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The Gift of Zentangle

The Gift of Zentangle

I began collecting notes about the Zentangle Method a year ago. Now it’s time to turn those notes into a book. The book will explore how and why the Zentangle Method benefits people so much, particularly people who are suffering.
Here’s the book’s “Welcome” . .
“Vitality requires original contribution.”
Jordan B. Peterson
“I don't know why nobody told you how to unfold your love.” 
George Harrison         
“Beauty will save the world.”
Fyodor Dostoyevsky   
Why do so many people benefit so much from practicing the Zentangle Method?
Why does drawing in a Zentangle way relieve pain and suffering?
I think it’s because the more you express your individual nature as a contribution to this world, the more you increase your vitality. And the more you increase your vitality, the better you feel and the more you heal.
With the Zentangle Method, you can easily express your individual nature within an elegance of limits that gravitates towards beauty. Through this redeeming practice, you learn to appreciate yourself and what you create. You discover that everything you create, one stroke at a time, can be beautiful, vital, and meaningful — for yourself and for the world.
That’s my hypothesis and that’s the theme of this book.  
Do you have a story of relief or healing related to the Zentangle Method? If you do, would you to send it to me? It can be about you. It can be about some one you’ve shared the Zentangle Method with.
In case I use your story in the book, please tell me if you want me to use your name or not. If your story is about someone else, I won’t use their names without their written permission.
I made the image at the beginning of this blog from a PhotoShop combination of some of Maria’s Zentangle art and her “Peas on Earth” painting. I love its suggestion of an underlying “pattern-ness” to this world and how that resonates with our Zentangle approach. Perhaps it will be the cover for this book.
Please send your story by email to and put “Book” as the subject line . . . so it doesn’t get lost in the usual flood of email.
Thank you in advance for your stories!
With all best regards,

Rick Roberts


  • Shortly after my daughter introduced me to Zentangle, my husband required open heart surgery. During the 9 hours of his surgery and recovery room, I Zentangled my anxiety into a 9×13 piece of art with a heart at the center!

    DEb on

  • It is a good idea to write a book with story’s of the inpact of Zentangleart on people’s life.

    A while ago, I was very surprised to discover Julie has chosen me for the Zentangle tree. There you find how Zentangleart helped autistic children to have real qualitytime. I was really touched and would like to send some pictures but the parents didn’t want that pictures of their children would appear on the Internet. Anyway they still draw and enjoy it very much. About myself, I’m drawing every day. I fell in love at first sight and still am, even after a few years. I’m very gratefull that Zentangleart came into my life and that I have become so many contacts with people from all over the world. I wish you succes with your book and send you warm regards from Belgium.

    ria matheussen on

  • I will send my story via email

    You may use my name

    Glenda Thomas aka GlendaTArtist on

  • Hello,Rick.It is my first time to come here. Sorry, my english is not very well for now, I happened find zentangle severals days ago,I was amazed by the beautiful patterns.I never thought there are paintings like these in this world, it makes me think of buddle and makes me feel calm. This will be my love forever.

    Sue Leslie on April 03,2018

    Mandy on

  • Hello,Rick.It is my first time to come here. Sorry, my english is not very well for now, I happened find zentangle severals days ago,I was amazed by the beautiful patterns.I never thought there are paintings like these in this world, it makes me think of buddle and makes me feel calm. This will be my love forever.

    Sue Leslie on April 03,2018

    Mandy on

  • Rick: I so appreciate all that you are doing for the Zentangle community. Telling our stories is the way heal, the way we grow, and the way we connect wholeheartedly. It’s an important, essential task.

    My story began around the time that both of my parents were diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease. My father had lived with dementia then Alzheimer’s for a long time, but my mother’s was unexpected and very difficult. Eventually I had to move my parents into Alzheimer’s care. All along I had been sketching and working with water color, but then I read about Zentangle in Spirituality & Health magazine, in an editorial piece. Most days I was paralyzed by grief and pain, and overwhelmed by working, caring for my children and making time for visits with my mother. I continued to do art work in the evenings to soothe my heartache.
    I met a friend who’s a CZT here in Vermont. Each time I’d see her she’d show me another tangle, and I was hooked. Time spent Zentangling has been soothing and calming. I would bring a sketchbook, or a tile and sit with my mother and tangle. Sometimes we would talk and often it was quiet, just sharing time together. She would often watch me draw, and I think it was soothing for her as well. My mother lost her ability to speak, and visits became more difficult and emotional. I continued to Zentangle, and was inspired to become a CZT to bring Zentangle into other parts of my life, but the moments with my mother will always be special.
    One day when I was sitting with my mother, tangling, when she reached for my pencil. I didn’t know what to expect or what to do so I handed her by sketch book and pencil, she wrote the words, “Dearest Carol.” It was a precious moment.
    Zentangle connects, art connects us on a deeper, quieter level for which I am forever grateful.

    Carol Egan on

  • I sent the email with my story today. Hope you got it. Katrina

    Katrina Thiebaut on

  • Here’s My Story

    Just shy of one year ago, I fell into coma. My fever was 105. I had aspirated. My darling husband could not wake me. Once at the hospital, and after many questions as to what was wrong, my husband insisted on a spinal tap: bacterial meningitis.

    The next month I lived in hospitals. Once home, I began some of my own occupational therapy, tangling to improve focus, to improve eye-hand coordination, to wake up some snoozing bits of brain. Zen Tangle gave me back abilities that seemed gone. Your Twelve Days Christmas videos guided me further into healing.

    The last visits to doctors, my husband insisted I take my art. Terry keeps remarking how these tangles have improved, reminds me to do my art, makes certain there are plenty of Micron01 pens. My physicians kindly commented that yes, this work was very therapeutic. I had no doubt.

    Zen Tangles gave me hope, as well as sketch books filled with beautiful, well not all of them are beautiful, tangle inspired art and frequently accompanying poetry. I document events, tangles giving visuals to my feelings about my world and beyond. And tangling reminds me that the quiet place holds amazing treasures.

    Forever grateful.
    Nancy Taylor Day

    Nancy Taylor Day on

  • I’m delighted that you’re doing this book. I don’t have a special story, but I know that this method have transformed me life. Thank you!

    Jennifer Sparrow on

  • I’ve always loved the Peas on Earth art work and my postcard with it sits in plan view all the time. Yes, I’d love to share my story of how zentangle came into my life and what it has done for me. I’ll get it off in the next few days, after I have time to write it up.

    Sue Leslie on

  • Hello Rick,

    The “Peas on Earth” art is so beautiful….A good decision to make this your cover…

    I will see you all in June !!

    Best regards to you all !

    Sharon Jerkovic 😀💢💢

    Sharon Jerkovic on

  • I love the design for your coming book, and I would be happy to tell my story, so when I feel less “bleh” I will email you, but suffice to say here, my life is wonderful and bobbing along happily, because of Zentangle❣️❣️

    Sue Zanker on

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