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Seasons of Tangling

Seasons of Tangling

At the end of Molly’s blog, The Dog Days of Summer, she asked us to think about how the seasons affect our tangling and creative flow.

As I thought about this summer, I realized that I have tangled quite a bit. The Dog Days of Summer made me slow down. There were many days I found myself sitting in the shade in my backyard tangling away. On a vacation, our house had a spectacular view and it called for me to bring my tools and journal out there.

Or, early in the morning when the birds are chirping, and it hasn’t reached that day’s high temperature yet. All of these moments inspired me to put pen to paper. To slow down in the middle of a busy summer and take a moment for myself. In each of those moments I thought, “This is the perfect time to tangle.”

I concluded that summer is the season for tangling.

But, as I write this, I am sitting on the deck of my house and in the shade, the air is crisp. For the first time in months, I am wearing a sweatshirt and wrapped in a blanket. It will be autumn soon here in New England and then winter.

I also tangle quite a bit during the winter months. Snowstorms that keep you cooped up in the house. Cold wind howling and snow-covered roads that make it so you don’t want to go anywhere. Everything is still, and the winter gives me permission to be still. I love curling up in the corner of my couch with a lap desk and my tangling tools. My dog, Albus, snuggled up next to me and I think to myself, “This is the perfect time to tangle.”

So, is Winter the season of tangling? Or is it a crisp fall day or rainy spring morning?

I believe every season is the “perfect time to tangle” because each season inspires something new and something different. In the summer months, I take my tangling outside – to my back yard or to the ocean. The heat and humidity remind me to slow down. I listen to the sounds around me – the lawn mower, the waves crashing or birds chirping. In the winter months, it is the cozy comforts of home that spark my creativity. My favorite spot in the house, a cup of warm coffee (or is it red wine?) and familiar tangles dancing across the page.

The reason that every season is the season for tangling is that when you sit down, be still and appreciate your surroundings, it becomes “the perfect time to tangle” every time.

An afternoon at the beach? The perfect time to tangle.

A snowy blizzard that lasts for days? The perfect time to tangle.

The doctor’s office waiting room? A long flight? When you have only 5 minutes to yourself? The perfect time to tangle.

When is your perfect time to tangle? What is your season for tangling?


Julie Willand


  • Mis momentos para enredarme son cuando busco calma, parar, aclarar ideas, alimentar la creatividad, generar proyectos… Mi mente se libera y genera. Y es tan fuerte, que sigo proyectando el día en que pueda certificarme CZT.

    Zentangle me acompaña en momentos difíciles, me serena para descansar. Gracias Rich, Maria, Martha y Molly por su creación y su compartir!!!! Desde Cortaderas, provincia de San Luis, Argentina, un inmenso Gracias!!!!!

    Myriam on

  • I love the picture of the tangle. I find it beautiful and elegant.

    Jan Timmins on

  • Maybe, for me the wintertime is the most pleasant time to tangle, cosy in the house, warm tea besides me, lovely music in the background and than endless time to tangle… love it since the day I discovered this wonderful art!

    (I’m jealous of your wonderful view, wow, wow, wow)

    Matheussen Ria on

  • 4 days ago it as been a month that i found about the zentangle method and all of you great people. I enjoyed a lot this month of july of tangle at my kitchen table. Just a couple of days i was speaking about tangles to Anne. When she look at me smiling charing my feelings, she proposed to me to buy your books and the pre-strung journal. So i’m looking forward to receive that gift! (I hope that my english is ok! Have a nice day! Nathalie from Québec City.

    Nathalie Paré on

  • It is 3 years this month since I found a book on Zentangle at my local book store and I haven’t missed a day tangling yet (even if just for 10-15 minutes)!

    Matt Wieczkowski, Czt29&33 on

  • Love to tangle anytime. I have only been tangling since May, I think rainy winter days are going to be super nice. But, I especially like Friday nights after a long work week. Put on music and two / three hours later……I have tangled the work week away.

    Sandy Nee on

  • Any time is tangle time. Over the past 18 days I’ve tangled in 4 airports, 3 flights one of which was delayed by 2 hours on the tarmac, so did a whole tile! Plus on 1600 miles of the Mississippi River on a river cruise in which I shared Zentangle with several of my fellow passengers with impromptu classes in the Chart Room and a tangle a day for one of the riverboat staff! What fun to tangle any where and every where and share with any one along the way.

    Sue Leslie on

  • How fitting that the wonderful gift of attending CZT 32 occurred in the fall, at Halloween! It’s my favorite season, when nature wears its most brilliant colors while preparing to gather strength from a long winter nap. I am in the season of my life that is most like fall. A time to gather resources in order to prepare for the inevitable winter to come. The joy I have received from teaching at this time of my life is so rich! I am savoring every experience with gratitude to each of you who make it all possible. Mary

    Mary D'Angelo, CZT on

  • Julie,
    You did a great job in the video for Project Pack 6! I had not turned the volume up yet and didn’t hear that it was you, I thought I was listening to Molly…then I sensed a difference. Starting over I got that it was YOU! Wow, you’ve made it to the big time, in there with the Masters!!! Yippee. Great Job! (I know that you were in Project Pack 5 too, and of course there was your debut with the Vanna White roll in our Zen Again Bijou Bingo).
    I’d love to see a project pack of the cotton table napkin idea that Marie once shared….it’s intriguing. Seems as though a few pieces of cotton could cost out to make it? As we know many Zentanglers do work on fabrics…sharing tips and hints too. It could be quite inspirational. I love the project packs and can’t wait for the next one…

    Carole Lape on

  • I am very busy on my ranch especially in summer, so when I see a blog like this and the sample left for us….immediately out comes my pen, journal and tools even for a moment to tangle down the inspiration you leave for us! ( Love above tangle Molly) especially love the project packs I just stop what I am doing and tangle immediately as often as possible! I want to send a hip hip hurray out for the continued inspiration that comes from all of you, my tangling teachers and friends. Thank you for all you share!

    christine maskaly on

  • I love to tangle in the afternoon. And any time of year suits me, but my tangling style seems to change to suit the seasons. Lots of black auras in the summer, perhaps because I’m craving shade. And spare tangling in the winter – to mimic the bare branches all around me.

    Jem Miller on

  • Every season is tangle season!!! – lorraine

    lorraine on

  • I tangle every chance I get. I always have a pen and journal at the ready!

    Terri Young, CZT 16 on

  • Ditto Molly, Kathy Young, Karen Izzi!

    Jessica (Jake) Dykes on

  • Tangling is always in season! And any hour is the right time! This morning I pulled out my “travel kit” in the dr’s office, and of course as soon as I got super focused, they called me in. Later, at the lab, happened again. I love it. Tangling is an integral part of my life, now. Alone, or with one other person, or in a group. It matters not. Pen to paper, one stroke at a time.

    Ginger White CZT34 on

  • Ooops now I’d like to say ANY TIME is my favorite time to tangle and esp with all the new people I met at the CZT 33 training in Providence…love tangling with Becky, Annie, Darla, Debi, Annika, Dee, Gwen, Jacqui, Jessica,Julie, Lee, Aura, Sanda – and so many other’s Thank you all!

    Mary Ellen Ziegler czt33 on

  • My perfect time for tangling began with Mom going through radiation. Doctor’s offices, hospital waiting areas, restaurants…wherever we had to wait became the Perfect time – for both of us to have a “change of focus”. It’s brought us both many hours of joy!

    Mary Ellen Ziegler czt33 on

  • For me, the perfect time to tangle is with friends - especially in a Zentangle class with our certified instructor, Angie Lorandos. I enjoy it when, after we focus on our tangles — we put all the participants’ tiles together at the end of class … did I mention the class time FLYs by quickly. And, then look forward to our next gathering. So, my favourite season for tangling is any day, any season, any time; however, it is best, for me, tangling with friends. : )

    Carol L Parry on

  • I agree with everyone! But especially with Mary – when I’m expecting long wait and anticipating tangling only to be seen sooner than expected.

    I would also like to include baseball and football season as my husband has recently begun to watch these sports leaving evenings on my own, so to speak. I am so grateful for headphones and music!

    Beth Lovelle on

  • I appreciate all the seasons and their different atmosphere to tangle. But I particularly love the silent light of the morning.

    Susanna A. Redaelli on

  • I appreciate all the seasons and their different atmosphere to tangle. But I particularly love the silent light of the morning.

    Susanna on

  • I just wrote in the description of one of my tiles last week or the week before have you noticed how it doesn’t annoy you to have to wait someplace any more?? Well as long as you have your tangling tools with you that is. I more annoyed when it’s my turn now :o)

    Jody Genovese on

  • It’s really annoying when I’m prepared to wait and there’s no line.

    Mary Bartrop on

  • I’m in total accord with Karen, Kathy, Jennifer and Sherri!!
    Waiting (anywhere for anything at any hour) is one of my favorite times to tangle. I always have pens and tiles in my purse, no matter how small it is. Larger purses are for holding more pens and perhaps my Tangle-a-Day calendar.

    Mary Bartrop on

  • For me the perfect time to tangle is at the kitchentable in the hospice where I work. Of course there is not always time to do so, but when it is quit, I love tangling there!

    Annemarie Huijts on

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