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Project Pack No. 04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle 2018

Project Pack No. 04 is comprised of all the tangling supplies you need to tangle along with us as we create a playful project we call a Tangle Spinner. This tangled masterpiece will both display a variety of your favorite tangles and also act as a fun way to choose what tangle to use next when creating with the Zentangle Method. This project includes a custom made template designed by Zentangle HQ and the mechanical parts to make it come alive. Enjoy following along our multiple mini-video tutorials using your Project Pack No. 04 supplies, as we guide you through how to create a Tangle Spinner, and how to make it a playful addition to your practice.  This Project Pack will focus on taking individual tangles, fragments and borders to create a fun, interactive work of art. 

You can purchase Project Pack No. 04 here.


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