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The Zentangle Method has a unique way of drawing (pun intended) in exceptional people and nurturing the greatness in those who practice it. The Zentangle Community is unlike any other and there are no limits to those who are welcome here.

Conducting Certified Zentangle Seminars is a highlight for us at Zentangle HQ. There is nothing quite like sharing the intricacies of the Zentangle Method with passionate and like-minded people from across the world.

However, Zentangle, Inc. operates with a small yet dedicated team in a quaint Massachusetts town. Although we would love to travel the world training Certified Zentangle Teachers, we discovered there are limits to what our small team can do.

We were fortunate enough that there are Certified Zentangle Teachers out there who were not only passionate about sharing the Zentangle Method, but also just as passionate about teaching others to share the Method just as we do.

We have been privileged to partner with Conzentric (Europe) and Created With Love (Taiwan) for years. They conduct CZT Seminars in their regions and languages, spreading the essence of the Zentangle Method. We are immensely grateful for their contributions and proud to consider them part of our family. It is only fitting that we honor these partners as we celebrate Certified Zentangle Teachers throughout the month of June.

Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to Conzentric.

Katharina writes...

Conzentric hosts Zentangle teacher seminars and other CZT events in Europe. Currently, Conzentric is merging with the Tanglekunst Shop.

The idea for Conzentric began in January 2018 at the "Paperworld Creative" trade fair in Frankfurt. Initially, Conzentric was comprised of a team of three CZTs: Katharina Königsbauer, Jennifer Hohensteiner, and Ela Rieger. We were very dedicated to establishing the Zentangle teacher seminars in Europe and started with the first seminar in Frankfurt, Germany.

Katharina had started the Tanglekunst store a few years before Conzentric, with just 15 items. The range now comprises almost 200 products, supplying CZTs and customers across Europe with Zentangle tiles and other tools for creating Zentangle art.

As of 2024, Katharina leads Conzentric alone, supported by a fantastic team. The CZT seminars are currently translated into four languages by outstanding interpreters, who have been constants in the team for several seminars, and some of them also teach during the seminars.

For English, the professional translators Herbert and Liz have been translating since the first seminar. In French, the congenial Juliette Fiessinger and, more recently, Christelle Mendelsohn provide support. The charming Spanish translation is handled by Oswaldo Burbano Sandoval and María Tovar.

In the back office, Denisa Hidi mainly supports the online store and will also assist online participants during the Q&A in the upcoming seminar. Jennie Mackenzie is a new addition to the team, helping with various projects. Additionally, many dedicated CZTs and others assist with packing seminar packages, store products, and on-site seminar tasks. It is always heartwarming to see how the CZT community comes together to support helping those share the Zentangle Method.  There are also plans for the team to grow even further in the future. After all, anything is possible... one stroke at a time.

2024 is an exciting year with many changes. This year, there will not only be a new CZT seminar format but also the first hybrid seminar in Europe!

CZT EU 8: November 30-December 2, 2024
Hybrid: Attend Online or In Person in Munich, Germany
Click for more information and to Register.
German, English, Spanish and French options available,
please email with any questions about seminars in Europe.
Julie writes...

To date, Conzentric has certified 681 Certified Zentangle Teachers from 55 different countries around the world including some of the first CZTs in countries such as Romania, Guatemala, Indonesia, Luxemberg, and more!

In addition to hosting CZT Seminars, Conzentric's commitment to fostering a thriving CZT community has led them to hosting CZT only reunion events. There is something truly magical that happens when CZTs come together to inspire and create together.

We are beyond grateful for Katharina and all of those who have worked alongside her both past and present for the work that they do. It is their dedication, passion and intensity of spirit that makes the Zentangle community what it is today.

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  • I have not yet been able to attend a CZT seminar. But I have to say that Katharina and Denisa are doing a wonderful job with the Tanglekunst shop. My orders always arrive super fast and I have always received immediate help with questions. I wish Katharina and her team all the best for the future and all the love to the Zentangle family out there worldwide.

    Maria Alexandra on

  • I have signed up for the seminar, very excited

    Karyn on

  • Spreading the heART! ❤️ I love it!

    Mary Kay Watson on

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