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The Zentangle Community

The Zentangle Community

Molly writes...

People often ask me what my favorite thing about my job at Zentangle is? Well there is not really one thing. There are so many things. But one that almost always rises to the top is the people that it attracts.

When my Mom and Rick started Zentangle, there were so many unknowns. And because they live their life and run this business much like a Zentangle tile they never really questioned or planned to far into the future, but just looked at what the next step would be. I am not sure that they would have ever imagined that Zentangle would bring together so many amazing people. Sure there was the vision that Zentangle might find its way into the lives of amazing people. But who would have thought that all these amazing lives would become so intertwined.

We currently have over 3,975 Certified Zentangle Teachers in 46 Countries. All of these teachers have inspired and guided others in one way or another on their Zentangle journey. It is just so fascinating to see all these beautiful people developing relationships and true friendships through the common thread of the Zentangle Method. When we arrive at Certified Zentangle Teacher Seminar, I never worry about the people that I will find there. It is the most amazing thing. Each and every time I find myself standing in front of room full of wonderful people. Honestly, genuine, passionate people. We do not foster or force our Zentangle community to like and connect with one another, it all happens completely naturally. Its as if they had all been waiting to meet one another their whole lives. And then all of a sudden the time became right.
Another observation I have made is that it seems that the understanding and perspective they have, as Zentangle Method practitioners is that is seems to trickle into these relationships. There is an overwhelming sense of love, support and nurturing that I see in the way these people treat one another, along with this feeling of positivity and a genuine desire to inspire one another. When I look at the Zentangle artists on our App, Zentangle Mosaic, I am so moved by the way they interact. We never told them how to do this … but naturally they developed a way of commenting on each other’s that supports and showers other artists with love. As if there is no room there for anything else. I have never seen on negative comment. I find it such a happy place.

We have heard stories of many of our CZTs traveling all around the world to see one another. I have seen herds of Zentangle enthusiasts rise with support and donation when another in the community is ill. I have seen the Zentangle community gather all that they could to replace another CZTs supplies that she had lost in a natural disaster. I have seen CZTs open the doors of their homes to other CZTs and I have literally seen a CZT take the coat off her back to give it to another because she needed it.


I get it. I really do. I have met some of my best friends through Zentangle. We all speak the same language.
We might be a tangled up bunch … but it sure is a wonderful community to be a part of. Thank you for being a part of it too!

Do you have a story about Zentangle friendships or the magic of the Zentangle community that you want to share? Leave us your thoughts or stories in the comments here and we will send a little something special to a random commenter.



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  • When I first joined the Mosaic App in 2016 I was watching the waterfall when I saw I tile I thought was mine. I clicked on it to find it belonged to Jutta Gladnigg from Germany. I thought it was funny so I messaged her to let her know we had similar styles. We became fast friends and she came to her CZT training in 2017 and extended her trip to visit with me before returning to Germany. If anyone had told me 5 years ago I would have friends around the world through pattern drawing I would never have believed it. Now I can’t imagine my life without it. Thank you to everyone I have connected with along the way!

    Jody Genovese, CZT 24 & 28

    Jody Genovese on

  • When I got cancer, the cards and tiles and a huge box of art supplies…
    We are family we never knew we had. <3

    Kelley Kelly, CZT9 on

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