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Zentangle Apprentice Project Pack No. A1

Zentangle Apprentice Project Pack No. A1

Molly writes... 

To say that is has been one of the greatest pleasures in my life to have had many opportunities to tangle along with children is an understatement. It truly has been a gift. Many years ago, when I started teaching The Zentangle Method I assumed I would only teach adults. After only a few classes I was approached by a woman in my town and asked if I would teach a group of kids. Initially, I thought that I was not trained to teach children and that I wouldn’t be very good at it. I am not sure why I thought that, after all I was a kid once and I had my own children, so I guess I had a little experience. I suppose I was second guessing myself and maybe a little nervous. With a little self-persuading I decided to give it a go but since I was little nervous, I asked the woman if for the first class the parents could stay. She was fine with that. Then I thought, if the parents were going to be there anyway it would be silly for them to sit around and watch. So, I insisted that they too take the class. It ended up being wonderful. It was this really cool mix of kids of different ages, some siblings and their moms.

Once we were all there tangling, it did not seem to matter what age everyone was, we were just an amazing group of artists creating. The moms were thrilled, and we went on to do it few more times. After that experience my perspective totally changed. I realized that I didn’t have to change who I was as a teacher when I was teaching kids, I just had to be myself. Since then, I have tangled with hundreds of kids and teens. Many of them I have had the opportunity to work with for multiple sessions and some that went on for years. It has been a joy to see their creative minds blossom and also a priceless and calming way to get to know a young person. I have learned so many things from the children I have taught.

In the last year the world saw a shift in the way most of the children in the world were educated. So many of them went from sitting in classroom with a teacher to sitting at home in front of a screen. Though many have returned to the classroom, many still have not. This has been a challenge for all, but we are figuring it out and making the best of it. Here at Zentangle, we wanted to create content that would be accessible to all these kids at home. On January 19th, we launched our very first Zentangle Apprentice Project Pack series. We were so happy to share this with young tanglers worldwide, and it warmed our hearts to see kids viewing the videos and creating along with us.

You can view all of the videos in this series here.
Did you or a young tangler in your life participate in the videos?
Let us know what you liked best about the series and if you would like to see a Zentangle Apprentice Project Pack No. 02 in the future. Comment on this blog and we will randomly choose three commenters to receive a Zentangle Apprentice Kit (ZAK).

Molly Hollibaugh


  • I have often taught a few Zentangle basics to pretty troubled teenage students in the last few years, and it has been so thrilling. Observing these kids suddenly becoming so quiet and absorbed in their work that you could hear a pin drop is quite sensational. The Apprentice Project Pack videos have given me many new ideas to try out with students. Thanks so much!

    Kejo on

  • I participated in the whole series and loved it!!! Orriginally I thought it would teach me to teach kids, but I so enjoyed it! It was not what I expected. I thought it would be like the videos for kids you had put out already, but it was much more interesting. Looking so forward to the next one.

    Bev Davy on

  • My 8 year old grandson has enjoyed tangling with me on several occasions (we do not live close to each other, so our time together is limited), so I was excited to have him participate in the Apprentice Pack series. He and my daughter would do each lesson together and it was a huge positive experience for them both. My grandson especially loved using his gelly rolls on black! I have given him some basic supplies and his own official Zentangle bag to keep his pens in plus a little box with tiles, and he is so proud of it all. I really hope you will do more of these project packs for kids as I can’t wait to give my grandson this fabulous opportunity again! I must share this with you too – my grandson made a Zentangle card for his teacher for Christmas, and made his own valentines cards this year using Zentangle. He has been doing virtual schooling this year, and during free times he would share his Zentangle with classmates. One day his teacher asked him to teach the class some tangling during their handwriting time. He taught them Crescent Moon and Hollibaugh with a diagonal string! (Please don’t gasp at the fact that he obviously is not trained to teach!) He was so proud, and my daughter said he was so cute and was explaining the steps well and telling the kids to “just take your time and don’t worry if you make a mistake!” I love seeing him grow his creative side and his confidence! Thanks again for this Apprentice Pack, and please do this again!

    Nancy Gomoll on

  • I loved that the series was geared towards kids of all ages! It was fun to tangle along. The young people, their comments & their art work were so enriching.

    Rimona Gale on

  • I was looking forward a project like this one as I teach to children 11-13 years old. In Italy this time last year we had a three months complete lock down which was really hard, especially for children. I have to thank Zentangle and the Spanish CZTs if I coped with it. We went back to school last September, and we teachers found thenchildren changed. The best class online last year has now become the worst in discipline,for example. I introduced Zentangle in February last year, with a class by Susanna Redaelli CZT 17. Now I am CZTEu3 myself and I have always tiles in my bag and now and then there is a “Listen and draw” session. All my students have a small bag in their pencil case with everything they need and we start tangling. They calm down and they love it. So the next Apprentice project will be really welcomed. Thank you. Great job!

    Lucia De Franco on

  • I bought a kit for each of my grandchildren( ages 8 & 10) for Christmas. They are not able to attend school because of the covid epidemic & instead are attending virtual school. Although they are doing well they have missed art classes. We have “attended” the Apprentice Pack classes together! We’ve loved the classes and they particularly appreciate that there are other children included in each presentation! Please offer Apprentice Pack #2

    Nancy Van Slyke on

  • Dear Molly and the extended Zentangle family… thanks once again for another inspired Project Pack!
    I thought this one was very clever with working alongside the kids. They were so talented and innovative in combining colors and techniques. I was inspired to experiment more than usual..I loved it! This one definitely got me out of my comfort zone! I haven’t gotten to upload all if my tiles, but will be sure to do that. Looking forward to PP #13! (These have really helped me to get through this past quarantine year…love you all!)
    Fondly, Harriet

    Harriet Meltzer on

  • Your blog was very inspirational. So glad to see and read about how you have had such a positive influence on so many young people as well as adults. So cool how something like ZenTangle can bring all ages together in unity. Our world needs that more than ever. Well done!

    Christine on

  • I loved this series, and forwarded the lessons to friends and grandchildren. I agree with the comment about showing the spelling of the tangles used. I’ve noticed Maria often does this in her videos, by writing the name of each tangle used on the back of her tile. All your videos and blog posts have been an “Oasis of Calm” during this time of pandemic, quarantine, social distancing, etc. Thank all of you at Zentangle HQ!

    Jessica Dykes on

  • This project was very good.

    I have taught children’s art for 15 years in Korea.
    With Corona 19, many children stayed at home without going to school, but it was a project where the whole family could be together as a new hobby.
    I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve gained confidence in how to teach gentangle to children in a fun way.
    We’ll apply it in various ways as a Gentangle experience program.
    Series two, three…I want you to keep coming out.
    I love you and, uh,
    Thank you.

    su yeon on

  • This project was very good.

    I have taught children’s art for 15 years in Korea.
    With Corona 19, many children stayed at home without going to school, but it was a project where the whole family could be together as a new hobby.
    I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve gained confidence in how to teach gentangle to children in a fun way.
    We’ll apply it in various ways as a Gentangle experience program.
    Series two, three…I want you to keep coming out.
    I love you and, uh,
    Thank you.

    su yeon on

  • Hi, I am so encouraged by this blog! I want to teach my 6 year old niece how to Zentangle and would like to know what is the best age to start. She loves to do crafts, paint, and draw but with large markers. I’m not sure if she has used any fine point markers. I have been Zentangling since 2017 and I love it, however, our in-person classes have been cancelled during the pandemic and can’t wait to start again. In the meantime, I’ve been doing mini tangles on my daily planner pages. Thanks for your creative and passionate work!

    arline on

  • Meine Tochter Anna und ich (21 und 58 Jahre alt ;-) ) haben dieses Project Pack sehr genossen!!!
    Es hat so viel Spaß gemacht durch die Lektionen zu gehen und die herrlichen Farben auf dem schönen Papier zu sehen. Bei diesem Project Pack durfte man wieder Kind sein – ich liebe es!
    Bitte macht weiter so und wir würden uns über weitere Apprentice Project Packs freuen!
    Liebe Grüße an das ganze ZentangleHQ

    Sorry für writing in German, but my English is too bad.

    Ute Hager on

  • I started playing with Zentangle to improve my hand-eye-brain coordination. I struggle with the curvy patterns and do best when the pattern has a background grid. The Apprentice series has been so much fun for me, as I’ve been successful with each lesson and am amazed by each tile I complete. The series is perfect for my ability level. Thank you! Oh, by the way, I’m 71 years old — never too old try something new!

    Jan on

  • I have enjoyed this series. It is fun to see the same patterns in different styles and colors. Lots of Zenspiration!

    Dedra on

  • My 13 students, aged 7 to 17, are truly enjoying the Apprentice experience. Their response to to the lessons has been enthusiastic and their tiles are proof that the Zentangle Method has no age boundaries. If you can print your name, you can tangle! I have been watching the videos, practicing the tiles and then presenting the lesson to my students. I have shared the history of Zentangle, the origin of the tangles and have assured them that the Zentangle Method can be a positive influence in their lives.
    With my students permission I will share their tiles on the Mosaic app.

    Ann Baum on

  • This was a wonderful series. Thank you very much. We are homeschooling now because of the current situation and it was a wonderful way to spend some quality time with my children.

    Rea Geo on

  • I loved this Apprentice series and I’m really hoping that you do additional Apprentice Project Packs. I enjoyed each video, but my favorite, hands down, was the final one. Bravo, Zentangle Team!

    Patricia on

  • This project pack was great for kids and adults. I believe a series of these would be wonderful. It would be helpful if the names of the tangles were written out so that they could be easily read and time for the artist to copy it. Just hearing the name isn’t enough for them to be able to find the step outs. Thank you so very much for all you offer. Pam

    Pam Marion on

  • This series was wonderful. I have used the videos to share Zentangles with my 4 grandchildren (ages 13 – 4) and my daycare children (ages 4 -6). I would love for you to have more of these sessions, it gives direction without them feeling like they have to do it precisely as the demonstration was done. Even though I tell them each is unique and whatever they do is terrific it is helpful to see the examples of how others did and especially children.

    Thank you again for this series, we really enjoyed it.

    Lynda S Keller on

  • Hello,
    I absolutely loved every one of the apprentice videos! Thank you so much for sharing these!
    The designs are beautiful and I especially enjoyed seeing what the kids did on their tiles! They were gorgeous!
    Are there videos for the other heart designs that you shared at the end! I would love to try them to!

    Thank you again for all your wonderful Zentangle videos!


    Kristen Snowman-Shelley on

  • Thank you for these wonderful tangling times! This fall I started a little tangling with the grandchildren and left supplies. I shared the information about this with my daughter and I received lovely photos of them watching and also tangling. Great back and forth show and share from our 6 hours apart! Thank you from the bottom of my ❤️!

    sUSAn on

  • I love that you didn’t put an age limit on being an apprentice! I’m getting back into zentangles after a couple year absence and I’m enjoying the videos a bunch. Love that the young learners’ art doesn’t always look just like the instructor’s work. Mine doesn’t either and that’s ok! Thanks on behalf of all the older apprentices out there. 😊

    Terri on

  • I have truly enjoyed this series and have been inspired by everything you are about. I hope you will offer more. I work for the NYC DOE of Education in a HS of 4000 teens and needless to say, it has been a difficult time for all of us as staff, as well as for our students and their familes. Zentangle has “pacified” me and has given me time to be calm and help with stress.

    I hope to bring this to my school families in the form of workshops once we re-open and able to attend in person. I am also thinking of possibly having video workshops for my school families too!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Rosalind on

  • We have loved this series! We’re home schooling our grandson and twice a week we gather around a table that belonged to my own grandmother to enjoy a fun, relaxing session with Molly and friends. We would love it if you

    would continue the series, even as some kind of “subscription” offering. Our 10 year old grandson says, “I just like all of it!” when I’m asking him for specifics. Thank you so much for bringing something wonderful into our lives.

    Nancy on

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