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Created With Love

Created With Love

The Zentangle Method has a unique way of drawing (pun intended) in exceptional people and nurturing the greatness in those who practice it. The Zentangle Community is unlike any other and there are no limits to those who are welcome here.

Conducting Certified Zentangle Seminars is a highlight for us at Zentangle HQ. There is nothing quite like sharing the intricacies of the Zentangle Method with passionate and like-minded people from across the world.

However, Zentangle, Inc. operates with a small yet dedicated team in a quaint Massachusetts town. Although we would love to travel the world training Certified Zentangle Teachers, we discovered there are limits to what our small team can do.

We were fortunate enough that there are Certified Zentangle Teachers out there who were not only passionate about sharing the Zentangle Method, but also just as passionate about teaching others to share the Method just as we do.

We have been privileged to partner with Conzentric (Europe) and Created With Love (Taiwan) for years. They conduct CZT Seminars in their regions and languages, spreading the essence of the Zentangle Method. We are immensely grateful for their contributions and proud to consider them part of our family. It is only fitting that we honor these partners as we celebrate Certified Zentangle Teachers throughout the month of June.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Created With Love.


Created With Love writes...

Created With Love (CWL) initially operated as a craft and scrapbooking store. In 2014, we encountered the Zentangle Method and began partnering with larger publishers. To promote the Zentangle Method in Taiwan, the active Chinese Zentangle Academy was formed to share the Zentangle Method and to reduce the barriers to getting certified in the US.

In 2015, in order to respond to the enthusiasm and requests from local CZTs and tanglers, CWL brought Rick and Maria to Taiwan and Malaysia to celebrate the Mandarin translation of The Book of Zentangle through book signings. During these signings, Rick and Maria were frequently asked if there was a possibility of holding CZT seminars in Taiwan. This prompted them to seriously consider how to meet this demand, which ultimately led to the birth of the CZT-Asia concept. This allowed CWL to partner with Zentangle, Inc to offer CZT Training seminars in Mandarin.

Throughout the years, the CWL team has worked closely with Zentangle HQ to ensure that the same wonderful seminar experience is brought to CZT-Asia attendees. Seminar attendees have the opportunity to submit questions for Rick & Maria to answer and this Q&A session is taped at Zentangle HQ and is presented during CZT-Asia Seminar. CZT-Asia seminars have been well received by seminar attendees. The following are some of the feedback received from participants:

• The experience of CZT-Asia Seminar is beyond my expectations. Through the short stories and reminders shared by the teachers, I came to realize that Zentangle is not just an art form, a drawing method, but also an attitude.

• This event was even better than I expected. From the selection of paper and pen materials, and how Zentangle names the tangles which help me to have deeper understanding and how to share this method with others.

• It is so helpful to just follow lecturer’s instructions. I never thought I could draw such a complicated patterns and I feel very satisfied. During the process of imitation, I was so focused that I did not think about my work or other matters.

• The activity materials are complete and exquisitely designed, and I can't help but love them! I was delighted when I received them, and the categorization was meticulous, making it very clear when searching for materials. I can feel the organizer's dedication to the course!

To support the local market of CZT Tanglers, Created with Love’s online store ( offers most of the products sold by Zentangle, Inc., including original Zentangle tiles and the very popular Zentangle Project Packs. We also offer the Zentangle Primer Vol. 1 and The Book of Zentangle in both Mandarin and English translation.

Led by passionate Certified Zentangle Teachers, CWL provides support, resources and access to materials to CZTs and Tanglers in Taiwan and beyond, while fostering a community of passionate and enthusiastic artists.

Julie writes...

With a dedicated team in both Shanghai and Taiwan, Created with Love has certified over 2,000 CZTs in 12 different countries in both in person and online seminars.

Led by passionate Certified Zentangle Teachers, CWL provides support, resources and access to materials to CZTs and Tanglers in Taiwan and beyond, while fostering a community of passionate and enthusiastic artists. We could not be more grateful to have them as part of our family.

Please email  with any questions about seminars in Asia



  • The Best transform all into Beauty. Thank you for sharing your amazing knowledge. I appreciate you so much

    Judith Vanpoelvoorde on

  • Congratulations to Conzentric on your 10th anniversary! I have often admired and appreciated tiles with the Conzentric logo on the Mosaic waterfall, and now I know your origin story! I am so grateful to be part of a worlwide community of tanglers who share, encourage, appreciate, and support each other, regardless of language or borders!

    Jessica L Dykes on

  • You have created a worldwide Village for the simple desire to bring peace, calm and joy to people across the world- helping us find creativity hiding inside our hearts, mind and soul. Zentangle makes us more than we thought we could be, and it is like a beautiful rainbow, magical, glowing within us. Making a difference, what more could anyone ask.

    I hope to be a CZT someday!!!!
    I want to share in this quest

    Sherie Falink on

  • Congratulations to ConZentric and what a fanastic partnership. I attended the CZT training back in 2018. Since then, I have been sharing the Zentangle method with lots of students including those aged 2 years and those over 80’s. What a wonderful art methology that discovered by Rick and Maria. It has benefited and uplifted so many people. Thank you all and wish you a wonderful art journey with Zentangle methology.

    Elijah FUNG on

  • I am inspired by your story.

    Mary Lou Minard on

  • So wonderful to know that Zentangle continues to spread the LOVE

    Zipporah Rosenblatt on

  • It was great to see pictures to place with names I see frequently! When I teach the Veterans’ class, they are always in awe that this method is taught around the world!

    Mary Kay Cass, C.Z.T. 34 on

  • Congratulations to ConZentric!

    Anonymous on

  • What a wonderful partnership. So grateful for what I learn from CZTs around the world!

    Diane Harpster on

  • Many blessings on concentric & created with love! It warms my heart to see Zentangle spread across the globe and spread so much joy!

    MaryEllen Ziegler Czt 33 on

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