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Certified Zentangle Teachers: Behind the Tangles

Certified Zentangle Teachers: Behind the Tangles

Julie writes

We say it all the time, but it really is true; either Zentangle attracts the best people, or it brings out the best in people. I think it is a little bit of both.  

Over the past 20 years, we have had the honor of getting to know so many tanglers and Certified Zentangle Teachers and getting to hear their stories of how Zentangle has changed their lives. We get to meet people from all over the world, from different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. Despite all of the differences, everyone seems to have one thing in common. They are overflowing with passion and kindness.  

When we first began talking about Zentangle’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, I knew that the stories of the people behind spreading this method had to be included. I sat down with seven of our CZTs to talk to them about being a CZT, CZT Seminar and the community that surrounds it all.    

If you would like to get know more Certified Zentangle Teachers, we invite you to watch the CZT Story Booth series here and explore the CZT Family Tree blog series here.  

To find a CZT in your area, click here.

Become a Certified Zentangle Teacher

As we approach the twenty-year mark, we marvel at how so many aspects of the Zentangle Method have changed and how many have stayed the same. Our Certified Zentangle Teacher training seminars are no exception! While our core philosophies have held steady and true, we have so much more to share and explore. Over the years we have integrated advanced techniques, exciting new materials, and taken a deeper dive into the philosophies that make up the Zentangle Method. We’ve introduced newly discovered wisdoms and new ways to connect with each other in this most amazing global Zentangle community. For us to honor and support how the method has grown, we have made it our responsibility to make sure our CZT training remains connected to its roots but at the same time provides in depth curriculum that supports all that is evolving. Up until now we have only added and added more to our program. This model has worked for us until... well, you can only add so much. At the 20-year mark in our history we are taking a moment to deconstruct the program and rebuild our Seminar curriculum, one stroke at a time.  

In the beginning, our CZT seminars were intimate gatherings in a small town in central Massachusetts where we enthusiastically shared the Zentangle Method and all that the “8 Steps of the Zentangle Method” had to teach. Over time, our Zentangle family has grown, and the program has gracefully evolved. Time and technology have also given us the ability to reach an international audience of like-minded artists with options to join us in person or remotely from the comfort of their own home. Seminars are currently held in the US by Zentangle Inc, in Europe by Conzentric and in Asia by Created with Love.

Beginning in 2024, we will offer a re-designed and expanded CZT training seminar. Our face-to-face time together, whether in person or through a webinar platform, will continue to span 21 hours of live instruction. This core part of the seminar will be dedicated to more in-depth studies on the roots of the method, how to teach the Zentangle Method, the eight steps, tangles and Zentomology, tangling techniques and the philosophies that are so integral to the method.  

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We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Kim Kohler, Kelly Barone, Oswaldo Burbano, Sandy Kelley-Jones, Miriam Zimms, Shie Naritomi and Paige Shienberg for taking part in this celebration. And, to all of the Certified Zentangle Teachers for your endless kindness and passion.


Julie Willand


  • What a difference Zentangle has made in my life. Rick and Maria are awe inspiring. Becoming a CZT gave me creative confidence that I never dreamed of. The experience of the seminar was incredible. You won’t regret signing up, no matter your level of artistic expertise. I flunked art in high school. Now I teach Zentangling to senior citizens who really enjoy it as much as I do.

    Marilyn Sultar on

  • What a difference Zentangle has made in my life. Rick and Maria are awe inspiring. Becoming a CZT gave me creative confidence that I never dreamed of. The experience of the seminar was incredible. You won’t regret signing up, no matter your level of artistic expertise. I flunked art in high school. Now I teach Zentangling to senior citizens who really enjoy it as much as I do.

    Marilyn Sultar on

  • I would love to one day train to be a CZT, but being in Australia, it’s simply too difficult and expensive to travel to the US or Europe to do the course … yet. One day! I’m so glad I found this community, and would love to share with others.

    Carolina Peters on

  • What a great project!
    I just read Kendra’s comment about how the seminar made her want to be a better person. You hit it right on the head Kendra. I felt the same way. Then following the philosophy of ZT and practicing it in daily life outside of tangling, is when you KNOW you are becoming a better person. I can’t express enough, how ZT has made my life so much richer. ❤️

    Kim Kohler on

  • I endorse everything said here. I attended seminar 39 and will be there again in November. I just can’t wait for another wonderful experience.
    Everyone at Zentangle HQ is just amazing.

    Kathleen McMurtry CZT on

  • I attended CZT38 and will attend CTZ42, can’t wait! Attending in person really allowed me to grasp the extent of the HQ staff’s sincerity and generosity. And as Oswaldo mentioned in the video, it was so well organized. I learned from the Primer in early 2020, no classes for a long time, and I was so impressed with the structure of their instruction process in the Primer, and their newsletters and project packs, I wanted to learn as much as I could, so I went to seminar. I have not taught a class, am hoping to get a reboot of confidence from Seminar 42 then dive in. I came home from 38 and told my husband they made me want to be a better person. Not sure how that’s worked out, LOL, but that’s how I felt.

    Kendra Page on

  • So excited to be meeting Shie in Kyoto this fall for a workshop and to participating in the CZT training in November. Such a lovely community of creativity and caring.

    Moira M Forsythe on

  • I love Zentangle! I use it with my students and clients so much. I am grateful for the opportunity to have completed the training and I appreciate the individuals who I have met along my own CZT journey. Anyone who is considering an in person course, GO FOR IT! You will not regret it, the only regret you will have is NOT doing it!

    Christine Urish on

  • I’m so happy to have decided to become a CZT in November! Since I live in Europe, it was hard to decide which one to choose. In the end, I chose the American over Conzentric. Unfortunately, I can’t attend in person since flying and hotels are super expensive after the pandemic, so I’ll be doing it online. Maybe in the future, I can be there in person. Listening to the CZTs in the video made me wish I could have chosen the other option.

    Petra Lassen on

  • Thank you for sharing this inspiring video with us. I love seeing the friendl faces and hearing the words that we can all identify with. ❤️

    Anica on

  • Perhaps I can join you to become a CZT in the future, but right now I have too little time for it as I’m caring for my 100 year old mother who lives with me. I was in a class for several years with CZT Victoria Grundy. Now I’m in a small group of 4 or 5 people once a week with CZT Elizabeth (Betsy) Sofish, my long-time best friend. I can see the value in becoming a CZT, and I hope to be able to follow through one day. Thank you for the opportunities you’ve given me.


  • Oh my goodness!!!! What a wonderful video!! I am so very grateful that you made this! It was so well done and covered so many emotions of being a CZT! Thank you to all who participated. You did a perfect job of representing all of us!! Love to all the CZTs worldwide!!

    Katrina Thiebaut CZT. 22, 32, 36 on

  • I appreciate all of these reflections. So many of these resonate with my own experience. Zentangle has been life-changing for me for sure. Thank you Zentangle, Inc.

    Diane Harpster on

  • Just found Zentangle I’m a crafter (card maker) I am finding it so relaxing and fun. I’m soon to be 75 and so so glad I found your website. I ordered your book and the items needed to further my interest in Zentangle. Years ago I took classes in Calligraphy and I think that is helping me with doing Zentangle. Many many thanks to everyone. Your teachers are AMAZING! ❤️🙋🏻‍♀️🤗

    DiEtta on

  • What they said is all true. If you’re thinking about it, do it. It is always a wonderful experience yeah. Life-changing..

    Lisa Hoesing on

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