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A European 3Z Frenzy!

Julie writes:

When I pick up a tile to start tangling, I usually just reach for a blank tile.  I have nothing against the pre-strung tiles but I always savor the act of putting down 4 dots, a border and then my own string. I feel like it is an extension of me. The only exception is when I am tangling on the 3Z tiles. I love the pre-strung 3Z tiles. There are six different strings, and my favorite thing about them is that they all fit together.

It was for this reason that I chose the pre strung 3Z tiles for a class I was teaching at the European CZT gathering in Montabaur, Germany in October. I thought the pre strung tiles were a good analogy for how Zentangle artist from all over the world fit together.

There were 57 CZTs from 10 different countries at this gathering and each one had 1 of the 6 different strings on a 3Z tile. We all used the same 4 tangles on our tiles, but because we all had different strings, the composition was a little different. Despite the difference in the strings and placement of the tangles, when we put all of the 3Z tiles in a mosaic, they all fit together.

Photo Credit: Marieke Sanchez

Just like all 57 people in the room came from different countries, had different backgrounds and spoke different languages, we all fit together. When you looked at the mosaic, you could not tell which tile was created by someone who spoke German, Dutch, Spanish or English. You could not tell who was a teacher, an IT specialist or worked in hospice care. You could not tell who was male or female, younger or older, a new CZT or a seasoned one. Instead, you saw people (and tiles) who were all different, fit together perfectly.

The way the Zentangle Method brings people together is one of my favorite things about this art form. This was my first time to Europe and I was the only American in the group but everyone there made me feel so welcome and at home. The global Zentangle community is unlike any other and I am grateful for the friends that I have made.


What are your thoughts on the beauty of the Zentangle Mosaic? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and we will pick a commenter at random to receive a box of 3Z Pre-Strung tiles!


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Thank you all for sharing your favorite blog posts from our past! From time to time we will revisit "vintage" Zentangle blogs here for us all to look back and enjoy. We have randomly selected commenter Jan Brandt, CZTXII to receive some Zentangle goodies. Please send us your snail mail address to!


Happy Tangling!

 - Julie

Julie Willand


  • I like to combine the Prestrung 3Z tiles in mosaics with square tiles, too. Just continue the string on a 3Z onto to a square tile. This works because the edges of both file types are the same length. Brilliant design.

    Linda Dochter on

  • There is a Sanskrit quotation, Ekoham Bahu Satyam, which loosely translated means, We are all one, with different manifestations. Unity in diversity. Zenatangle mosaics are such a perfect demonstration!

    Rohini Singh on

  • It’s really beautiful and shows how zentangle transcends all ages and ethnicity and joins us as one community.

    Mary on

  • I think that almost any tangling looks wonderful next to almost any other tangling, whether choosing patterns at random in a tile or combining diverse tiles into a mosaic. When the work has something to pull it together – like the patterns used by all the European CZT’s in the blog – the result is even more harmonious. The beauty is in the spirit, and when that much spirit comes together, of course the result will be amazing.

    Pat Floerke on

  • Absolutely wonderful!! This just proves how Zentangle crosses all boundaries, heals all worries and I am so thankful I found it!

    Janice Romero on

  • Incredibly lovely!

    Mary McAllister on

  • I love this post. Zentangle has brought a richness and joy to my life and by extension to those in my family. That family includes tanglers and observers alike.

    Sandi Buchspics on

  • I recently joined the Travelling Tangles Project where we do half a tile and exchange with another member (who then keeps the tile but hopefully shows me the results). I am enjoying that partly as a sharing aspect of tangling but mainly because I moved from an area rich in Zentangling(Parksville – Vancouver Island) to a virtual desert – Toronto!!! So finding this exchange group fulfills some of the sense of connectedness that I had with our weekly tangling get-togethers. I love exchanging around the world!!!! BUT if anyone wants to get together in toronto to zentangle send me a note!

    Gwen on

  • First, I love this post! I share your love for our global Zentangle community and its spirit of friendship and sharing our passion for this unique, compelling, delightful art form. I really can’t remember how I fed my need for the richness of creative connection – with friends and strangers – before Zentangle touched my life!

    Second, how very fun to have been randomly selected to be the recipient of some Zentangle generosity! I’ve just sent an email to you with my mailing address. :)

    Jan Brandt, CZTXII on

  • I love the fact that Zentangle brings everything together in so many ways. The mosaic is lovely!

    Terri Young, CZT 16 on

  • Love this. A great idea for a class or sharing with friends. Actually seeing the mosajc is very special. Thanks.

    Georgi Klein CZT11 on

  • Dear Julie, your post truly inspires! Like each mosaic composed by individual tiles created with each person’s creative strokes we are gifted with moments to tranZend! Blessings and Joy, Promise

    Promise on

  • I really love this idea. They are so beautiful. I hope to one day become a CZT. Thank you for all the inspiration and time you took to put all of these together. It must have been an amazing time.


    Tara on

  • Love the mosaic! Gotta get me some 3Z tiles!

    Sarah Hluchy on

  • I always love the mosaic of single tiles. Every single tile contributes to the wonderful whole mosaic. I really like this analogy :)
    And it was a special pleasure to be part of your session in Montabaur!
    Many Zen-greetings, Anya

    Anya Ipsen on

  • Dear Julie, I loved your class. It was my first introduction to tranzending. The mosaic looked absolutely gorgeous! kind regards, Marieke

    Marieke Sanchez on

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