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A Zentangle Tradition

A Zentangle Tradition

In a few short weeks, we will resume our annual tradition: The 12 Days of Zentangle. This time of celebration is a great opportunity to share tangles, techniques and festive ideas with tanglers across this world. As we have done in recent years, we combine the 12 Days of Zentangle with a Zentangle Project Pack series. This year we are excited to be celebrating with Zentangle Project Pack No. 16.

Each year we look forward to working with our good friend, Alfie, to spread a little joy and Zentangle magic during the holiday season.

As we eagerly wait for this year’s series, we thought it would be fun to look back on past years..


The 2013 12 Days of Zentangle series featured ideas using ATC tiles.
You can view this series

The 2015 12 Days of Zentangle series featured out friend Bijou and his wise bijouisms. You can view this blog series here

The 2016 12 Days of Zentangle series featured our new 3Z tiles.
You can view this blog series here

The 2017 12 Days of Zentangle series was the first year collaborating with a Project Pack. You can view the Project Pack No. 02 videos here

The 2018 12 Days of Zentangle series collaborated with Project Pack No. 04. You can view the Project Pack No. 04 videos here

The 2019 12 Days of Zentangle series collaborated with Project Pack No. 07., featuring our Gray tiles. You can view the Project Pack No. 07 videos here



The 2020 12 Days of Zentangle series collaborated with Project Pack No. 12. You can view the Project Pack No. 12 videos here.

We can’t mention the 12 Days of Zentangle without mentioning Zentangle HQ’s musical debut in the “12 Days of 3Zs.” Don’t worry.. we wont quit our day jobs…


We look forward to these magical series each year and we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. Which 12 Days of Zentangle series was your favorite? Tell us in the comments and let us know why and we will randomly select a commenter to receive a Zentangle surprise!

Note: Some products featured in these series may no longer be available

Julie Willand


  • I like them all but 2018 PP04 the Spinner was my favorite. I enjoyed it a lot.

    Christine H on

  • I must confess the only Project Pack I have ever completed was 12 Days of Zentangle of 2018/PP08: the Spinner. I’m not sure what about it inspired completion, maybe because it was sort of one big tile. I don’t know, but I love how it turned out and periodically spin it to randomize my pattern choice. Thanks for all the great ideas you put out there!

    Beth Peters on

  • I haven’t worked on all the packs but out of the ones I did it would be #7 with the blue on gray. Although even though I’m not always able to order the pack I still look forward to all the videos & follow along with what I have. Also I have a long wish list for previous packs, first on the list is the “No mistakes” pack.
    Merry Christmas to all & stay safe 🎄🎄🎄

    Michele Couture on

  • Impossible to pick a favorite! The spinner was pretty amazing though :)

    Viola Dean on

  • I love the 2019 project pack. I love the colors they are so soothing and relaxing!! Thank you!!

    Tonya Minton on

  • Прекрасни сте!Вдъхновяващи!Зареждащи!Уникални!Обожавам техниката зентенгъл!Толкова ме зарежда!Благодаря за вълшебството!

    Dafi on

  • I loved the insanity of the 2016 12 days of 3z’s… making more tiles each day culminating in that massive mosaic. But my favorite individual video was PP12 day 3. I can’t remember how many Christmas cards I made with that string/tangle and I’m using it again this year to make ornaments. I’m eagerly awaiting the next gift of inspiration from Zentangle HQ to all of us.


  • I loved making the little crowns in Project Pack 2. They make great ornaments for many occasions.

    Melissa W Cahn on

  • Honestly this is the first I’ve heard of this. I’m looking forward to looking back on the others and joining in on this year’s.

    Wendy Ward on

  • The 2021 12 days of Zentangle will be my first so it will be my favorite y while waiting for it, I Enjoy looking at the others year 12 days of Zentangle. I’ m a fresh CZT eu5 from Spain… Happy day, happy tangling

    carmen alvaro on

  • I have actually loved them all, but I think that I was most thrilled with the gray tile 2019/PP07 one. Something about the gray tiles and blue and gold 🖊 pens kept me tangling this colorway long after the videos ended. Thanks so much for brightening our holiday season.

    Leslie Hancock on

  • The 2019 12 days of Zentangle was my first so it will be my favorite. Gray tiles and blue pens! And it is the first time that I gave some to family and friends. Looking forward for this year 12 days of Zentangle. Great to see you folks sing! Nathalie from Québec city (Canada).

    Nathalie Paré on

  • Thank you for this chance to look back at previous 12 Days Project Packs! I started tangling in 2018, and have enjoyed following along on PPs 2018-2020, using my own materials. Just looking at the past photos, I can see where my CZT got the inspirations for our Holiday projects. Your videos are easy to follow, as well as relaxing and restorative. I look forward to this year’s 12 Days, as well as exploring all the ones I missed!

    Jessica Dykes (Jake) on

  • Ik ga dit jaar voor het eerst meedoen aan de christmas tangles. ik verheug me erop. Ik teken zentangles sinds 1 jaar. I en joy it very much. greetings and nice christmasdays. anna

    anna on

  • My absolute favorite was PP07 with the gray tiles. The combination of the blue and gold pens with the gray tiles were SO elegant! Thank you so much Zentangle HQ for this beautiful and meditative art form, and for sharing the videos with us each December….. such a delight! <3 — Kim Turmel, CZT36

    Kim Turmel on

  • My favourite is 2019. PP07 is so far the only pack I was ever able to finish and I really enjoyed all the days – blue is my favourite colour, too, that might have been a helping factor. I’ll try to finish this year’s pack as well although I’m not quite sure if I can, seeing the content (no spoilers here, don’t worry). Looking forward to the start, only 11 more days to go!

    Yvonne Li on

  • I am a new tangler and a new CZT but I am loving the process of working through the various project packs at my own pace. My favourite seems to be Pp04 with the spinner! I have ordered a spinner and can’t wait to get started on it!!

    Suchitra Komandur on

  • I am yet to complete a 12 days of Xmas. I started my first one last year an have love a bronxspear wherever it may grow. I have all the pps and have some catching up to do. I have to look forward to. As a chorister I thoroughly enjoyed your Xmas rendition. I can only marine that over the years to come I will see your eyes as you sing and you have memories all the lyrics . Absolutely no mistakes , it was a joy to hear and see the fun it gave you all and us

    Roslyn Badcock on

  • I love the 2018 serie! 😍

    Veronica Inés Arnolfo on

  • Love those 3-Zs in 2016. Melding math and art to make them all just fit was exceptional.

    Linda M Dochter on

  • Definitely 2017 PP02 Black tiles. I was a budding tangler and took it with me to work on while visiting my infant grandson. I really enjoyed the tangling between moments of absorption with the new baby. Those joys are cemented together in my mind.

    Deb Murray on

  • Thanks for posting these pre-video, pre-PP 12 days blogs, I had missed them. Oh those gold gouache on black tiles are so amazing. The first time I used gouache was at the Eric Carle Museum in the art studio.

    Jessica M on

  • 2019 is a favorite of mine for 12 days of Christmas. I enjoy the collection of tangles in one place. I started tangling in 2020 and continue learning, creating and enjoying Zentangle. Thank you for this method of meditative art.

    Nancy N on

  • I’ve only been tangling with you for two years and completed the Twelve Days in 2019 and 2020. My favorite, so far, was 2020 PP12 and the amazing use of Renaissance tiles. The use of light and dark on these tiles was phenomenal. It brought the tangles to life for me and I loved every minute of it. Thank you for that inspiration! Happy holidays to you and your staff.💝

    Carol Roenbaugh on

  • Zentangle has been my saving grace over the last few years. Working full time and taking 8-16 credits per term….being able to do a tangle or two along the way, even if it was with a sharpie on my hydroflask while listening to lectures has made such a difference. I even “made” a Zentangle inspired book titled Lines for my Childrens Writing class last summer!!

    Thank you all for being there to help me along the way.

    Laurie on

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