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CZT Family Tree - Mark Duran

CZT Family Tree - Mark Duran

CZT Family Tree
We always say that the Zentangle Method attracts really awesome people. We have had the pleasure of working with wonderful Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) all over the world and we are excited to share these wonderful people with the entire Zentangle Community. Through our series, CZT Family Tree, we will introduce individual CZTs.

Today, we are excited to introduce Mark Duran


Name: Mark Duran                                            CZT#: 24

Hometown: Delavan, Wisconsin U.S.A.

Favorite tangle: Purk

Favorite place to tangle: At the VA with other veterans, I along with 11 veterans did a group ZIA entry of the US Map for the veterans creative art contest and won first prize.

How I use the Zentangle Method in my life: The Zentangle Method has been a blessing as a tool to escape from chronic pain and PTSD. When I am tangling it feels like my mind blocks out the pain messages to my brain and there is a sense of calm that I've felt no where else.

My favorite story or memory about teaching the Zentangle Method is: I teach several veteran groups, one in particular is the senior veterans in their 80's and 90's on the 9th floor of the VA hospital in Milwaukee WI. Some of these wonderful patriots are WWII vets. A few months ago while I was preparing the room for class a nurse went to gather the gentleman for another fun filled session. As she asked one veteran if he wanted to join the Zentangle group. According to the nurse, he said: " oh' yeah", and arose from his bed and put on his shiny white shoes in sharp contrast to his hospital clothes. He shuffled into the room with a little dance move exclaiming he was ready for the Zen "Tango" class. After explaining that it was more of an art therapy class than a dance class he sat down. We asked what kind of music he liked and he said Motown. I found a Motown mix on my phone and we started the Zentangle Method. It was a great session where everyone was in full zen mode for the majority of the time. I was elevated to see that even though he was tangling those white shiny shoes were dancing under the table the entire time.

Through my experiences as a CZT, I have learned: How amazing it is to see that each and every students tangles are a direct reflection of their own unique personality.

 If I’m not tangling, you will find me…: Spending quality time with my family, especially with my three month old baby girl.



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Zentangle Giveaway winners! Thank you all for your all of your lovely comments on last weeks blog. We have randomly selected 9 winners to receive the following prizes. If you see your name, please send your mailing address to

1. Rick and Maria's tile - Lisa Osborne
2. Signed Color Wheel Print - Lynne Koliha
3. Signed ATIPOSAAT Print - Sandy Kelley Jones
4. Zentangle Journal - Kellie May
5. Notecards- Inge Frasch
6. Water Bottle - Yvonne Li
7. Zentangle Scarf - Becky Plack
8. Black Zendalas - Claire Warrington

Happy Tangling!


Julie Willand


  • Wow! Inspiring story and so heartfelt! I have been trying to teach some Zentangle classes to Canadian Military Veterans but so far it has not worked out but I will keep trying. I know it would help soldiers and their families too, your story has confirmed that. Thank you for reaching out to the Veterans and for sharing, I am sure they are grateful for your generosity!

    Dolly Bolen, CZT15, Alberta, Canada on

  • Wonderful Zentangle Map, certainly worthy of a BIG BLUE RIBBON!!!!

    Proving once again that it is possible to learn Zentangle “one stroke at a time”!
    I’m so happy to see some vets doing the “Zentango”. There is no question in my mind that that project was a lot of work, strategically thought out.
    Congratulations to you all!

    I hesitate to ask what your next project will be.
    Really loved this one………
    JaneEllen and her wacky sidekick Lola, the Boston Terrier
    Clap if you are a BT lover, too.

    JaneEllen on

  • In my town there are lots of homeless Vietnam War vets. I know one in particular. He lives in a tent encampment. I am in my mid 70s, a single woman. My art studio where I teach Zentangles is not far away from his tent encampment. Should I offer him and 4 other Vietnam Vets a Zentangle session? Would this be perfectly safe for me to do or should I have some “muscle” around or what?

    Maryly on

  • I love the ‘tango’ story! So hilarious. I get that comment too, so I really focus on my enunciation now. Mark I’m inspired by how you asked him what music he liked and then played Motown during the class. What a great message of love and life. Bravo

    Deborah Lawton CZT8 on

  • i like to hear Mark’s story. thanks.

    Claire Davis on

  • I love this story about Zen “Tango.” And Mark is an inspiration to us all. Thanks Mark, for dedicating your time and Zentangle expertise to others!

    Janice James on

  • Congrats to Mark and his fellow vets for creating this amazing map and for taking top prize! Thanks to all for their service and to Mark for helping those, in need, to heal.

    Marilynne Wasielewski on

  • Lovely to hear your Zentangle teaching story, and mostly of men doing it, sometimes I feel women out balance the men on this, great to hear otherwise!

    Ildica Boyd on

  • Thank you for sharing your time and talents with these wonderful men and women who have served our country, including you. My son is a Marine vet, served in Afghanistan.

    Jan Stuber on

  • I love the photo of the group of vets, what a fabulous gift to share.

    Terri Delaune on

  • My brother was a Vietnam veteran. He had PTSD. I wish he was alive today because I would show him what Zentangle could do to ease his pain.It works for my fibromyalgia and I know it would have helped him. Thank you for helping the Veterans. God bless you.

    Linda Mensching on

  • The calm I feel from pain, depression, loss, and grieving all disappear while I am zentangling when my grandson moved back in with his mother after raising him for a year and a half I started doing 11 × 9 drawings a year and a half later I have 434 drawings in all kinds of colors and designs. The last month I had food poisoning, a bad fall, and a terrible bought with the flu drawing was my only relief even though I was physically suffering…zentangling is energy to the soul.

    Karen Burton on

  • Great job Mark. That state tangle is an inspiration, as are you for teaching in the VA. Keep tangling, keep teaching, and keep inspiring others.

    Clint Burkholder on

  • Beautiful Mark! I love the work you are doing and the impact you are making on so many lives. God bless you.

    Carole Ann Fleming on

  • Lovely story. I would love to share this with a veterans organization I have done a few classes for. Thanks Mark for helping our veterans.

    Sue Leslie CZT 22 on

  • Wonderful story, Mark, appreciate your sharing!

    Congratulations to all winners of the Zentangle Giveaway!

    PamS on

  • Very inspiring!! So cool that Mark is giving so much time to teach tangling to the various veteran groups.

    Wendy Hoffman CZT on

  • What an inspiring story, and beautiful tangles! I haven’t tangled for a while because of my own health challenges. This encourages me to pick up my pens and do what I can.

    Colleen on

  • This made my heart smile, this morning! Thank you for sharing your story, this is just another example of how EVERYONE can use Zentangle. No matter what their age. And thank you to the Z team for putting these things together so that we can share them!

    AmandA on

  • What a very special person Mark is !! Tangling to Motown ! I love it !! I grew up with Motown in Junior and High School in Norh Vancouver BC Canada.. Our 60’s music was Rockin Fun !! Iwonder of the tile results are different-not only with the different personatities in each class but with a different choice of music-like Motown !!

    Sharon Jerkovic on

  • Reading about Mark’s favorite memory of teaching the veterans made my heart DANCE! He is giving more than he even knows. And, congratulations to Mark and his fellow artists on their lovely Zentangle map winning first place!

    Gale Sherman, CZT on

  • Beautiful, Mark! I love how you’re receiving the gift of Zentangle for yourself and sharing it with others!

    Katie Crommett, CZT 15 on

  • Lovely story. Inspiring. Love the “tango” story!

    Mary Kay BB Watson on

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