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Tenth Day of Zentangle

"On the Tenth Day of Zentangle . . ."

On the tenth stroke of Zentangle
R and M envisioned, 
Black Apprentice tiles
Teachers and students (and parents) loved our Zentangle Apprentice approach and the Zentangle Apprentice Classroom Pack with its white tiles. That inspired us to create a black Zentangle Apprentice tile. 

We found the perfect surface for this new collection. In the fall of 2016, we introduced the black Zentangle Apprentice tile. It is now part of our black classroom pack for schools and the individual Zentangle Apprentice Kit (ZAK). 


Rick Roberts


  • I love how mesmerizing paradox is! It looks even more so on the apprentice tile!

    M Moore on

  • I haven’t done any white on black yet, but that looks great! I’ve got the white gelly pen so I just need to find some black card. There’s some around here somewhere.

    RosA on

  • I haven’t tried black tiles but now I can’t wait to start.

    Nancy Wilcox on

  • Love paradox and love doing it on the larger tile. Can’t wait to show my students in the new year. Thanks!

    Betsy on

  • I really had fun creating this tile. Everyone thinks that it looks like pleated and folded fabric. They think that this was a very difficult tile to make. I had so much fun drawing this tile. I never worked on an apprentice tile before so it gave me a new experience.

    Leslee Feiwus on

  • With all the hundert little things to do in this season, it is always relaxing, sometimes challenging to follow your tutorials. But I have so much fun and feel relaxed. Thanks a lot for this 10 days til now.

    Barbara Steyer on

  • Do to work constraints I am watching the last 3 videos all at the same time…. Enjoyed watching this video, it is always calming to listen to your voices as you explain what you are doing, and mesmerizing to watch the tangle unfold to beautifully under your hands. While I am looking forward to some quiet time after the holiday to actually try these things out, the videos have offered me a bit of quiet time each day all in by themselves :)

    Jeanie 'JJ' James on

  • Love how the gel pen ink goes on these apprentice tiles!

    Danita Noland on

  • What a fun, relaxing tile to create!

    LInda JF on

  • Thank you doing the Merry and Joyful; “On The Twelve Days of Zentangle!” Series. They were all so beautiful. If I have to choose, I would say my two most favorite ones are: “On The Eleventh Day of Zentangle” – the 3Z Star, and “On The Twelve Day of Zentangle”; the 3Z Christmas Tree. I love almost all things Christmas! Fabulous! Have your selves a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous, and Happy New Year!

    Cheryl on

  • Wasn’t thrilled to do this one at first but I found it soooo relaxing, repeating the same stroke and turning the tile. Thank you!

    Sandra Chatelain on

  • I really enjoy working on the Apprentice tiles! Love the concept of using a tangle as reticula. Will have to explore this some more.

    Tharina Etsebeth on

  • Paradox is absolutely a fave of mine, and this video is so inspiring. Great work!

    Dana "Jonesy" Jones on

  • Finally made it to my vacation. Looking forward to starting my 12 Days of Christmas tiles! Really loved what Martha did with paradox.

    MatyG on

  • love the white on black, very striking!!!

    robin pichelmayer on

  • I am always in awe when I see your work…but of course, I’m also in awe when I see my work! Who knew I could do such beautiful work with just a pen, pencil and blending stump?!

    Charlene Smith on

  • This has got to be one of my favorite tangles! Beautiful examples, too.

    Terri Young, CZT 16 on

  • It has been so peaceful to take a bit of time each day to participate in “the Twelve Days of Zentangle. The gift of a few minutes of peace and quiet during the busy preparations for the holidays is truly a gift of the spirit. Thank you so much.

    Nancy L White on

  • SO MUCH Inspiration!!! And so little time!! LoL

    Susan Colflesh on

  • I became to have much confidence of using pencil and white charcoal at the same time. This shade helps to cover some white spots or lines on the shape of paradox, and white charcoal make a romantic effects. Amazing! I like my work of Day Ten

    Wanyi 林宛儀 on

  • Beautiful way of drawing Paradox, never done it this way before, looks great on an apprentice tile and very pleasant to teach in a class. Thank you for again a wonderful idea

    ria matheussen on

  • Loving all of these tiles and tangles—what a wonderful way to enjoy the winter quiet.

    Becky R J on

  • This will be my first attempt with the black apprentice tile! I love the way such a few lines and shapes become so much more!

    Laura Oldham on

  • Found my tile from yesterday, a Wow. All the things I criticized vanished and there was a nice piece.

    Karen Rushton on

  • So many products to choose from to zentangle beautifully.

    Andrea on

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