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CZT Family Tree: Angelina Arcari

CZT Family Tree: Angelina Arcari

We always say that the Zentangle Method attracts really awesome people. We have had the pleasure of working with wonderful Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) all over the world and we are excited to share these wonderful people with the entire Zentangle Community. Through our series, CZT Family Tree, we will introduce individual CZTs.

Today, we are excited to introduce Angelina Arcari!

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Name: Angelina Arcari
Hometown: Killiney, Co Dublin, Ireland - now living in Carnew, Co Wicklow, Ireland

Favorite Tangle: Crescent Moon. I never get tired of this wonderful tangle. It has so much versatility and scope. I love to teach it to my students both newbies and advanced tanglers
Favorite Place to Tangle: in my book corner/ little snug with a nice cup of coffee, the odd marshmallow, and my pets snuggled up to me on the sofa.
How I use the Zentangle Method in my Life: I have always used Zentangle to release stress and anxiety since first finding it in 2012 whilst in hospital with depression. For over 20 years since my early childhood, I have experienced series physical, emotion, and mental trauma and abuse.
At 17yrs, I left home with the love of my life. I studied Art in College and then emigrated to Australia at 21 with my partner. 8 years later I returned home to Ireland due to the sudden death of my mother.
I ended up getting a job in computers from 1996 until 2015 when I lost my job due to serious bullying and my depression returned. I have been Tangling since 2012 and held my first major Art Exhibition of Zentangle Art in Dublin City in 2016 and brought Zentangle to The Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit at Ireland's famous Aviva Stadium. I also started to teach at Adult Education Classes. I could feel my love of Art and Creativity grow stronger within me even though depression was deep within me, I could feel creativity coming out more and more. 
My favorite story / memory about teaching the Zentangle Method: This was without doubt the time I taught a class of 5th grade (11yr old) students. The teacher was shocked at how quiet and how focused her class was throughout the session. She said she had always found it difficult to keep their attention. I watched as these children's eyes lit up when it was time for the mosaic - they were so excited. They were complimenting each other on their was a magical moment. I will never forget it.
More recently, I had a short stay in hospital earlier this year. I returned home at the beginning of March, just when Covid19 was starting to become serious. Something clicked in me when I got home from hospital. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to help as many people as possible. People suffering the knock on affects that Covid19 presents. That is everything I have been through. Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Depression, Loss, Bereavement and more...losing everything I had worked so hard for all my life. I set up Zentangle Club Ireland and I stream Facebook Live Classes from my living room every weekday for 90 minutes. I love teaching the Zentangle Method. I now have students from 4 Continents taking my classes. I have been lucky to receive Sponsorship from Royal Talens of the Netherlands and Tom Martin and Co (Faber Castell Ireland). Several of my students have been so kind to send beautiful gifts to me in appreciation and also donations of pencils, pens etc to help keep our daily 90 Minutes of Peace. Free from Negativity thru Creativity using the Zentangle Method of Mindful Art Classes going.

Through my experience as a CZT, I have learned that creativity is without doubt the greatest healer. I have seen it first-hand throughout my experiences in psychiatric hospital. No matter what the patient’s diagnosis, being creative has been the major healer with focus on the breath.
If I'm not Tangling, you will find me... Playing with my various pets, Tinkerbell my little white fluffy dog. She makes regular appearances on my daily Facebook Live classes. She and Sophia the cat share employee of the month status and neckerchief. Also, my other cat Phoebe, my 3 Hens who provide me with lovely fresh eggs and Fernando, my super smart, super cute miniature Shetland Pony.

Mosaic Name: TangleClubIreland
Facebook Live ClassesHTTPS://



  • I loved this story. I live in Trumansburg ,NY a small town in the FingerLakes. I visited Ireland and your town and loved it. You are so right. Art heals . For a long time I worked as a therapist and as an Art Therapist used art. After my Zentangle training I used that in my groups and it offered so much to a diverse group of clients. I was a therapist in Massachusetts but once I changed States I cannot become employed due to licensing. Your story inspired me I am contemplating teaching Zentangle. I was trained in 2015 and need to brush up first. Again your story is such an inspiration..

    Sheila Ryan on

  • Introduced to the zentangle method by a friend some years ago it has only been this past year with the restriction of regular movement that I have embraced it as the blessing it is for my sanity and calm. To be selfish in taking sometime to focus on the strokes affords me the recharge I need to manage the impacts of separation from family and isolation. Most recently I saw ZCIre on FB and began to watch the videos, even in the chosen hours Angelina offers a soothing atmosphere to take in the tangles in whatever manner you like, to watch or to draw. Her honest and sincere manner come through the screen. I am happy to have found Angelina as another medium to embrace the method. Well deserved Angelina.

    Bronagh on

  • Loved Angelina’s story. And the comments from those she has inspired was fantastic. I am a new instructor for Zentangle and have yet to teach my first class. Her story has given me many ideas of how to get started, even in this pandemic. My grandmother was Irish and so I felt a connection with Angelina. I was also a nurse for 50 years and specialized in mental health and addiction and can identify with some of her struggles. I wish I had been introduced to Zentangle before I retired but it came along at the right time. It helped me while I was taking care of my terminally ill husband and gave me hours of relief and joy in the midst of pain and sadness. Blessings to Angelina and the work she is doing.

    Rosie on

  • Angelina truly embodies Zentangle’s gift to the world. She loves and shares the beauty, accepts with laughter the surprises that others might call mistakes, and along the way shows all of us how to tangle more artistically. In the midst of a pandemic, she created a community. What a beautiful soul she is!

    Sister Edith Bogue on

  • Thank you very much for your wonderful teaching. I’ve been two times with you, but it feels a little bit like years.

    Stay healthy
    Heike from GERMANY 🇩🇪

    Heike Grischka on

  • Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Angelina started free online classes to help people cope with the anxiety and stress. Living in the U.S. and not able to travel, I am transported to Ireland during one of Angelina’s session. Her lovely voice lifts my spirits and listening to her stories about Tinkerbell, Phoebe, Sophia and Fernando make the session extra special seeing them as Employees of the Month. From her little cottage, there is an atmosphere that Angelina has created to all of her global followers. She has overcome many difficulties and I admire her for being a strong woman who is on her own. Life is hard for some people more than others and she provides inspiration to help me with my own difficulties in life. Angelina is so creative and provides different aspects of Zentangle which enriches my knowledge of art and color. Not having an art background and finding Zentangle through a Healing for Arts for breast cancer patients, I attended CZT#27 seminar. I was so overwhelmed and have been practicing but I never had confidence in my work. Through Angelina’s group and others who participate, I am growing and gaining confidence in myself. She is such a great mentor who teaches from the heart and shares her love of others. I am so proud that you showcased Angelina in the Family Tree. Well deserved to a very special woman!

    Gloria Vatavuk on

  • I follow you on IG and love your work, but never knew your story. Now I love it and YOU even more. You are an inspiration and a gift to us all. Thank you for sharing. It isn’t easy to bare your soul to the world. Sending lots of love and tangles.

    Jody Genovese on

  • Hello From Tampa, FL Angelina. And congratulations on spreading the healing power of the arts in Ireland. You are amazing and a woman reshaping the World. And hello Tinkerbell. The Peace.

    Miriam Z on

  • When I met Angina at CZT24 I felt a immediate connection. Through the years I have watch her both struggle and blossom. I love joining her classes as many days as possible. It is a time to ease my soul, catch my breath, and laugh. I am proud to call Angelina my friend and I am amazed to watch living proof of what Zentangle can do. I have learned so much about teaching, about art and about resilience. Zentangle Club Ireland is a joy, as is it’s creator.

    Tina Coutts on

  • Many thanks to Angelina for helping me be a better teacher! I have been with her almost from the start, sometime in March I think. It was a happy accident finding and connecting to her. Our little group evolved into Zentangle Club Ireland, an international group who connect daily through our common love of Zentangle. I have invited several friends to join as many others have done. Wouldn’t it be fun if we could all meet up for a convention in Ireland one day?

    Sandra Blade on

  • I first met Angelina through two other tangles from Wisconsin. Her “fairy” voice as someone here described it is wonderful. Her attitude of calm and acceptance is so soothing. I join when I can considering the time difference and check in offer after class to see what was done. Mosaics are amazing! Everyone should have an Angelina in their life during difficult times.

    Janell Cleveland on

  • Thank you, ZHQ, for introducing me to Angelina! What a treasure she is in our Z community, offering her story and her love for the Zentangle Method as it has brought her back from the brink of despair. Her determination to share her path in such an accessable way is a gift to us all. Angelina, I am sending a long, gentle hug of thanks to you from Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA!

    Jan Brandt, CZT12 on

  • Enhorabuena, el dolor convertido en arte y terapia para todas aquellas personas que lo necesitan.

    Eres un pequeño pero GRANDE trocito del planeta TIERRA.
    Gracias por estar ahí …..❤️✨

    María Dolores Tirado on

  • With Angelina, I forgot to speak about the employees of the month: Tinkerbell and Sophia! They makes me smile and laugh. Tinkerbell as her best fan with Anne, my partner. I’m happy to see Phoebe and Fernando too! I’m so happy to be with them all week. I feel like I’m in Ireland.

    Nathalie Paré on

  • Angelina is an angel! I found the Zentangle Club Ireland on the 22th of june 2020. I was so happy to discover it! I learn new tangles and more important I found creativity by using colors (colors pencils, or markers). I can see that my level of stress is more in control. I enjoy everyday that I have session with Angelina! She made me discover a great group of caring and loving members! She is a great CZT and we have become friend! She is funny and laugh during the session. Once I told her that she reminds me of Maria Thomas with her laughter! I’m so happy that she is in the Family tree, I was asking ZHQ to talk about Angelina! Finally thank you so much Angelina for all that you do!

    Nathalie Paré on

  • Oh Dear Angelina! I don’t know how I found your class online but it was astonishing that I could participate & learn Zentangle on Facebook from Ireland! It was definitely your soothing Irish voice that had me hooked! I am a fairly new czt, 34, and embrace anyone who takes time out each day to help us all through anxiety, depression & Covid for sure. You deserve the Medal of Honor, my dear, for all you do. I feel like the luckiest tangler, as most of us do, to be able to not only learn more Zentangle, but to know such a warm& giving person! Thanks a million and one day we’ll all be at your door step to visit!!!☘️

    Much love to you,
    Jane Franco, Michigan USA

    Jane Franco on

  • Angelina – thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to me!. Your art is so beautiful. I am most moved by your story of courage and persistence. So glad to have met you through Zentangle!.

    Rondy L Murray on

  • Dear are the BEST!! I, too, have experienced panic attacks, anxiety and depression. After participating in your daily class, l am uplifted for the day. You are such a caring, kind, compassionate person, not to mention exceptional talent. You have a wonderful way of teaching. You not only explain the tangle well, you also emphasize the importance of accepting our finished product even if it is not “perfect”. You also want us to be sure we accept our work without comparing it to others. I cannot thank you enough for what you are doing. You are helping many people. Stay safe💖

    Barbara Middleton on

  • Angelina, you have bought me such joy this past month since I’ve been following you on Zentangle Club Ireland. You have brought me relief from my depression in so many ways. You have provided me with a creative outlet when I needed it the most. My passion for Zentangle keeps growing. Just looking forward to hearing your uplifting voice & seeing & hearing about your pets. I’d love to see a picture of your little pony.

    Ty so much for letting me into your life for now I know you better. I love your compassion & love of others including yourself. You have taught me there’s no mistakes, not only in Zentangle but also in my life. Gratefully, Sharon McMonagle from Wildwood New Jersey – by – sea, USA🏖

    Sharon McMonagle on

  • I found Angelina group last Spring and immediately warmed to her wonderful personality and great gift of teaching and encouraging as well as her skill with tangling and colouring.

    I had found Zentangle in 2016 after a very difficult time and discovered I could find some peace for my weary body by drawing patterns. Then I lost it again for a while until I fell upon one of Angelina’s sessions she had recently set up.

    She so deserves this recognition. She gives so much of her time and knowledge to help others like me. She is an absolute treasure and has made a huge difference in my life.

    Marie Antoinette on

  • I join Angelina as many days as possible. She has an amazing spirit, a tinkling Irish fairy laugh, and some very darling employees. What an amazing teacher she is. Zentnagle Club Ireland helps me start my day in a positive and joyful way.

    Clara A Brunk on

  • Thanks again Angelina for introducing me to Zentangle. Greatful for all the time you are spending during lockdown keeping us sane!! Lovely to be able to go back to your video’s when not being able to go live. Wishing you and the Zentangle community all the best for 2021!!!

    Gonda Oyen on

  • Love your story, thanks for sharing ! You’ve contributed a lot to the community, may you be blessed ! ❤️

    KItty Chan on

  • You are awesome!! Thank you for your gifts to the community <3

    Heidi Kay on

  • KUDOS! Angelina…for sharing your gifts and your talent with the world! We need more people like you in these trying times. Finding Zentangle was a lifeline for me following my husband’s death, and subsequent upheavals in my life. It has helped me stay calm and accepting during this Covid nightmare. I admire your courage in the face of adversity. Instead of complaining, or withdrawing, you took action, and created an oasis where your fellow travellers can find peace, purpose, and beauty. You are an Angel, not only in name but in your ability to help others weather the storm. Thank you,

    Jake, USA

    Jake on

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