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Zentangle Project Pack No. 16 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2021 - Day 11

Zentangle Project Pack No. 16 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2021 - Day 11

Anyone can see that Alfie, Marasu and Nomi seem to be focused on something interesting. You sense a feeling of comfort all around, as they test their senses with this gift. Intrigued in conversation, they are both amused and bewildered. 
The thing they are holding is part of Project Pack 16. Is it a cookie? There seems to be a pleasing aroma, maybe it’s a pie! Wait, wait! It’s making a noise. . . Is it an instrument? But they are gazing at it with such awe, how can any one thing bring such comfort?
Whatever the gang at Zentangle Central is cooking up ought to be good. Let’s just peek and find out, shall we? 

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Welcome to the Zentangle Project Pack No. 16 and the eleventh day of the 12 Days of Zentangle!

This Zentangle series offers us a moment to pause and reflect on the past year. 2021, like all years, has proven to be a time of growth. As each one of us continued with our journeys we persevered with strength, courage, resilience, and trust. In a year of rebuilding, we were given the opportunity to choose what we wanted to keep with us and what we wanted to leave behind. As the year unfolded, we hope you were able to lean on your Zentangle practice and focus on the beautiful things that came through. Together, in this series, we will in-crease our skills while navigating this part of our journey one stroke at a time. In this year-end series, we will be looking closely between the layers and folds of our Zentangle practice. As we score some new tools for our tangling toolbox, we will dig into some creative, tangled ways to celebrate and illuminate your Zentangle art.

We will be working with the materials in the Zentangle Project Pack No. 16, but we encourage you to follow along with whatever materials that you have.

Day 11

Project Pack No. 16 materials are available here

Please share your creations on the Zentangle Mosaic App using the hashtag #PP16Day11 and #12DaysofZentangle2021

Let Alfie know your thoughts and each day we will pick a commenter at random to receive a Zentangle Surprise! 

The winner from Day 10 is Mary Ann Wren-Jarvis! Please send your snail mail address to



  • Loved this day a lot! However, I’m more on the 2D side of tangling (it can be stored so much easier). The design ist still really pretty in 2D! And I like the design for those boxes Rick showed on day…2? as well and I will combine this design with the box idea for a small gift in the future. :-)

    Yvonne Li on

  • Thank you for this enjoyable Zentangle tradition!

    Lisa on

  • I love all the dimensional tricks we have been learning this project pack!

    AndreaR on

  • oh, what nice and funny!!!!! really very happy tangling with this tiles from 16 project pack,

    carmela on

  • Mmmhhh! Good good!
    Zentangle & Roast Coffee Beans!!
    Great combination

    Meritxell on

  • The ideas of dimensions in this Project Pack open up completely new possibilities. Wonderful. Thank you.

    Claudia F. on

  • I love the dimensional look of this tile. I need to get some renaissance tiles.

    Llynn on

  • I love the dimensional look of this tile. I need to get some renaissance tiles.

    Llynn on

  • What fun! This will make a terrific gift!

    Nancy Ellenson on

  • I love Maria’s sophisticated sense of art. By drawing this pp16, I also realized how high the quality of the official tiles is.

    Mika Shiohara on

  • Wow! Absolutely stunning! TFS ~ Rose

    Rosemarie Crawford on

  • Beautiful! What a creative project pack this has been. Adding dimension enhances the tiles.

    Deborah R on

  • The folding techniques are fun and add so much interest to the tangles. Thank you !

    Jackie on

  • WHAT a treat❣️ I’ve been very not-well, and you have cheered me this beautiful evening. Thank you, Rick and Maria, and also, Melissa Barlow, who gave me the ‘heads up’ today. Love, all around.

    didi on

  • Loving this creative use of tangles & tools in project pack. Thank you ⭐️Happy Holidays⭐️

    Jennifer on

  • I’m so enjoying these daily projects. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays.

    Andrea K on

  • So curious everyday. Now I’m ready to follow! :-) I’ll drop my tile in the Mosaik, like the other I did! Love it! <3

    Annika Wiener on

  • I like it very much. Tomorrow is the last day


    Joanna Kohl on

  • Oh can’t wait to watch and see what it is. Such a creative project pack.

    Marty Greiner on

  • What a cool idea!

    Viola Dean on

  • These dimensional tangles just keep getting better!

    Nancy W on

  • I’m so much enjoying these. Wish it could go on longer.

    Myra on

  • This one looks very difficult and challenging, can’t wait to start working on it.

    Anneke de Reijke on

  • Really?? Did I just make this gorgeous tile? Wow!

    Kathy Y. on

  • What a wonderful project! If I had to pick a favor from this project pack, it would be this one.

    Debbie J on

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