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Sharing and Teaching

We understand that once you learn about the Zentangle Method, you want to share it with others. This page answers questions that we receive on that subject.

We train Certified Zentangle Teachers™ (CZT®) to teach our Zentangle Method. They understand the background and subtleties of the Zentangle Method which are not obvious from much of free material on the web. 

The best way to share the Zentangle Method is to invite them to take a class with a CZT.

We also understand that people, when they learn about our Zentangle Method, can't wait to share it with others. For instance, after we taught the Zentangle Method to our grandson's second grade class, by the next day children throughout his school in other classes were creating their own Zentangle artwork!

If you want to share the Zentangle Method non-commercially (in other words, for free, in small or one-on-one settings), we ask that you always:

  • Use our name when describing this method of pattern drawing, i.e.,
    "Zentangle Method"
  • Use our vocabulary (string, tile, tangle, etc.)
  • Mention our website (

As long as you do this, and you don't represent yourself as a Certified Zentangle Teacher, we are comfortable with you sharing your understanding of and discussing our Zentangle Method.

We also have created the Zentangle Apprentice Classroom packs for educational settings. 

There is great value in teaching the Zentangle Method professionally, for you and for your students. If that interests you, please attend a seminar to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher. You will enjoy our full support and join a vibrant and supportive community of CZTs around this world.