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Question Mark

Question Mark

What would you like to talk about?

Here at Zentangle, we have so much fun working and coming up with new ideas that it is easy to assume that you know all the background and context of what we do, but maybe you don't.

Maybe there's something you know that you assume we already understand, but maybe we don't.

We love to answer questions because there's a fair chance that the person asking is interested in an answer and that is an inspiration to write.

As we put together our blog posts for 2019, We want to know what you want to know and what you want to discuss.

What do you want to talk about? Do you have a question for a specific person (or snail)?

Let us know by leaving a comment on this post or you can email

Thank you!



* Gilded tangled question mark by Maria Thomas

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Rick Roberts


  • Hi webmaster, Thanks for the detailed post!

    Jose Olive on

  • After I attend the CZT seminar #33, I hope I will be able to create my own group of Tanglers in Moses Lake, WA because the nearest CZT to me is two hours away… and I long to create with others! Have you ever thought about offering extended CZT sessions on line? I see that you offer classes in others places for CZTs, but getting the funds to travel long distances is limiting for me. Also, I was wondering about getting more reticula experience; seeing more demonstrations of using various patterns in different ways. I love all that I am learning as a consequence of starting up with Zentangle and now headed to CZT #33!!!

    Annie Sargent on

  • Yes please, mosaic waterfall on Kindle too. Please

    Sylvia L Bowens on

  • I second the request for being able to access the Mosaic by computer…my old phone won’t support the app and it sounds wonderful!

    Andrea Shinn on

  • Would love to see the Mosaic available for computer use. Live in an area where iPhone is not readily available so depend on my computer for all online stuff.

    Sue Leslie CZT on

  • Since receiving my certification I have been teaching at a Senior Center, a Library and have been invited to do two lessons at a Women’s Retreat on “The Creator and Creativity”. What a joy and privilege it is to be able to

    bring this to students!
    I have been practicing guided meditation with friends and family. I would love to have an online tutorial by Molly that I could continue to use to hone this skill. Thank you for asking and for giving me the means to share your wonderful gift of the Zentangle Method!

    Mary D'Angelo, CZT 32 on

  • This is such a wonderful community and I will forever be glad that I stumbled across a few striking black and white tiles on Pinterest that made me go ‘wow, what is this?’. That was 5 years ago and I still say ‘wow!’ every day with the constant stream of amazing artwork that comes through my Facebook feeds. I would love to do the CZT training, and one day I will get there, but do you have any plans to run a seminar in England? I know Germany is closer than the US for me but I’m struggling to get there too! Also I would love to buy more of your fabulous products in the UK, or at least from a central point in a Europe, as someone else suggested. The postage costs are just astronomical which is very frustrating! Please, please can you look into this? Thank you all so much for bringing Zentangle into the world!

    Gloria King on

  • Thanks for asking! There are indeed a few things I’ve been wondering about. In no particular order …
    - Might you offer Zentangle tiles in grey?
    - Might you offer tiles 6-8 inches square?
    - Might you offer larger Zendala tiles?
    - Do you plan to create a Primer, Vol. 2?
    I second (or third?) the suggestion to add an edit feature to comments we have posted on Mosaic!
    To all of you involved with enriching our lives with Zentangle, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

    Jan Brandt, CZT 12 on

  • I would like to see an Edit button on the comments to people who comment on my tiles because spellcheck often messes up words and it would be nice to have the option to Edit the comment instead of having to delete and retype the comment. Other social media platforms have an Edit button for comments, I would love it if Mosaic had an Edit button for comments too. Also notifications and messages on the Mosaic App often fall off if I don’t check it daily so I would like to see that improved somehow, I have missed messages because they didn’t show up in my notifications when I looked on there but when I checked messages, there were messages to me. Love Zentangle and the Zentangle Mosaic App, I already commented but thought of more things I would like discussed or improved.

    Dolly Bolen, CZT15 on

  • Hello to all you enthusiastic tanglers.

    To answer Jodi Ballenger’s request for Mircon pens in gray tones…I Use; Sakura Koi Coloring Brush Pen set (6 grey tones) they have thicker tips but I ease off on the pressure in tight places. For larger areas the shading works great either light pressure or heavier. Heavier pressure does make the colors darker. I found these in a stationary store (in Canada) but they are distributed in the USA.

    These pens are distributed by Sakura America30780 San Clemente St. Hayward, CA 94544 USA
    Bar Code #XBR-65A 0 53482 59176 4

    I hope you find this information useful until Micron Pens in the Grey Tones in various pen sizes are available for us to purchase.
    Take care, from Cheryl

    Cheryl J. on

  • I am a Zenholic for two years now and living in Europe ( The Netherlands) I find it difficult to order your Zentangle products from the USA. It is a lot of fuss to do so. It would be very helpful if there was a central point in Europe where we could order all your beautiful items. I can help to make this possible if you want to.

    Zenhuggs from Holland!

    Marjan Heemskerk on

  • I would also like to see a computer version of the Zentangle Mosaic App, I love to use my computer to view Facebook and Instagram, it would be nice to see those tiles on the Mosaic App on a large computer screen. I would like to see some new products such as mini Zendalas (black, tan and white) much like the square Bijou Tiles, or Tiny Zendalas as Jody Genovese named them. Also I would like to see a lower price for CZTs on the Project Packs because it doesn’t make much sense for CZTs to order these for classes if we pay the same price as other customers, there has to be an incentive for using these in classes or ordering them to sell to our customers, especially if we live in other countries like Canada. I enjoy teaching Zentangle as well as creating Zentangle art and I see a great future for Zentangle all over the world!

    Dolly Bolen, CZT15 on

  • Simply want to thank you for the privilege of being a grateful member of this amazingly helpful and exciting group! Recently I’ve noticed a fair amount of colors added to various tiles and would love more instruction on such, i.e. using water color pencils before or after tangling and/or shading only with tortillions.

    Mary Lindeblad on

  • I would love more project pack kits. I have gotten so many ideas I share with my students during class time. I appreciate all of the support!

    Betsy Smith on

  • I would like to see more class outlines on the CZT resources pages. And how about a KTT on bugs! Maria’s bugs are great! And how many tangles on a tile before it loses it’s magical appeal? 3, 6, 7? Thanks for all your great ideas!

    Terri Young, CZT 16 on

  • Hi everyone, I am an enthusiastic tangler and I love all the tiles, white, black, renaissance, square, zendala, 3Z, Byou. I wonder if an oval tile can give new ideas, for example for the Dingbatz tangle. Thank you so much for the gift of Zentangle, Iris

    Iris Winckelmans on

  • Hi everyone! I too am so interested in the Zentomology kit. I talked to several CZTs in my area and we want to do a tangle hunt with these kits. It sounds like so much fun!!! Would the gilding ever be part of a project pack? Are new, updated Zenthology books available for purchase by CZTs? And I love the suggestion of gray Micron pens! They would make lovely subtle backgrounds too.

    Jodi Ballenger on

  • Life is always a challenge in some way (or many), but Zentangle always helps! Currently I see only long distance following my two cataract surgeries earlier this month, but I still muddled through a Zentangle class at last weekend’s Fun(d) raiser for Foundation for Fighting Blindness. How apropos. I still do not have an updated smartphone, so I am unable to use the Mosaic app. I appreciate anything and everything that I can find available on the blog, newsletter or whatever. You are a lifeline to sanity and peace. Thank you all!

    Eunice Creswell, CZT-14 on

  • Hi! Thanks so much for opening this up to the community! I really enjoy hearing people’s motivational stories regarding Zentangle. I’ve been tangling daily since Nov 2017, but am still very much a beginner. I would love to see more basic tips and tricks as others have suggested. Thanks again for creating this amazing community!

    Jen Kashnow on

  • Hello Rick and Maria,

    Will the Zentomology Kit introduced in August 2018 be offered for sale ??

    Would so love to have this !! I am collecting your special issues that you introduce to all of us…

    Thinking of all of you at Zentangle H.Q.

    Best regards,
    Sharon Jerkovic CZT31

    Sharon Jerkovic on

  • I would appreciate an “answer all” function on the Mosaic-App that makes it easier to thank all the nice tanglers which comment a tile.
    Thank you for all the Zentangle inspirations.

    Ulla Koch on

  • Could you requst that Sakura come out with gray Microns? They would be great for adding depth and atmosphere, and I bet they’d sell well to tanglers and other artists as well. Maybe yellow ochre as well…Also, the app has popup ads—very annoying and something that should never happen on a paid app. I think Google is the culprit.

    Valerie Hayes, CZT28 on

  • Thanks for asking us! My question/concern is related to the CZT list on your website. So many have just listed their name, and no contact information. We don’t have many in my area, but no way to contact them! I’d love to have a regular group to join in with, without driving 40 miles each way. Since I don’t do social media, any ideas to motivate the CZTs to post info how to reach them?

    Ginger White on

  • I second the comment about having Mosaic available on Kindle. Please. And thank you. :-)

    Susan Browning on

  • Like Lynnda Tenpenny I would like tips, like how to steady your hand as you draw, simple technical “tricks” of the trade. Maybe we need some exercises, like how to make circles or different sizes, rain drops, or a five-pointed star.

    My other request is probably not possible to answer, but it is how to create beautiful combinations of tangles. I see a fantastic tile on different FB groups and wonder how that person ever thought of doing that.

    Jacki Richey on

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