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Sakura Gelly Roll® Packs




Sakura's Gelly Roll sets are filled with creamy, smooth, opaque ink that is so fun to add some pizazz to your Zentangle Art.  You will love how the ink flows across the paper.  For best results just tickle the paper with these pens.  These pens are great for white or black tiles but really snap on dark surfaces.

Sakura's Gelly Roll® Moonlight Dusk 06 pack of five pens includes red, rose, purple, green and blue. The fluorescents glow under a black light source, popping the colors right off the paper. 

Sakura's Gelly Roll® Moonlight Daylight 06 pack of five pens includes Lavender, Fresh Green, Pale Brown, Sky Blue, and Yellow Ochre. The pens in this set are archival.

Sakura's Gelly Roll® Moonlight Twilight 06 pack of five pens includes Blue Green, Bordeaux, Leaf Green, Ultramarine, and Vandyke Brown. The pens in this set are archival.

Sakura's Gelly Roll® Metallic medium line pack of five pens includes gold, silver, blue, emerald, and purple. This set are archival pens are filled with sparkly, vibrant, gel ink. Have fun seeing how tangles change as light reflects off the metallic ink. 

Sakura's Gelly Roll® Moonlight Gray pack of 5 pens  is ideal for both white and dark papers. The 0.3 mm fine line allows for the ink to dry with very little wait time, minimizing the risk of smearing.  The Ice Cream Smooth™, opaque ink is perfect for exploring tangles in interesting shades and layers to your work.  Use the gray ink to add subtle details, like shadows and highlights to artwork.

Sakura's Gelly Roll® Moonlight Pastel pack of 5 pens contains one each of pastel green, orange, yellow, pink and periwinkle. These beautiful pens create a bold 0.5 mm line. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK



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