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No Mistakes

No Mistakes Holiday Promotion

Uh-oh … we have a problem. Bijou was working late last night seems to have spilled black ink on all sorts of products here at Zentangle HQ. It was such a mess! From kit boxes and tiles to pencil pouches and tote bags, Bijou seems to have gotten ink everywhere. We all started to panic, but Bijou calmly reminded us to slow down, take a deep breath and look for opportunity. He assured us that although in the moment this does seem catastrophic, perhaps we can change our perspective and look for ways to work through this situation. After many deep breathes and a little time, we put our heads together and realized this would be a great way to “celebrate” and share the “No Mistakes” philosophy with our community.

One of the most important components of the Zentangle Method is our “No Mistakes” Philosophy. We truly believe in working through our art in a way that allows us space to navigate every stroke as a purposeful part of our journey in creating. We often reference a story of Zentangle Co-founder Maria Thomas where she talks about one of her filled sketchbooks that got accidently cover in spilled ink. What at first felt like a hopeless mess turned into an opportunity for discovery. We use this story and the symbolism of “spilled ink” to remind us of the importance of the “no mistakes” philosophy.