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Bijou Speaks: Comfort

 In 2014, we were thrilled to announce a new member of the Zentangle Community. It was a celebratory time when Bijou the snail slowly and lovingly glided his way into our hearts and lives. We immediately fell in love with the unique character Bijou shared with us, and most of all we all, we embraced the stories and messages Bijou has told us that align with the Zentangle Method. 
As we move along on this tangled journey we have learned, when Bijou speaks, we listen.

In this Blog series we explore some of our favorite thoughts, quotes, stories and Bijou-isms. Enjoy!


Julie writes (yesterday)...

“Hello old friend…”
I thought to myself as I picked up a black micron and a tile this morning for the first time in months to tangle. I was reminded of one of Bijou’s bijouisms… comfort.

With the birth of my son in the beginning of the summer, I was lucky to be able to drink my coffee before it got cold, much less sit down to tangle. 4 months later though and we have started to find our routine and lately my tangling tools have been calling my name.
So, this morning, when my little one went down for a nap, my husband was on a run with our dog, I found myself having a rare moment of silence. So, I poured myself a SECOND cup of hot coffee and grabbed my tool pouch and found a cozy corner of the couch. It was a little daunting staring at that blank tile, but luckily, I knew where to start – with gratitude and appreciation. I was grateful for this quiet moment, for my sweet baby slumbering soundly (for now) in the other room, for the hot cup of coffee.
I figured what better time to start my Inktober Tangles, then October 22nd! I wasn’t sure if I should start at the beginning or skip ahead to today, but when I saw todays tangle was aquafluer, my decision was made for me.
I grabbed a new micron and began to tangle.
It was like having coffee with an old friend. Familiar and comfortable. I am glad I went with a monotangle, some quality time with aquafluer.

There was laundry to be folded, dishes to be put away and emails to answers, but I am glad I took that moment to tangle. It is moments like these that Bijou was thinking of when he says comfort.

Julie Willand


  • Congratulations on your new one! Isn’t it nice to have this gift of Zentangle. I think it has indeed brought comfort to many of us during this pandemic.


  • I decided to use Bijou tiles for Inktober. Each day I lovingly pick up my little tile and tangle just that day’s tangle. I now have a collection of 26 tiles and I am sad that there are only 5 more days left. Of course I will continue to use the tiny tiles but this month, using them each day has been special!

    Barbara Burgess CZT on

  • Oh I needed to hear all of you today ! ;-)

    Mary Ellen Ziegler czt33 on

  • I can’t believe your baby is 4 months already. Amazing. You have a way with words Julie. This was lovely. So glad to hear from you again, you have been missed. Congratulations on your growing family.

    Jody Genovese on

  • Because of COVID and my multiple autoimmune issues, I have been working remotely since mid-March. You would think working from home would be restful but it is more exhausting than going to work. My spine has been happy about working while lying down (I have a laptop holder that extends and tilts so I can work lying down or sitting up) but by the end of the work day I usually fall asleep. I had to really push myself to make time to tangle before falling asleep and boy, could I tell the difference in my pain levels and anxiety (entire company is going through a major overhaul and I may not have a job in the future) when I take the time for my daily tangle practice! It really helps body, mind, and soul.

    On top of all that mess, I had deviated septum surgery (the worst the ENT had ever seen!) and had go in hours later for another surgery because the bleeding would not stop. The second intubation ripped up my throat and exposed nerves so eating was difficult until it started healing.

    It has been one thing after another lately, but Zentangle practice is still here to ground and calm me. Part of my recovery was spent working part-time and tangling the rest of the time. It was SO needed during that time! Tangling heals me in ways doctors and medications cannot.

    Debbie Smith on

  • Julie, I’m so happy to hear you found some quiet time for yourself to tangle! It’s good to take care of yourself and I think Bijou would agree. <3

    Donna Jacobson on

  • Comfort and Joy! what a lovely way to start your day everyday.Thank you Bijou for reminding me that a little "Me time "

    can bring smile on your face and we can pass on that zen flow of energy to others .

    Seema Sangar on

  • Hi Julie, and I so know what you mean about the comfort of tangling, tho’ (obviously) the days of new babies or new grandbabies are quite far behind me. Glad your family is doing well in this time of COVID. Bijou has reminded us again of what’s important….and that’s a gorgeous AQUAFLEUR.

    Susan Kelley Pundt on

  • Congratulations on both of your tiny works of art — baby and Bijou!! The second and its story should definately go in the baby book.

    Linda Dochter CZT 16 on

  • Wow, Julie I just have to tell you how much comfort and joy your story just filled me up with. I’m having a very tough year 2 family members and 2 dear friends have passed away (none of it COVID related I guess it was all age related) still in the midst of the hardest and most heartbreaking one. But you reminded me of some of the simple joys in life. Which I really need while I’m in the depth of my grief. I found this so touching and up lifting. I think I might start Inktober too. Tangling always brings me comfort. Thanks for reminding me. Also, thank you so much for sharing. Good wishes for you and your family.

    Raven Gerson on

  • Beautiful inspiring words. We all need to take a few minutes for ourselves gratitude and appreciation is the perfect place to start.

    Elizabeth Hubbard on

  • Congratulations on both of your tiny works of art! The Bijou and its story should definately go in a baby book.

    Linda Dochter CZT 16 on

  • This is just what I needed to read and absorb. I let life stress me today and this reminds me I have a very effect tool to combat that stress! Let my tangeling begin!

    Susie on

  • As you know Julie, I love Bijou…and I also love Aquafleur! It’s hard for me to find time to tangle between work and everything else…and I don’t even have a little Tommy running around!

    Since you can find time to tangle as a new mom, I’m going to make time to tangle as a new Aunt (to Tommy!). LOL

    Kim Kohler, CZT 16 on

  • Lovely words Julie. I don’t have a baby taking up my time but I have a busy job that leaves me exhausted at the end of each day. I need to make time to tangle more often as I really miss it when I don’t do it. Maybe I will try a Bijou tile tomorrow and start my Inktober on 24th October!

    Gloria King on

  • Love Bijou! I have many snails on my property but none as talented and interesting a character as Bijou. Was not able to tangles for a while but the reassuring thought of Bijou helped me to begin again. Thanks!

    Karen Blair on

  • Hugs and good wishes to your family, Julie! It’s a lovely Bijou tile … fit for a baby book?

    Gale Sherman on

  • Thanks for sharing. Aquafluer makes me think the of beach, the quiet and restful sound of the waves coming and going on the shore.

    Marilyn on

  • Julie, take more comfort time like this one!

    Nathalie Paré on

  • A lovely reminder of the whole point of our Zentangle practice Julie. It meets us wherever we are at and can bring us whatever we need at that moment. Wishing you all the best on the journey with your little bundle of joy!

    Liz Gatehouse on

  • I remember having a new baby. It was the days when purple was not the new black and cranberry was not the new brown. I went to the shoe store, sat down and said, “I have a new baby and five minutes to shop. I want two pairs of shoes, one black, and one brown in size 8.5.” The salesperson looked at me quizzically for a moment, then smiled at me as she left for the shoe closet. She had chosen very pretty shoes. I tried them on; they fit. I had completed my purchase in ten minutes and it took ten minutes to drive back home. If I had known about Zentangle then, I would have traded my shoes for some creative comfort! I hear your sigh of relief!

    Louise Horner on

  • Perfect description of comfort found while Tangeling.

    Josephine Wood on

  • I’m glad I have Zentangle a class to attend tomorrow. Sewing has been good since masks have been needed, but it’s just not enough!

    Amy Gill on

  • Lovely moment in time…. a delicious coffee, a quiet moment of appreciation, a fresh tile and a new micron pen. Not sure how it gets better…. ✍️

    Laureen Campbell on

  • Huge congrats Julie on the birth of your beautiful son! 🥰

    Your post created a warm glow in my heart. Thank you ma’am~Kathy

    Kathy Y. on

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