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DingsplatZ to the Rescue!

DingsplatZ to the Rescue!

Maria writes...

Another ordinary day in the life of a clumsy artist who is always spilling something on themselves. But, today I decided to embrace my clumsiness because the alternative would lead me to anxiety every time I go out, eat, paint, cook, clean, or whenever else I could possibly spill something.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) a few days prior I endured a mishap at a lovely restaurant that my beloved and I had visited. In the midst of an interesting conversation, a notably tasty piece of gnocchi sprung from my fork, performing a perfect double somersault, and of course landing on my lap. Curses. The olive oil I knew would be difficult at best to remove. I attempted to remove the stain as best I could and put them through the wash.

Forgetting about the incident, I grabbed them in a rush from the dryer and put them on. Looking down I was quickly reminded, and wasn't surprised to learn that I had failed to remove the stain. But the crew was due for tea, and I had no time to change. So, as I waited for them to arrive, I grabbed a Sakura IDentipen™, with the handy-dandy 2-tip feature. First, I used the larger tip to draw the splat. Then I switched to the smaller tip to draw the rest of the dingsplatz. Easy Peasy. I added a bit of white Gelly Roll®, for highlights, a bit of lite grey Koi® brush pen for some shade. It looked great! Five minutes or so and the best part. . . I didn’t have to take them off!
Now they are my VERY favorite jeans. Even knowing that I may have to touch them up now and then. I kind of like doing that anyway. It morphs into something well-loved, like a well-worn pair of jeans.

Huh! And, no stress!

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 What is a dingplatZ? Rick and Maria shared this fun idea in the Kitchen Table Tangle series on the Zentangle Mosaic app.



Every once in a while, we make a KTT available to the general public. To view the full library of KTT's, you can subscribe to the Zentangle Mosaic app. To view examples Dingplatz on the app, download it for free and search #dingsplatz.

Maria Thomas


  • This is the most interesting video! This is the first KTT video I’ve watched. Fabulously interesting. I’ll have to keep an eye out for Kitchen Table Tangles! thx for sharing ; )


  • Maria and Rick, – I loved this episode of KTT. Dingsplatz looks like so much fun. In dot painting the dots going down in size are called “walk the dots” and is used a lot in paintings that are created. Thank you for this!!

    Sue Priddy on

  • Thank you so much for sharing this KTT. I just tangled along with Rick and Maria and there on the page were my first two Dingsplatz. Such a fun concept – and the world right now needs all the fun we can find!

    Jem Miller on

  • So amazed every time I see some of the beautiful creations that you make with any Zentangle pattern! That’s why I love the art form because you can create beauty anywhere.

    Josephine Wood on

  • I have been fabric painter for over 40 years and used so many patterns and ways to cover stains. Dingsplatz will be a new favorite I am sure. Heck, I may not even need a stain to do a full front of a shirt with dingsplatz. Would be fun!

    Sue Leslie CZT on

  • Maria,

    I watched the KTT for dingsplatz a while ago and I can’t stop making them. Thank you!!

    Robin Steinbeck on

  • I am teaching DingBatz and DingSplatz on Sunday. Maybe I should bring something spillable so we can really have some fun!

    I love your stories ❤️

    Kim Kohler on

  • Oh what a delight! Watching you both makes me feel so included. Just finishing my second dingsplatz and laughing about “forgetting” to aura the outside loops so I came at them from within. Just like life – when we work “within” it shows up in the outer world! See you soon at the 33rdczt!

    Mary E Ziegler on

  • I always enjoy watching both Rick and Maria draw in the same video and how they ‘express’ their tangling on paper! I am going to make a lot of dingsplatz on one page of my pre-strung Zentangle journal! I have a tendency to loop my beginning strings so I am ready to jump on this and try different tangles inside the loops! Thank you both for such inspiration!

    DM Smith on

  • Hi Maria,

    Oh! This is such a cute story !! I am the same … I get “Clumzyitis” frequently….!! Such a perfect Zentangle® moment !! 🤣👏🤗

    Sharon Jerkovic on

  • This KTT is one of my favorites on the Zentangle Mosaic app. How nice to see it reprieved for all those who follow this Zentangle Blog. Hope many of them will join all of us on the Zentangle Mosaic app (available on both IOS and Android) and show everyone their #Dingplatz

    Bette Abdu on

  • What an amazing idea. I may have to have an accident on purpose!!


  • I too love the way you teach us all how to look at life with new eyes. No Mistakes is my favorite part of Zentangle. I give a prize in my classes if I say I made an error or mistake “oops” is not allowed. “No Mistakes only opportunities”

    Melinda Barlow on

  • I love it! Another answer to “no mistakes only opportunities”. I however think you should call this type of tangle a dingsplatter as it covers a splat of “anything”. So fun…

    Mary Kissel on

  • Now I know what to do with that pair of pants I splashed some cleaner on and I ended up with some interesting bleached out places! Like your “new” pants!

    Kate Ahrens CZT IX on

  • I have to give this a go

    I have a number of jeans that could use a “leg lift”
    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Gleefull One on

  • Oh Maria – Such a GREAT example how Opportunities/Creations come from happenstance!!!

    Alice Roche on

  • Maria, you are such a treasure! I love how you transformed your little mishap into Zentangle art…I can hear your giggle all the way to Nevada!! xoxo

    Kim VanZyll on

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