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12 Days of Zentangle Winners and Happy New Year!

Thank you for joining us on a trip down memory lane during this year's 12 Days of Zentangle. We hope that you had as much fun as we did tangling along. Below are the winners chosen. If you see your name listed below, please email your snail mail address to so we can send you a Zentangle surprise!

12 Days of Zentangle Winners

Day 1: Yvonne Rein

Day 2: Lisa Wick McLean

Day 3: Sue Zanker

Day 4: Mary Kay Watson

Day 5: Tharina Estebeth

Day 6: Joan Mitchell

Day 7: Jeanie "JJ" James

Day 8: Danita Noland

Day 9: Nancy CZT18

Day 10: Linda JF

Day 11: Cathrine Nicols

Day 12: MartyG

Now that we have taken a look back, we are looking forward to what the New Year brings. From our family to yours.. Happy New Year!



Julie Willand


  • But I got a gift too! I got to spend 12 fabulous days enjoying and creating some wonderful Zentangle art from the masters. It was one of my favorite gifts too :)

    LovelyRita on

  • Congratulations to all those lovely people who won a generous prize from the 12 days of Christmas. Enjoy!

    Christine Jasper on

  • It was so much fun ! Congrats to the winners ! ! !

    Jackie on

  • Congrats to all the winners! What a fun way to greet the holidays.

    Dana "Jonesy" Jones on

  • Congratulations everyone, thank you Rick & everyone at Zentangle HQ, it was a delightful series.

    Evy Browning on

  • Such a joy to tangle along with all of you for this year’s 12 Days of Zentangle! Thank you!

    Danita Noland on

  • Congrats to all the winners! For just a second I thought I was one… but different last name LOL! While I haven’t had time to finish my 12 Days of Zentangle, I did manage to watch all the videos. What a wonderful gift this was! Happy New Year to all!

    Jeanie 'JJ' James on

  • Congratulations

    Wanyiczt18 on

  • Thanks for the 12 days! It was the best gift I got for Christmas! And I got thoughtful gifts. Congrats winners! We all win! Happy new year!

    Julie Kelly on

  • This was absolute fun! Thank you! I enjoyed every creative minute.

    Lisa Wick McLean on

  • Wow, thank you so much. The challenge felt like I was sitting back with you at seminar. Loved every minute of it.

    Yvonne Rein on

  • Thank you for the 12 Days of Zentangle! Congrats to all the winners!

    Michelle Aalbers on

  • Thank you. It was so much fun.

    Mary Kay Watson on

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