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Phi Black Paper Tiles - 21




We are so excited to introduce our newest member of the Zentangle Tile family, the Zentangle Phi tile.

 This 5"x 3.1" (12.7 cm x 7.874 cm) rectangular tile was designed and cut to Phi proportion. Phi, also known as the golden ratio or divine proportion, represents a geometric formula commonly found in patterns, nature, art, music, architecture, and more. The Golden Ratio has been studied for thousands of years. Rick and Maria, founders of the Zentangle Method, were very drawn to studying and discovering Phi proportions and Fibonacci sequences in the world around them. There was a lot of overlap with this journey and the early years of developing the Zentangle Method. When it became clear that we wanted to create a mid-sized rectangular work surface, we knew that it had to pay homage to this part of the Zentangle history. Though this tile does bring awareness to Phi Proportion, the possibilities of tangled masterpieces that can be created on it are endless and yet to be discovered. We are excited about how this rectangle can potentially be used. Tangled decks, creative and interesting mosaics, and repeat tiling projects are just the beginning.

 Zentangle Phi Tiles are die cut from 100% cotton paper and are archival. They are available in white, black, Renaissance, and gray.