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Zentangle Project Pack No. 12 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2020 - Day 7

Zentangle Project Pack No. 12 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2020 - Day 7

Alfie writes...

Today's tile is by Rick, no surprise here! He has his favorite tangles, his "mac'n'cheese tangles," (although I cannot remember the last time I actually witnessed him eat mac'n'cheese), but I digress. . . 

As I reflect on the number of times he uses these two tangles, I realize why we call them "Rick's paradox" and "Rick's flux". I must admire his focus as he tangles. Nothing seems to break his concentration. I have found him to be a true Renaissance man, one who has profound proficiency in a number of fields: a lifelong student, never seeming to reach the end, where he gets the diploma. Hmmmm.

And his tangling, (one of his expertises!) well, it seems to thrive on this beautiful "renaissance tile," which Rick and Maria sometimes call a "tan tiles." He has been reflecting on many things lately, and it shows in this tile. He has taken the triangular-shaped paradox(es) and mirrored them to create these fantastical shapes. They bring to mind those huge grand fans of exotic fronds that others wave in front of someone of means, this being before the days of AC. I am so mesmerized by this image, that I can feel the gentle breeze, bringing a smile of true contentment in my heart. 

Now, that. . . is some serious tangling!

Rick and Maria add . . .

It's almost party time!

Alfie and Bijou are still getting ready for the big show while the tumbling Santas impatiently wait and, well, tumble!

We don't mind that they take their time, after all, it's theirs to take. And when they do go out, they always look so fine! And that reflects well on us all.
Have fun everyone and enjoy your wonderful time!

---- + ----

Welcome to the Project Pack No. 12 and the fifth day of the 12 Days of Zentangle!

It goes without saying that 2020 will go down in history as remarkable year. This year we all experienced the unexpected, the unknown and the uncertain. There were challenges that required our patience and strength in order for us to contribute to what the world needed.

In our Zentangle practice we encourage you to embrace the unexpected, the unknown and the uncertain as a part of your creative process. We encourage you to look for opportunities and to shift your perspective.

As we bring a close to a pivotal year in history, Project Pack No. 12 will offer us a magical time of rebirth, restoration, and awakening. We are excited to begin this year’s 12 Days of Zentangle, that we are calling the 2020 Zentangle Renaissance.

Day 7

Project Pack No. 12 materials available here

Please share your creations on the Zentangle Mosaic App using the hashtag #PP12Day07 and #12DaysofZentangle2020

Let Alfie know your thoughts and each day we will pick a commenter at random to receive a Zentangle Surprise! 

The winner from Day 6's blog is Barbara Christmann! Please send your snail mail address to 

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  • I made myself a golden ratio caliper, for both paper and large canvases. Yours is spectacular. <3

    Elizabeth F Kaplan on

  • counting 1-12

    1 ornament or candle; 2 hot sauces; 3 nesting dolls; 4 carved Santas; 5 carollers; 6 blue/white stones, tortillons, sides on the wall decoration, designs on the wrapping paper; 7 on die; 8 magnifying glasses; 9 books; 10 ornaments on tree; 11 fountain pens; 12 little Santas

    Sue Coffin on

  • Another beautiful job!! So interesting to watch!! Thank you for putting your incredible creativity out into the world for everyone to share and expand our horizons with..

    Linda Hunter on

  • Thank you for the the wonderful refresher on Paradox!

    Natalie E on

  • Once again I marvel how Rick can draw those straight lines.

    Joyce R on

  • The shading and highlights are magnificent!

    Natalie M on

  • Amazing, I hope I get this good someday.

    Christi on

  • This was a beautiful tangle today.

    Nancy Wilcox on

  • I have applied my gold wash and waiting for it to dry. I can’t wait to tangle on it!

    AndreaR on

  • Love the magical effect created by this tangle!

    Donna Pilato on

  • I can’t wait to watch Rick draw in this video. It will be fun to see how he deals with tangling over the gold.

    MartyG on

  • Paradox and flux are absolutely two of my favorites. What a treat doing both together today. Many thanks.

    Rachael Schwartz on

  • I really liked the idea of the gold wash in the background. I’ll use that technique again! Thanks. C-

    Cindy Brandt on

  • Fan-tastic!!! ~ Rose

    Rosemarie Crawford on

  • Beautiful, as always. I can’t wait to do my own variation of this. Today at work we were told each member of staff is getting a £150 gift voucher. Straight away I knew a load of that would end up being spent on zentangle. First thing I thought to spend my money on! 😊 Thank you for your time and these videos.

    Lisa Crow on

  • An all time favorite……very relaxing. Thanks.

    Cathrine Nicols on

  • How lovely! I laughed out loud…I’ve been obsessively practicing this since I first saw it. Not that I’m all that good at it but I CAN do it now. Rick – you finally slowed me down. Paint the tile and dry overnight or so…yep – that’s going to do it. I’ll be back! LOL+

    Mary Ellen Ziegler czt33 on

  • I loved the way today’s tile just glowed! The Renaissance tiles with the gold gouache are so beautiful.

    Patricia on

  • I look forward each year to your 12 days of Christmas. Thank you so much!

    Charlene Smith on

  • I noticed Alfie’s mirrors are placed perfectly. Rick’s mac’n’cheese tangles are delightful ! Thank you !

    Jackie on

  • Rick’s tangling is amazing! This is what the world needs more of! Many thanks for the peace this gives to so many!

    Linda JF on

  • After putting a gold wash down I now have a bit of time to give some of the other tiles a little extra attention. Thanks Rick for using two of my favorite tangles. Mac and cheese to me too. 🤗

    Kathy Y. on

  • Stunning! This might be my favorite one!

    Tisha Cabral on

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