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Project Pack No. 07 - 12 Days of Zentangle: Day 12

Project Pack No. 07 - 12 Days of Zentangle: Day 12

Welcome to the twelfth day of Project Pack No. 07.

Today, Maria completes our Twelve Days of Zentangle on a gray Zendala tile.

Alfie wants you to see the frame with all our tiles behind our Christmas tree. Last night he belayed a tangled garland. Then he rappelled down it carrying a gray Zendala for this morning's photo shoot.

There once was an artiste who wrangled
Her work into something new-fangled.
Along came a monk,
She thought him a hunk,
And the rest is something "Zentangled."

Yesterday's winner is Marty Greiner! Please send your snail mail address to!




  • Thank you for the beautiful cards to print. Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and a creative New Year!

    Nancy Schmidt on

  • This has been such a great learning experience!

    Valerie H. on

  • Another great 12 days! Thank you so very much!

    Kate Ahrens on

  • I so looked forward to the 12 Days of Zentangle and this year was such fun. Thank you for the inspiration. Best wishes for 2020.

    VAL Steele on

  • Just when I think I may be running out of creative juices, along comes Rick, Maria and family’s 12-day Zentangle celebration to inspire and generate more creative muses. I can’t think of a better holiday gift you inspire and will be forever indebted to your model of serious intention mixed with a heavy dose of humor.

    George Weiss on

  • I started watching the videos for this project pack 7 late in the process and so loved the day 1 project that I just ordered the pack. Love the blue!! Thanks

    Wendy Sokolow on

  • Thank you for a lovely, marvelous project!

    Becky RJ on

  • This is my second project pack as I venture through my first year of tangling. I feel blessed and happy to have found and joined your newsletter and The Mosaic. I am learning so much. I have yet gotten the courage to post any of my tiles but I’m seeing improvements all the time and feeling closer to taking that first baby step. Thank you all for your encouragement, your creativity not only in design and story telling but all that you offer. May you have the best holiday season so far and a blessed and happy new year.

    Linda LUSK on

  • Another beautiful tile I have to try. You’re keeping me very busy!

    Jenna Black on

  • I think this was my favourite day so far – a wonderful idea that dragged me right in and carried me with it. I know I’ll revisit this one again and again. Thank you for another year of ideas, adventures, tangles, fun and Zentangle love. Best wishes to you all for a wonderful festive season!

    Jem Miller on

  • I sure have enjoyed all the tangles in this series. Thanks so much. My fave is Hollis.

    Myra on

  • dear creators !!! you charge with such a powerful stream of inspiration! your videos and ideas are infinitely cool! I am very glad that once four nodes ago I found my world in the zentangle. Thank you for this and Happy New Year !!! 💖💖💖

    @myflowerdream Elena on

  • Maria & Rick, wishing you a great year ahead. And thank you for the great 2019 I had thanks to picking up tangling as a hobby!

    Vera on

  • Thank you Rick, Maria and the rest of the Zentangle crew for another inspiring 12 Days of Zentangle! The end of the old year and the beginning of the new. The end of my tenth year anniversary as a CZT and the start of another wonderful year of teaching and learning!!! And a mixture of sadness and joy. Thank you all for being a part of my life for those 10 years and hopefully many more! 🌲🎄🌲💕 MASD

    MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson on

  • Thanks for a wonderful twelve days of Zentangle. I love hearing all your voices and learning directly from you. Merry Christmas to you all at HQ.

    Deb Bowyer on

  • Thank you so much for another 12 days of fun and relaxation!

    Betty C on

  • Maria, this spectacular. You , Rick, Molly and Holly have 0ut done yourselves by giving us 12 days of wonderful Zen flow. Thank you and merry Christmas to you and Yours! CEC

    CArmen CLayton on

  • Love the 3D-ness of this one. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but if I did, it would be DO MORE TANGLING.

    Thank you for all the great ideas in this year’s series and Season’s Greetings to all

    LInda Swinbank on

  • Thank you everyone at Zentangle for all 12 wonderful tutorials and all the care and support you show all of us tanglers. Merry Christmas to you and a bountiful new year filled with peace and love.

    Kathy Y on

  • Thank you for showing us so many fun ways to extend our “Zen-creativity “

    LIsa Hoesing on

  • Thank you for showing us so many fun ways to extend our “Zen-creativity “

    LIsa Hoesing on

  • Many thanks for these wonderful videos! A very merry Christmas and happiest of holidays to the whole Zentangle team!

    Linda JF on

  • A gift a day for 12 days, what a great idea ! Thank you for all these beautiful tangles ! I really enjoyed seeing and hearing you, your passion is contagious, merci beaucoup !

    Nadia M. on

  • As a newbie to Zentangle, the 12 days of Christmas have inspired me to sign up for more classes and increase my practising. A big thank you for the inspiration and teaching.

    Sheila Brighten on

  • Thanks for an inspiring 12 days!

    dennie on

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