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Let it Go

Let it Go

Molly writes...

Some of you have probably heard the saying, “the universe is trying to tell you something.” I know that I certainly have. I want to think that I listen when the “universe” speaks, but sometimes it takes a while before I actually realize what it is saying. It is almost like you need to be in the right place at the right time for it to finally sink in. When I think about it more, I see that maybe this is all part of the process. Like you need to get to a certain point where the message is supposed to be heard.

Our lives are full of highs and lows. We all have gifts, and we all face challenges. We all have things we should celebrate, things we need to work through and things we need to learn. And sometimes the things we learn the most from are the things we find through self-discovery.

A few years back I had a moment where I finally realized, “the universe was definitely trying to tell me something.”

Like so many of us, I had filled my schedule to capacity and then some. I was overloaded with family duties, work duties, volunteer work and more. I had piled up so many things that I was not focusing on any one thing very well. I found myself obsessing over all the little imperfections and mishaps instead of celebrating all the wonderful things that were in my life.

At the time, my children were little and the movie, “Frozen” was the latest Disney phenomenon. It was my kid’s first choice for movie night for months and when they couldn’t watch the movie the soundtrack was playing, and Frozen themed everything seemed to show up everywhere. Its popularity was not isolated to my home, so I did not get to far without hearing dear Elsa sing boldly from the mountain tops to, “Let it go!” Months went by that I felt like everything revolved around Frozen. Meanwhile, I continued to feel a little stuck in life and I even found myself obsessing over things in my Zentangle work, abandoning tiles and not finding flow and struggling with every mark.

One day, I was having coffee with a friend and I was frustratingly venting about something and she calmly said to me, “Ya know … sometimes you just have to let it go.” At that very moment I swear I heard music playing, and maybe an icy wind flowed through the room. It was the “Universe” speaking to me. Or maybe it was Elsa herself trying to give me a loving nudge. “Let it go, Molly”.

It was a moment for sure. And, my friend and Elsa were right. It was clear that I had some stuff that I just had to let go of. Very shortly after I brought that energy back to my Zentangle practice to channel that feeling. I needed to once again trust the process. I needed to remind myself to embrace the not-so-prefect lines and to understand that it is all part of the bigger picture. When we can let go of perfection and learn to embrace all that we have to give, we start to see the beauty and all of those little things that once seemed so bad, seem to fade away. When I am able to pass over each stroke as deliberate and purposeful, I find creative flow and love in my work. That feeling magically trickled into my life and I can once again focus on the beauty in my world.

Now, I know when life gets little full and overwhelming and my focus starts to shift from seeing all the beautiful things to dwelling on the negative, I remind myself to tap into my inner Elsa and “Let it go!”

Molly Hollibaugh


  • Beautifully written and such a timely reminder for me personally. We just never know when our words reach just the right person at just the right time. This post reached out and grabbed me. Universe, I hear you.

    Jennifer on

  • wish I could learn to “Let it Go”.

    Since September 30th 2019.. it feels like my days run together.. time is a blur..

    My sister was killed..
    My middle sister..
    My best.friend..

    Until I lost her.. I never paid much attention to the “Universe” and its magical messages.

    But, with the help of my sister and her beautiful soul.. I’ve learned:

    - I have gifts..
    - Life is short.. So LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE.
    - Never stop “Chasin’ Dreams” (her favorite saying)
    - 8.3.1. = 8 letters. 3 words. 1 meaning.=
    - The Universe is REAL and so are our passed loved ones.

    - Open your mind. Heart. and eyes. BELIEVE and you WILL get amazing responses!!!

    This post was posted on February 23rd. My little sister, Taylors birthday.
    - Taylor bought her step daughter a wooden wind up music box for Xmas that plays “Let It Go”!!

    Synchronicities at their best!!

    Thank you Andi!! I love the messages I get from you and the Universe!!!

    I’m currently trying to Zentangle an entire tabletop.

    I am DEF putting this design on there!!! Thank you!!!!

    Amanda on

  • Thank you for sharing this. This song and “The Next Right Thing” have become my mantras lately. It’s amazing how insightful those songs are for songs that were meant for a children’s movie. A great metaphor for life and Zentangle!

    Cindy Munksgard on

  • Thanks for this- Letting Go and in my case, Letting God ( or The Universe) is something l try to embrace though it often eludes me- Tonight l am using that very topic in a support group l attend on Zoom- Letting Go of the need to be perfect, is a work in progress! Oh those wonky lines! I looking at your timely post, as a sign l am on the right path!

    Robin Bass on

  • You’ve made me smile as my granddaughters are in the Frozen ‘stage’ at the moment. Getting past those thoughts of you have to perfection, I will think of Frozen and ‘let it go’ next time and smile and enjoy my tangling.

    Margaret Hart on

  • Yes! Thanks for this, Molly. The “loving nudge” to “trust the process”, and let go of that which isn’t useful. I also find the saying “let it be” to be useful too. No need to change “it” – whatever "it’ is – just be with. Such important reminders for those of us who fill our lives to overflowing at times.

    Molly Siddoway King CZT on

  • Wise words once again, Molly. Thanks for this very necessary reminder.

    Milde Weiss CZT #17 on

  • Oh, that is one of the best messages! So, true. Breathe!

    Danielle DeRome on

  • Thank you so much Molly for this reminder. My life now is so stressful and busy because my mom is in the process of dying and my sister and I are emptying her condo and getting it ready to sell and taking care of all of her finances. We are both just overwhelmed and stressed out. Now I’m going to sing that song “Let it go” and make space for my tangling which is my therapy and my happy place.

    Leslee Feiwus on

  • WOW! Are you talking to me? I have been struggling with being as good as others. I look at some of the gifted folks online and agonize over not being like them. I know we all have different gifts and ways of expressing them but, that green monster, envy, creeps in and steals my own gifts.

    Clara A Brunk on

  • I went to a great leadership seminar for women and all day the presenter’s catch phrase was “You gotta Elsa that.” I thought it was a wonderful way to get past our over-use of “Let it go” such that we don’t even hear it any more.
    P.S. I am also rather stuck in my zentangle stuff but keep it nearby just in case

    Jessica M on

  • Beautifully written Molly. Yes I think we have all been in your situation at some time. And yes I love the song Let it go. 🎶 too. And a big thank you so much Molly for all your amazing Zentangles 🤗. And that also goes to all the Zentangle family 💜💜

    Annie Spinks on

  • Molly, Your words are truly timely for all of us! Especially during this time of the Covid Pandemic. Your story is relatable, I will definitely keep in mind “let it go” and appreciate your sharing this. I always enjoy your presentations, thank you and the entire Zentangle Family.

    malka shavrick on

  • Thank you, Molly. I so appreciate your insight and wisdom. Just what I needed to hear. Letting go and trusting the process is my biggest challenge and wanted goal! When I somehow get to that place, it is never a disappointment.

    Pattie Grove CZT36 on

  • My inner Elsa is in total agreement. I also needed to hear this again. Thank you Molly for this blog post !

    Juliette, CZT on

  • Gracias Molly….un comentario excelente

    Ofelia on

  • So true Molly! As an independent piano teacher and artist, I saw my world pop like a soap bubble about a year ago. Now I see the pandemic as a gift of time that helps me deepen my art practices.

    I can decide what to let go of and
    choose what to welcome in
    when life opens up again.

    Sue Swanson on

  • Beautifully stated, I am having the same problem while trying to Tangle a wooden letter for a friend. The letters I tangled on before just flowed and I would finish them in two or three days. Then a friend asked me to do a letter for her & I built this self imposed wall. Every stroke was scrutinized and criticized by me. My daughter told me you’re being to picky. She told me to paint over it and start again, and this is where I realized that I had forgotten to trust the method of Zentangle. Each piece is different and unique, some are completely structured while others just flow. Your blog today Molly is just what I needed to “let it go”

    Josephine J Wood on

  • What a wonderful reflection, Molly! We should all take time to listen to our inner voice as often as possible, and as you pointed out, “let it go”. I’m sure our physical and mental well-being would benefit. Thank you for the reminder. Best to you and your family.

    LaJuania D. on

  • Thanks Molly for sharing! I am there now,

    Trying my best to let go!! You just gave me a boost!! 😊

    Lyla Mcdaniel on

  • Good reminder: Let the negativity out & focus on gratitude.

    Rimona Gale on

  • You’re a gifted writer Molly , I appreciate the message and the application. Thanks!

    Marjorie Goosen on

  • Thank you Molly, wise words for us all. Blessings to you.

    Deborah Sargent on

  • Yes, Elsa is wise. People were telling me to let it go in my 20s and in my 30s and in my 40s… I could not until my 50s. I just had to grow up I guess

    Now I work hard to avoid getting overwhelmed with saying yes to everybody. Keeping my mouth shut and not volunteering is very difficult, but I’m getting better at it.
    So are you.

    Lisa Hoesing on

  • Molly, I have no doubt that nearly everyone reading your blog today can identify with your experience, and many of us are still in the process of “resolution”. As a former special ed coordinator, with a full teaching load added on, my life was guided by regulations and overwhelming schedules. After I retired I found Zentangle and was looking at every tangle through a perfectionist lens. The “no mistakes” philosophy was difficult to embrace, but eventually I have realized the freedom this philosophy gives me. Thank you for sharing your heart and your experience! It benefits all who struggle with the same difficulties. You are the best!

    Bonnie Johnson CZT36 on

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