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Our New Zentangle Blog!


With our new website upgrade, we decided to host our Zentangle blog within  So from now on all new Zentangle blog posts will appear here!

For the foreseeable future, we will maintain the site as an archival Zentangle resource because of the wealth of information and inspiration there.

From time to time, we may revisit some of the particularly special blog posts and reprise them here. But in the meantime, if you are just beginning to explore all things Zentangle, we encourage you to look through the wealth of posts and comments on

In honor of this switch, we want to know which of the posts on BLOG Zentangle have been your favorite (and why!). Tell us in the comment section here and we will pick a commenter at random to receive some Zentangle goodies!

 Thank you for joining us on this journey! 

Julie Willand


  • I love going back to some of the Projects, it is a brush-up for me and I enjoy doing the various project patterns and the wonderful step by step instruction. Yesterday I started with Project 12, Day 3,feeling enthusiastic with Rick starting the pattern….Maria made the comment that it would be great if we all did this particular pattern 10 times because it could be deceptively tricky. Not me, I thought, a stalwart tangler since 2012, but my ‘ego’ got a good smack in the head! Surprisingly, this pattern drew abundantly on my patience. Each time I would get to the shading part and realise that my pattern looked nothing like the one Rick had done. With one, I was even painting on the gold before I realised that it didn’t look like Rick’s either! So a new tile……, and another….. and another. I am a Taurus and I stubbornly refused to give up! Finally I got it on the sixth tile and as I started applying the gold, it felt soooo satisfying. Probably other people (I hope anyway!) have problems too, if not with this one but a nemesis all the same. To them, I say, hang in there, the light will go on eventually! By this time it was evening, so today I can paint and shade to my heart’s content. When I finish I will pop it onto Mosaic and breathe a satisfied sigh! However Project 12 Day 3 is now carved across my heart!!

    Sue Zanker on

  • I LOVE Tangled up in the Weeds blogposts! Inspiration from nature is everywhere and weeds are some of our Earth’s most lovely creations!

    Gwendolyn Blake on

  • I keep a keyword index of all Zentangle blog posts (and newsletters) that show step-outs as new tangles are introduced. They contain great background stories to share with students and sample tiles.

    Linda Dochter, CZT on

  • Pozdrav Bog svima, upijam Vase tutorial

    postove, uplovim s Vama u beskonačnost lijep put vođen crtom i bojom i onda to podijelim sa svojim unkama (3) i unucima (3). da na kreativan i koristan način provedemo svoje zajedničko vrijeme da malo iz crtića tableta i televizije uđemo u vlastitu kreativnost. Hvala Vam za ljepotu koju nam otkrivate stalno. srdačan pozdrav Zentagle baba Ljerka

    Ljerka Jurčić on

  • I found and first fell in love with Zentangle before the holidays last year. So I have very fond memories of my first 12 Days of Zentangle experience through the blog last year! :) I’m excited to participate again this year!

    Sara Woolstenhulme on

  • Wow, I just completed PP02DAYONE and I am so energized! Always amazed with the Zentangle method; it’s so fine to continually see what a small change can do to a bigger picture (on a tile and in life) This is my first 12 days attempt and I could not be happier about it …and there’s some tough competition for happy what with the holiday merriment! Thanks to the entire Zentangle community for our beautiful, supportive journey.

    Laurie Felgate on

  • I would have to read back through them all to answer this question because I save and savor them all. Also share many with friends and students. Have suggested to a number of my college design and adult painting students who express interest in art therapy to look into it and would come for my CZT in a heartbeat if I could right now!

    Jen on

  • Choosing just one post is really impossible for me. There is always something new, inspirational and motivational for me to practise myself and think about as I am tangling. Teaching the Zentangle Method is such a great honour and each blog gives me ideas for new classes and ways to share this amazing art form. Thank you!

    Brenda Shaver Shahin on

  • My first blog post! I found Zentangle and played with it for a couple weeks. Then I found your bog after you had released Auraknot. I was sure that this tangle was way beyond my ability and you proved me wrong. I was on cloud 9 and haven’t come back down yet. I am grateful and so appreciate how much you support us with your videos, new tangles and new tools.

    Kathy Young on

  • Shortly after I learned about Zentangle Ifound Laniakea Tangles on your blog. It inspired me immensly and I started searching your blog allmost to the beginnings. Laniakea is still my favorit and I think it typical for a method which is so far reaching and inspiring. Thank you

    Kathariana Sasse on

  • How can I choose just one? I love each and every one for the inspiration that it gives me each and every time! Thanks and blessings to you all.

    Kate Ahrens on

  • I love the “Tiny Tutorial Take Two.” Starting small is helpful to me. ~~but I love them all!

    Linda Barnett on

  • The blogs I have historically used most are those with step outs to new tangles, and those are the ones I’m most likely to refer back to. Biggest impact: Julie’s about making your ZT practice your own. Most inspiring: Rick and Maria’s about tangling during the service at the temple. Most fun: the 12 days of Christmas every year. Looking forward to this year, too. I’d probably refer back a lot more if it were easier to search the blog archives. Thanks, everyone at ZTHQ, for your wonderful blogs and your wonderful support and encouragement of the wonderful practice of ZT you have founded and so faithfully. shared!

    Pat Floerke on

  • I am sure that there are many interesting things on the old blog…. I Always look forward to the Zentangle blog, Kitchen Table Tangle videos and now the Project Packs. But for now I made the deliberate choice not to choose anything because that gives me stress: Instead I will fill a tile with some tangles :o) Oh by the way: #PP01STRIPING is my absolute favorite! Warm regards, Karin

    Karin Godyns on

  • I cannot choose as there have been so very many that have fundamentally changed the way I look at art, and more importantly, life! The ones that mean most are the ones that revisit simplicity. Beginning tangles with new perspective and the zenful reminders that are so important. Thank you so much for making my life a place I like to live again!

    Cyndee Pelley on

  • I really enjoyed the 12 days of Christmas by Bijou. He added a whimsical feature to the 12 days. I have enjoyed the other 12days, but that one was special!

    Jan Smith on

  • I always love the Christmas blogs. I’ll go back and look at them every year. It’s like getting to open a Christmas present early.

    Mary Boettcher on

  • I would echo Jackie’s comment, “The Twilight Zen]Zone posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 is one of my favorite posts.“ When I practice the Zentangle method, I practice mindfulness and staying focused on the tile. Through this mindfulness practice I have been able to gracefully deal with the challenges that life poses.

    Jennifer Kwiecien on

  • My favorite is not a specific post but on the occasion that a new Tangle has been released. It’s like finding money in the coat I wore last winter. . PS. Today I received Project Pack No. 2! Can not wait for the set of videos that go with this package of Zentangle goodies! Loved Project Pack No. 1 too! They are Yummy!

    Cindy Adler on

  • My favorite blog post is the one I am reading at the time. They are all so well written and informative it’s like asking me which child do I love more. The tutorial posts do rank up there pretty high on the list though…Thanks

    Terri Young, CZT 16 on

  • The new blog is very nice. Will I continue to receive an e-mail notification when a new blog is posted? Or do I need to ‘sign up’ again for this service?

    Bette Abdu on

  • The Twilight Zen]Zone posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 is one of my favorite posts. I liked this because it explored how Zentangle immediately gets Maria into that mindfulness state. It’s a reminder of the process, not the end result, to leave expectations and just take it one stroke at a time.

    Jackie on

  • Thanks for the new updated website. It is so refreshing to look at and easy to glean ideas and inspiration from! Keep it coming!!

    P.S. I’m looking forward to your 12 days of Christmas! I loved last year’s and have been wondering how you are going to top that !?!

    Kay Hess Grogg on

  • I have a busy life and when things get out of control, I come here to still the mind and heart. Someone has already mentioned Molly’s Tangling Outside of the box. It was perfect and mirrors how I approach my own life problems…thinking and acting outside the box. The doors of added creativity are blown off and when applied to my own life amazing solutions come to light. Thank you for doing this very spiritual work which can touch us all. Blessings, Joanna White

    Joanna White on

  • I love the new websites and always learn and become inspired. My favorite is the tutorials because they expand my tools to create. Thank you so much!

    MaryBeth Buschmann, CZT 29 on

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