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Zentangle Project Pack No. 19 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2022 - Day 05

Zentangle Project Pack No. 19 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2022 - Day 05

It has become an annual Zentangle tradition for us to celebrate the holiday season with a series we call The Twelve Days of Zentangle. For twelve consecutive days, we deliver daily tangling lessons, guiding you through the steps to create festive tangled works of art that are all part of the same theme.

Join us now for Day Five, as our old friend Alfie and a couple of new friends take us through The 2022 Twelve Days of Zentangle.


Marasu says to Nomi “I’m really loving the mysealiam you drew. It looks like he might swim away if you don’t watch him closely.”

“Yeah, I struggled with it at first, but now that I have done it a few times, I think it’s my new favorite tangle!” says Nomi.

“I heard the same comment at zenAgain where it first was taught,” says Alfie. “I like it too. Its personality changes every time I draw it. Like a mood ring’s colors. Very cool indeed! But my favorites so far have been the organic tangles, squirming around the string trellis. I can really relax when drawing those.”

Marasu muses “I need to think of a way to do my embedded letter differently than Maria’s. Maybe I’ll add some tipple around it before I aura it. Hmmmmm. That might work. I think all our drawings look fantastic so far. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Sleep tight my friends. May you dream in tangles!”

--- + ----

This Zentangle series is unique as we will be working on one singular piece of tangled art over the course of twelve lessons. The customized surface will provide structure and a common element to guide us on this adventure together. We will methodically and magically add to the structure as we simultaneously discuss and share our system of collecting, deconstructing, and categorizing tangles. As we take you on an adventure, we will introduce you to our Zentomology™ approach. We will explore Tangle Genuses, or categories of tangles.

In true Zentangle fashion, our approach to this system is playful and open to exploration and interpretation. We use the Zentomology system as way to learn about the characteristics of tangles and explore how to use them in ways that enhance and balance our tangled compositions. As we dig into this concept, we leave a trail of tangled artwork behind us. Join us as we get tangled up in the Zentomology approach of studying tangles while creating one large piece of tangled art.


Each day, as we add to this singular piece of tangled art, we remind you to trust the process. Watch as this composition comes together with different tangles, concepts and your individual style. At the end we will bring all of the elements of the Zentangle Method together in a beautiful and unique piece of artwork.


Tangle along with Maria as she and Rick guide you through the fifth video in this series.

We recommend doing these videos in order, beginning with day 01. You can view all previous Project Pack No. 19 videos here.

Please share your creations on the Zentangle Mosaic App using the hashtag #PP19Day05 and #12DaysofZentangle2022.

Let us know your thoughts below and at the end of this series, we will pick a commenter at random from each day to receive a Zentangle surprise!




  • I just finished the tangles of day 5 – pretty far behind, but I found such a lovely rhythm of watching the whole video then watching it again the next day and working on the tangles … and so on. Such a lot of fun and learning at the same time! "Aura"gins – I love that!

    Ulrike on

  • Love the combination of tangles…moon pie with doodah

    Dorian on

  • The tangles are flowing together beautifully!

    Linda J on

  • I am curious how the project pack develops in the 12 days.

    Claudia on

  • Knowing the origin of the name to this pattern makes it much MUCH easier to remember the spelling, I love the play on words & the tangle itself looks fascinating the way it has so much movement in it. Looking forward to exploring this.

    Thanks for this annual special treat of the 12 Days.

    Evy Browning on

  • I like to know the origin name ’s tangles!!!!!. To use the Zentomology system as way to learn about the characteristic of tangles and explore how to use them in ways I never think about it is wonderful for me…

    carmela on

  • I love the Marasu, Nomi , and Alfie characters, their conversations, the precious little displays of them… all of it! Maybe someday someone could do a little stop motion video of them? ❤️

    Paula on

  • I am sooooo in love with this project pack, drawing on such a large scale and with my favorite tangle pokeroot being the first tangle drawn on the piece! This project pack is the one I love working on most and I can’t wait to finish it!

    Jacqueline Lee on

  • Thank you for PP 19 and all the others before. So wonderful !!!

    Petra on

  • I am a day behind but enjoying the process.

    Andrea R on

  • It is so interesting to see how this project pack is unfolding.

    Marty Greiner on

  • Love hearing the “auragin” of the tangles.

    Deborah R on

  • I love the way the Marasu runs beneath the trellis!

    Wendy on

  • I watched and reviewed everyone’s work, and then let my pen go wild! Loving my fengle and marasu! 7 more days….what will they bring?😁

    Ellen Weinman on

  • I love watching this! It is growing in interesting directions!

    Suchitra Komandur on

  • WOW! This is fun! learning the "Aura"gins! Nicely coined new word, Rick! Once again, I practiced in my sketchbook before committing the tangles to my project. . . I do find it interesting to learn where the names come from. It is a challenge to turn my project, as I have it taped to a drawing board. . . But I have been doing the best I can. It makes it more of a challenge since my granddaughter likes to take her small toy car and drive on the “roads” while Grandma is drawing. . . I appreciate that we did several tangles in the corner; Fengle, Moon pie, Knight’s Bridge, DoDah, and orbs. I also love seeing how Molly, Martha, Julie, and Rick did their projects. I really liked Rick’s Fengle with the transparency and the orbs. What Fun!

    LLS on

  • I’m enjoying watching each video, as the designs keep growing!

    Debbie J on

  • Fengle is a fun tangle.

    Jackie on

  • I love that during this dark, hibernating time of year here in the Northern Hemisphere, we get to create a trellis of growing, sprouting, wandering things!

    Becky J on

  • I need to ketchup…..hold the mayo or is that Russian dressing :)

    Dorian on

  • Love hearing how the tangles were named…especially family members… Liam, Madeline, Rachel, and Sue!

    Carol R. on

  • Two tangles I haven’t done in a long time…. lots of fun!

    N on

  • I am watching along & practicing intently so that when I get my project pack I’ll have watched each day once. Thank you, it’s beautiful and so fun.

    Andrea K on

  • I have not been able to keep up at all- I am So okay with that though. I just want to savor every stroke. Thank you all so much for this great big opportunity to create so much beauty ❤️

    Kathy Y. on

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