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Zentangle Project Pack No. 19 Reflections

Zentangle Project Pack No. 19 Reflections

Whew.. Project Pack No. 19 was certainly one for the books.

It was big, it was ambitious, it was daunting, it was inspiring.

We approached this project pack series a little different than most. Our tangling team each worked on their own piece in the same order that you all did. Molly filmed Day 1, and then we all tangled that day and then waited for the next person to film Day 2 and so on..

Before we even began, Molly kept telling us to “trust the process.” I remember she gave me several reminders and then right before I sat down to start my piece, she called me. It was almost like she could sense I was about to begin, and she wanted to remind me one last time, “trust the process.”

What was the big deal? It was Project Pack No. 19 after all – that means we have done this now 19 times.

This project was a big deal. Not only because the end result was a beautiful compilation of tangles, textures and techniques, but because it called on us to really lean into those Zentangle philosophies that we appreciate so much.

I have not been pushed out of my comfort zone like this in a long time. Like all of you at home, I did not know what the end result would be. I trusted our team and knew it would be great, but I truly had to trust the process. I was encouraged to use tangles that I normally would not have chosen for my work, taking things one stroke at a time, and reminding myself (often), that there were no mistakes.

Now that we have finished, I can truly say that it is one of my favorite project packs. It is a reminder of resilience, creativity, trust, and embracing the unknown. I have a renewed appreciation for all the different families of tangles and how they work together and complement each other and a renewed sense of patience when it comes to my art (oh was it hard to wait to shade).

I am grateful for Molly and her vision for this project, her trust in the process and in us to help relay it to all of you. And I am grateful for all of you, who tangled along with us (and may still be tangling) in this series, which really was, a big deal.

Julie Willand


  • Lorsque j’ai ouvert le projet, la taille m’a un peu effrayée. Je ne l’ai pas commencé en même temps que vous, j’ai regardé toutes les vidéos, j’ai peint le fond.J’étais intimidée. Et puis je me suis finalement lancée… et je n’ai plus pu m’arrêter ! C’est devenu mon projet préféré. J’ai adoré ce grand format, tout cet espace et toutes ces possibilités ! J’ai eu un énorme plaisir à vous regarder dessiner, à dessiner à mon tour, à réfléchir au placement des motifs… Certains étaient inhabituels pour moi, et je n’avais pas utilisé certains autres depuis très longtemps. Je suis actuellement en train d’ombrer, et c’est spectaculaire ! Ce projet m’a ouvert des perspectives. J’avais très envie de vous dire un grand merci, à tous et à chacun, voilà qui est fait !

    VioletteZen on

  • Project Pack 19 was the first Zentangle art I have attempted. I WAS at a staff retreat that was taught by a CZT and we did three little tiles with one Zentangle pattern on each, and that is how I heard of it. I completed the pack in 10 days and I absolutely LOVE it. I am one of those people who think I am not creative, although I can copy other people’s work so this is right up my alley. My co-workers are astonished at how beautiful the art turned out. I have put it on my bulletin board at work to remind me that anything is possible. Thank you for this wonderful project!

    Nancy Moore on

  • I’m one of the manana people. I was crushed on a busy project running up to Christmas (and still going) and it was really hard to stay on track with what I NEEDED to do as opposed to this awesome project pack that I WANTED to do. However, I watched all the videos even if it was late at night propped up in bed. I’m also on several Zentangle Facebook sites where I saw all the beautiful trees others were doing. Love the idea, love how they all came out. I can’t wait to start my own. Thanks for a great project!

    Holly C on

  • Das gesamte Projekt hat mir sehr gefallen. Mit sehr viel Interesse habe ich mir die Videos angesehen. Leider konnte ich die täglichen Zeichenstunden mit absolvieren. Werde sie aber in den nächsten Tagen in Ruhe nachholen. Es gab so viele Anregungen, so dass der eigenen Kreativität keine Grenzen gesetzt sind. Bin gespannt wie meine “Baum” aussehen wird.

    Vielen Dank an das gesamte Team und Euch Allen ein wunderbares neues Jahr und weiterhin viele schöne Ideen, die Ihr so wunderbar an uns weiter gebt.
    Rosemarie Seefeldt, 2. Januar 2023

    Rosemarie Seefeldt on

  • Thank you Julie and thank you all! For meas a real newby this pp was simply awesome. I watched each video twice, once for preparing and once while I tangled along with you. Now the sheet is lying on a table where I often see it, and I’m busy adding something here… and there… Didn’t watch Day 12 but can hardly wait to start shading. I will definitely do a second one. And I’m SO looking forward to my mum’s visit this week.!

    Happy new year to you all!

    Ulrike on

  • This was a wonderful project pack. I knew I wasn’t gonna able to keep up so I watched the videos and then while you guys were on day six, I started with the painting. I followed you very closely- trying to put my designs in the same space you put your designs. And then looking at everybody else’s at the end and I added some of the things that they added which were different. When I I got to six, well, I found I had used the space that was now going to be used on day six. I don’t know how I got off track. I was trying really hard to stay on track.

    Wait this is Zentangle -there is no track! It doesn’t matter. so I found another spot to put those tangles l. The process Cascaded. Everything had to have a new place. I decided to add everything I could. If one of you added a heart, I added a heart. If one of you added extra mookas, I added extra mookas.

    Then I added a couple of tangles that you didn’t add!
    Wild and Crazy!
    Overall I loved this project pack. It was big fun.

    Lisa Hoesing on

  • Every morning I grab my iPad to watch and listen the to Project 19 Day….whichever it was, so it would be embedded in my mind while I had breakfast and a cuppa! Then, into my “room” with the iPad open and there I began every single day of the those pre Christmas Days! Now that it is over and the amazing results stare at me!……BUT……I am now inspired to do another one! This time I am choosing my own personal favourite and challenging patterns and hopefully weaving them into another amazing rendition of the Tree! This next one, I hope to frame and am looking forward to starting. I have done the preliminary work in planning it all onto a large sheet of lovely paper….tomorrow I slip, slop, and slap paint and then when it is all dry, I begin…..again! I loved this project, it was challenging, surprising and totally rewarding……so THANK YOU you all at Zentangle, you have surpassed yourselves this time! Brava, and Bravo!

    Sue Zanker on

  • I knew I wouldn’t be able to work on this year’s 12 Days of Zentangle in December, so I haven’t ordered it (yet). Now that I’ve seen so many absolutely beautiful PP19 posts on the Mosaic app and Instagram and Facebook, I feel as if maybe I missed out on an opportunity to be fully challenged and surprised by the unfolding of such a COOL process! I know I’ll be doing the project sometime, but the revelations and magic of the experience won’t be the same now that I’ve seen and heard about it. I want to thank Julie for expressing so well the beauty of “trusting the process.” And I want to thank everyone who has shared their experiences, either with a post somewhere or a reply on this blog. I am so grateful for the inspiration and support I feel from the Zentangle community! Special thanks to Maria, Rick, Molly, Martha, and Julie for giving me – and all of us – the very best teaching and guidance and modeling on this journey … I’m learning, sharing, growing with every stroke. Can’t wait to spend time with PP19 in 2023!

    Peyton on

  • I’m not done yet, but this has been fun and is definitely getting framed! Thank you for another great project.

    Robbin on

  • I looked at a few of the teaser comments about Project 19 and decided that I needed to get the project pack for this one. I received it just a few days before Christmas and was awestruck at how bit it was! Needless to say I decided to wait until life settled a little and I could give it my full attention and appreciation. Soooo, looking forward to next week when I plan to start! Thanks for the great project!

    Dianne Riva Cambrin on

  • What a wonderful synopsis you have written Julie! Your words are those thought by so many in the community when they started this project pack. Thank you to Molly and you and the entire Zentangle team for always bringing us inspiration and new ways of incorporating the Zentangle Method and philosophy into our artwork. You are all special indeed!

    Brenda Shaver Shahin on

  • This PP is epic! I’ve long wondered how one might go about creating a big, meandering Zentangle. Now, I’m working on one! Thank you!

    Helen Maciejewski on

  • When I first received my project pack 19 and unrolled it, I actually gasped at the size and the tree template, and I wondered what on earth you great people at Zentangle headquarters had in store for us! You asked for our trust and I gave it! The finished piece is just amazing! Every day, I watched the numbered videos from beginning to end, before shutting myself in my art room and following the directions. At times I doubted, but I continued to trust! This is probably the very best project I have done with you all, and I have done most of them over the years……It has become part of the Christmas season now for me…….just thank you.

    Sue Zanker on

  • This is by far one of my favourite project packs! I had so nervous when I saw this big parchment opening up but after adding a bit here and there everyday I start to appreciate it even more and more. I’m still taking my time working on this just enjoying every second of it!

    Jacqueline Lee (CZT 36) on

  • This is by far one of my favourite project packs! I had so nervous when I saw this big parchment opening up but after adding a bit here and there everyday I start to appreciate it even more and more. I’m still taking my time working on this just enjoying every second of it!

    Jacqueline Lee (CZT 36) on

  • Every day I say the same thing. Amazing!!!

    MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson, CZT#1 on

  • Due to a larger than normal amount of work and family obligations in both November and December, I was only able to watch. I admit I was a little uncomfortable, but as I saw what Zentangle HQ was showing and what others were posting, I felt more and more like I could do this. I won’t be able to start until the New Year but I’m looking forward to watching all of the segments again and participating!!! Thanks again!

    MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson, CZT#1 on

  • Was certainly a pp that pushed me out of my comfort zone. In the end I was happy with the outcome but at times I sure wasn’t sure where it was going and so it really was ‘trust the process’. And for a change, this time I actually had the time to do it all along with the videos each day. Thanks to all of you for always coming up with new things for us to try.

    Sue Lesle CZT on

  • The finished project is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. In my humbled opinion this was the best project pack thus far.
    If you look hard enough you can see other images appear. Amazing!

    Christine on

  • I loved this project. I followed along using 10×14 arches I had stretching on a board and what I had on hand. I worked with the videos, in real time, learning to trust the process/method, (impatiently) creating opportunities and embracing the simplicity/intricacy (zen) of each new tangle. And it’s placement! Each and every opportunity became an aha moment..true to the philosophy of No Mistakes. Being fairly new to Zentangle I’m continually awed by its limitless possibilites: the tangles, the tools, the mediums, and different techniques. Pure potential. I love seeing and learning from everyone’s individual voice as they express it in their piece. I was surprised so many times working on this project. I identified areas I’m intuitive about and areas I’d like to work on.

    This was a big, initially daunting, project. I had to overcome any expectation of an outcome (fear? of not doing it right?) Working one stroke at a time, I was able to enjoy the freedom and beauty, at the heart of the Zentangle Method. So many moments, and life lessons, One Stroke at a Time. Great fun. Wowwowwow at all the beautiful, absolutely unanticipated, outcomes we all produced! Happy tangling through the New Year and beyond to one and all!

    Anna Vermillion-Hoss on

  • I just loved that this project was one piece rather than 12 separate tiles. I was intimidated by some of the tangles, but practiced on a tile first. I wasn’t quite sure I “liked” how huge Mysealiam and Fengle were on TOP of a tree, but I trusted you (the teachers) that it would all work out in the end. And it did indeed! Just taking my time with this one, and enjoying.

    Mary Kay Cass, C.Z.T.34 on

  • I loved this PP19 from the beginning! I learned tangling large. It was only when I went to seminar that I tangled on tiles. So this was back to basics for me. The day after day 12 I began my second version of PP19 and finished it the next day. Thank you for making this available to us!

    Lisa Wick McLean CZT28 on

  • Great project, great tools (loved the paper), great instructors, great results, GREAT FUN! Thank you! 💝

    Carol R. on

  • At some certain points I kept telling me:“trust the process“ ,because I had no idea,how it could work and in the end look good .But then I kept going,and wow: it came out beautifully. Thank you all,for this challenging Project Pack

    Martina Fegeler on

  • Have viewed all videos (some days more than once). Practiced some of the “new” tangles on tiles first. Using Days 11, 12 and Wrap up videos for more inspiration while filling in more spaces and then I will do some shading. “Trusting the process”. I had not ordered PP yet, so I used 9×12 artist paint pad textured watercolor paper & used pencil to draw the spaces. I did have watercolor pencils and enjoyed that process also. Day 11 with Martha using the watercolor pencil was a awesome new process I’m going to try. So many other inspiring ideas from this PP. Will be taking my time to appreciate & finish.

    Johnifer Baker on

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