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Project Pack No. 06 Videos

The "No Mistakes" philosophy has been an integral part of the Zentangle Method since it’s beginning. "No Mistakes" is a mantra we use in our Zentangle practice that allows us to see every line as an opportunity and embrace every mark that is ours as artists. Whether intentional or not, with this perspective, one can learn to see beauty and potential in whatever mark we make and whatever path our artistic journey takes. 

Throughout these videos, you will hear stories from our instructors about the importance of the “no mistakes” philosophy in their Zentangle practice. We will  tangle in both black and white inks and most importantly bring focus to seeing the beauty in each mark that comes from our pens.  Project Pack No. 06 contains unique custom materials that will help illuminate this special Zentangle philosophy

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Day One

Day Two

Day Three!

Day Four!

Day Five!

Day Six!

Day Seven!

Day Eight!