holiday season.

As we eagerly wait for this year’s series, we thought it would be fun to look back on past years..


The 2013 12 Days of Zentangle series featured ideas using ATC tiles.
You can view this series

The 2015 12 Days of Zentangle series featured out friend Bijou and his wise bijouisms. You can view this blog series here

The 2016 12 Days of Zentangle series featured our new 3Z tiles.
You can view this blog series here

The 2017 12 Days of Zentangle series was the first year collaborating with a Project Pack. You can view the Project Pack No. 02 videos here

The 2018 12 Days of Zentangle series collaborated with Project Pack No. 04. You can view the Project Pack No. 04 videos here

The 2019 12 Days of Zentangle series collaborated with Project Pack No. 07., featuring our Gray tiles. You can view the Project Pack No. 07 videos here



The 2020 12 Days of Zentangle series collaborated with Project Pack No. 12. You can view the Project Pack No. 12 videos here.

We can’t mention the 12 Days of Zentangle without mentioning Zentangle HQ’s musical debut in the “12 Days of 3Zs.” Don’t worry.. we wont quit our day jobs…


We look forward to these magical series each year and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. Which 12 Days of Zentangle series was your favorite? Tell us in the comments and let us know why and we will randomly select a commenter to receive a Zentangle surprise!

Note: Some products featured in these series may no longer be available

Julie Willand


  • I missed using the ATC’s in 2013 so I’m going back to experience those. I also loved the gold gouache in PP12 and used it on other tiles until it was all gone! And my favorite tangling experience was the spinner in PP04 – loved it so much I made two!

    Jo Diamantes on

  • Project Pack 12! The first after becoming a CZT at the first online seminar. Great way to celebrate, and the tiles are lovely.

    Ann Baum on

  • 2018 was my first 12 days and loved doing all those sample sized patterns in the round. I laminated it and still have it displayed in my studio to refer to for occasional pattern inspiration. All that was followed by 2019 with the grey tiles and it was the first time I actually worked along with my iPad and your video, every day for those 12 days. I honestly can’t pick, so I choose both (pretend they are twins!) because I loved them both!!! I have the project pack sitting in my studio, waiting for this year and I am not opening it until THE Day when it all starts. I love you all at Z headquarters, and especially how you have spread soooo much love and generosity across the world……..if ONLY we could get the politicians in all the countries to tangle, I am sure everyone on this Earth would be a lot happier!!! A peaceful, healthy, happy and safe Christmas to you all from me, “down under” 🎄🎄🎄🎄

    Sue Zanker on

  • Thanks for the fun vocals…now I’m in the mood for Christmas “Zentangle style”. I’m so grateful that Zentangle has come into my life via your on-line presence and my local teachers, Cherie Hartwig and her daughter, Heather. My life is much richer for all the Zentangle fun. Wishing all of you a blessed holiday season and good fortune in the coming year.

    Joyce Schieltz on

  • I’ve enjoyed all of the Project Packs. The 2019 pack was particularly amazing. Thanks for including links to the earlier series. I’ll have to go through all of those now!

    Catherine Gisby on

  • I loved the gray tile series most. It has been the only time I actually tangled along with you for all the videos. I used different materials though as I didn‘t have a project pack and I still remember a couple of tiles.

    Henike Bratz, Germany

    Henrike Bratz on

  • I went giddy for the gold gouache! Perhaps sometime we can get silly over silver?

    Wee on

  • Thank you so much for this post with all of the history of the Zentangle 12 Days! It has given me so many more ideas for ways to continue learning, sharing, and teaching the Zentangle method with others.
    Continued appreciation and gratitude for all of you at the Zentangle Mothership. Your creativity and generosity are epic❣
    Happy Holidays!⛄

    Lee A. Kay on

  • The twelve days of Z’s song is definetely a treasure. Thanks for sharing, Love it

    Mari-José McMillian-Alcala on

  • I loved the spinner. So many tangles simply done. I refer newbies to it all the time and tell them it is a great next step to experience other tangles after their first tile.

    Holly C on

  • So far I have to say 2018 PP04 and the 12 days of 3Z song !

    Jocelyne Archambault on

  • My first connection with Zentangle was in 2017 with PP02. I still have many of the tiles hanging from a mobile in my yoga studio. The videos were so clear even a beginner like me could create art!

    Mary Lou Minard CZT 32 on

  • Well it’s been a wild ride with Rick and Maria and their family and friends through the Zentangle Winter Wonderland since I jumped on board way back in February 2009 for the first CZT training and they have never ceased to amaze me with the new and creative ways they keep us all engaged. Happy Holidays to all!!!!

    MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson CZT#1 on

  • I loved PP02 with drawing white on black! Basic Zt and now and then challenging with lovely outcomes !

    ArjadLH CZT9 Elefantangle on

  • I think my favorite is still 2013- the first of this series, although I enjoy them all. I loved the cute decorations, name cards, frames , etc. using Zentangle to decorate all these special tokens. Great ideas that I return to often! Wishing everyone wonderful holidays and happy tangling!!

    Pam Hartz Muller on

  • The year 2013 was my favorite. There were some great ideas of things to make with tiles. Give us more like this! And Merry Christmas to all y’all!

    Terri Young on

  • I absolutely loved PP12 with the gold gouche. I had never used this medium and really enjoyed working with this. Plus after such a difficult year, I found joy and peace working on this project pack. Looking forward to PP16

    Kathleen B Wiktor on

  • Oooh. Each one gives us opportunities and possibilities! I LOVE the gold gouache in PP 12 Twelve Days of Joy! Looking forward to this one💗

    Promise Smithson on

  • The 2018 Spinner Project Pack – it was the whole aspect of introducing watercolour to the tangles plus the sheer variety of tangles shown that had me captivated.

    Evy Browning on

  • It’s so hard to pick favorites but I loved 2015 just a little bit more. ♥️ Thank you for all the years of fun and joy.

    Roseanne Sabol on

  • Love the project packs I have participated in ! My favorite-the spinner -just delightful.

    Look forward to being a part of the 2021 experience.

    Penny on

  • I loved PP12, 12 days of Zentangle 2020.

    The gold gouache was a completely new medium for me and I absolutely loved using it on the tan tiles 🥰
    I even bought a bigger bottle of the gold gouache and use it regularly.
    Apart from that, I really like all the project packs. You learn so much every time 😍

    Dory Peeters on

  • 2021 … because it will be my first one.

    Clélie on

  • How I’m looking forward to the next project pack!

    I joined the series since 2018 and was hooked …
    Thank you so much for your inspiration, love, gratitude… and the one stroke at the time … it helps me through the difficult days … 😊

    Eefke on

  • My favourite is definitely the Zentangle wheel from 2018. It’s was so much fun trying all these wonderful patterns. I framed it and the result was a beautiful picture, fitting perfectly in my art room.

    Heike on

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