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Project Pack No. 07 - 12 Days of Zentangle: Day 12

Project Pack No. 07 - 12 Days of Zentangle: Day 12

Welcome to the twelfth day of Project Pack No. 07.

Today, Maria completes our Twelve Days of Zentangle on a gray Zendala tile.

Alfie wants you to see the frame with all our tiles behind our Christmas tree. Last night he belayed a tangled garland. Then he rappelled down it carrying a gray Zendala for this morning's photo shoot.

There once was an artiste who wrangled
Her work into something new-fangled.
Along came a monk,
She thought him a hunk,
And the rest is something "Zentangled."

Yesterday's winner is Marty Greiner! Please send your snail mail address to!




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