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Zentangle Project Pack No. 19 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2022 - Day 08

Zentangle Project Pack No. 19 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2022 - Day 08

It has become an annual Zentangle tradition for us to celebrate the holiday season with a series we call The Twelve Days of Zentangle. For twelve consecutive days, we deliver daily tangling lessons, guiding you through the steps to create festive tangled works of art that are all part of the same theme.

Join us now for Day Eight, as our old friend Alfie and a couple of new friends take us through The 2022 Twelve Days of Zentangle.

“Hi Harold,” says Marasu and Alfie.

“Glad you could visit us again today,” adds Nomi.

Harold says “I had to come back. I’m fascinated with this way of drawing that you showed me yesterday. Just seeing all these possibilities makes me feel empowered.

Marasu says, "Take a look at this portfolio. Maria tangled these images."

What do you mean "tangled"? asks Harold.

"Oh, silly me," says Marasu. "We have all these Zentangle words you'll get to know. "Tangle" is our word for drawing patterns in a Zentangle way.

"I get it!" says Harold enthusiastically. This one is beautiful.

That one's called pouyang. We give names to all our patterns which we call "tangles," continues Marasu.

"What pattern . . . er . . . tangle are you are doing now, Nomi?” asks Harold.

“This is called bunzo. It’s fun and easy to tangle. And with all that ink, it's quite dramatic,” answers Nomi. “Bunzo has always fascinated me. It’s one of the simplest tangles, made up of just small curved lines that sort of nestle together, like they are trying to stay warm. The shapes seem to have a direction in mind, although I haven’t a clue what it is. What I learned is that it doesn’t matter. Bunzo can go under or on top of another tangle. Adding the rich (in this case) black ink in every other “crescent” easily adds drama in most compositions. I’m adding mine here and there for now. And I might add a few more before the12 days are done.”

“I agree," says Marasu. "It’s like a dancing tangle. Alfie, what song do you think it’s dancing to? I definitely hear a waltz.”

Alfie shakes his head. “No, it’s definitely a two-step. I remember watching my great-grandparents dance like that!”

“I think you’re right, Alfie. I can feel that rhythm in my drawing now. Feels nice,” says Nomi.

Meanwhile back at Zentangle Studios...

"Hey, Rick," says Alfie.

"Yes?" answers Rick.

"I think you got yesterday's picture mixed up."

"Let's take a look," replies Rick. "Oops, you're right! What can we do now? We've already sent out the newsletter!"

"How about we include the picture with Harold in the next newsletter and explain it to everyone?" suggests Alfie.

"Okay, good idea," answers Rick.

"Oh, and Rick . . ."

"Yes, Alfie?"

"Marasu is really happy you put in that picture by 'mistake'."

"Why is that, Alfie?"

"Because she thought everyone looked so good in it. She wanted everyone to see it even though we weren't planning to use it. So, 'no mistakes,' Rick."

"That's right, no mistakes. Thank you, Alfie! Let's show everyone that picture of when Harold came to visit on Day 7. Here it is!"

"Ta-Da!" shouts Alfie, Nomi, Marasu, and Harold in unison.

---- + ----

This Zentangle series is unique as we will be working on one singular piece of tangled art over the course of twelve lessons. The customized surface will provide structure and a common element to guide us on this adventure together. We will methodically and magically add to the structure as we simultaneously discuss and share our system of collecting, deconstructing, and categorizing tangles. As we take you on an adventure, we will introduce you to our Zentomology™ approach. We will explore Tangle Genuses, or categories of tangles.

In true Zentangle fashion, our approach to this system is playful and open to exploration and interpretation. We use the Zentomology system as way to learn about the characteristics of tangles and explore how to use them in ways that enhance and balance our tangled compositions. As we dig into this concept, we leave a trail of tangled artwork behind us. Join us as we get tangled up in the Zentomology approach of studying tangles while creating one large piece of tangled art.

Each day, as we add to this singular piece of tangled art, we remind you to trust the process. Watch as this composition comes together with different tangles, concepts and your individual style. At the end we will bring all of the elements of the Zentangle Method together in a beautiful and unique piece of artwork.

Tangle along with Rick as he and Maria guide you through the eighth lesson in this series.

We recommend doing these videos in order, beginning with day 01. You can view all previous Project Pack No. 19 videos here.

Please share your creations on the Zentangle Mosaic App using the hashtag #PP19Day08 and #12DaysofZentangle2022.

Let us know your thoughts below and at the end of this series, we will pick a commenter at random from each day to receive a Zentangle surprise!



  • Marasu’s tiny book of tangles looks amazing so no wonder she & Harold are poring over it. It’s all the information that you both, Rick & Maria impart as you draw that adds so much to the enjoyment of these videos. Thank you so much for this treat.

    Evy Browning on

  • I’m loving this 100% cotton paper. The pens 🖊 touch the surface so softly.

    Dorian on

  • The simple tangles in the background will calm the curly ones on the paper

    Martina Fegeler on

  • Listening to Rick and Maria talk as they tangle is so calming and relaxing!

    Linda J on

  • Cubine is a fav of mine…happy to know Rick is the “king of square”…I loved Maria’s chuckle when they said that!

    Carol R. on

  • Thank you for another great video and revisiting cubine.

    Jackie on

  • I can feel that rhythm in my drawing now, Oh, yeahhhhhh…. This Zentangle series is unique and wonderful…so, thanks a lot

    carmela on

  • Cubine has always been a favourite of mine. The shading is what makes it pop!

    Cathrine Nicols on

  • Grid tangle equals comfort tangle!

    Andrea R on

  • I really love Cubine! It’s so simple to draw and creates such a dramatic effect. I am enjoying watching this project pack progress each day!

    Suchitra Komandur on

  • Loving all the variations demonstrated, and in the end went with a different grid…one of the things I totally love about Zentangle, there is no wrong way to do something!

    Ellen Weinman on

  • So many possibilities with Cubine. Thank you Rick for explaining why not to abut the ink but rather leave a slight gap when inking in!

    Wendy on

  • I just have to say, after finishing day 8 about 11:30 pm, my mind could not stop thinking of Pouyang. At first look, I thought, nah, maybe I won’t do this one. But then I said to self, if one of my students just said nope, after not even trying, I’d feel deflated as a teacher. So, I dived in and followed along. And lo and behold, after I was done one, I did another. Then I added to the first. Then I printed out the stepout and just kept adding ideas I want to try. I almost have to pry the pen out of my hand to get my other work done.

    You never know which tangle will grab and hold on. Pouyang is now a Favorite and I love the back story to it also.
    So thank you all for such fun so far. I’m off to look at todays video while folding clothes.
    Brenda DeBock.

    Brenda DeBock CZt36 on

  • I love working on this giant piece, but I appreciate how it’s all broken into small bites daily making it doable during this crazy season!

    Donna on

  • Bunzo is one of my husband’s favorite tangles.

    Claudia on

  • Rick, thank you for the suggestion to do the diagonal in each box separately. With the decreasing size of my squares/ rectangles, trying to go across several boxes at a time would not have yielded the pattern that I was hoping for!

    LLS on

  • I love seeing the difference in all the scrolls.

    Nancy Wilcox on

  • Thank You so MUCH for updating the picture to include Harold! I was confused, but now I understand! I especially like his cup of art supplies. The Zendala on the right is really eye catching! Is that “Crazy Huggins”? I don’t think that I have seen the “ribbons” split like that before. “Cubine” reminds me of a shadow box quilt. The shading is an important part of the pattern. Since Rick had put his “Mysealiam” on the left corner, he had room on the left of his project. . . I had my “Mysealiam” on the top right corner, so my “Cubine” ended up on the right hand side as well. It was nice to see how everyone else incorporated “Cubine” into their project. Maria, yours is STUNNING as usual! Thank you so much for another adventure in Zentomology!

    LLS on

  • What a fun, creative, zenful project! Thank you!

    Andrea K on

  • What a lovely, simple tangle!

    Debbie J on

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