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Zentangle Project Pack No. 16 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2021 - Day 03

Zentangle Project Pack No. 16 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2021 - Day 03

We always say that the Zentangle Method attracts the most wonderful people. Or is it that wonderful people are attracted to the Zentangle Method. Or perhaps, the Zentangle Method simply draws out what is wonderful in people.

It seems that there is always room for new Zentangle friends. We continue to be ever so grateful how each one of you enhance this beautiful community. Today, Alfie is very excited to introduce us to another friend, Marasu. She is eager to learn more about the Zentangle Method.

Alfie, Nomi, and Marasu have previewed today’s lesson. They agree that just as all of you enhance this community, Julie has done a lovely job enhancing the huggins on her tile with a very cool technique.

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Welcome to the Zentangle Project Pack No. 16 and the third day of the 12 Days of Zentangle!

This Zentangle series offers us a moment to pause and reflect on the past year. 2021, like all years, has proven to be a time of growth. As each one of us continued with our journeys we persevered with strength, courage, resilience, and trust. In a year of rebuilding, we were given the opportunity to choose what we wanted to keep with us and what we wanted to leave behind. As the year unfolded, we hope you were able to lean on your Zentangle practice and focus on the beautiful things that came through. Together, in this series, we will in-crease our skills while navigating this part of our journey one stroke at a time. In this year-end series, we will be looking closely between the layers and folds of our Zentangle practice. As we score some new tools for our tangling toolbox, we will dig into some creative, tangled ways to celebrate and illuminate your Zentangle art.

We will be working with the materials in the Zentangle Project Pack No. 16, but we encourage you to follow along with whatever materials that you have.

Day 3

Project Pack No. 16 materials are available here

Please share your creations on the Zentangle Mosaic App using the hashtag #PP16Day03 and #12DaysofZentangle2021

Let Alfie know your thoughts and each day we will pick a commenter at random to receive a Zentangle Surprise! 

The winner from Day 02 is Kendra Page! Please send your snail mail address to

Julie Willand


  • I am familiar with Zen-bossing, but this is my first time trying it. Always great to get new supplies and I love the scoring tool! Always a delight to tangle with Julie; this was lots of fun and creates an elegant result – thanks so much!

    Michelle Dugdale on

  • Thank you for a very relaxing time! It’s so needed! Specially this time of the year; near Christmastime, many people ill and also lots of worries about Covid-19 and now also Omicron. Thankful that I’m healthy and just got my 3rd dose! :-)

    Annika Wiener on

  • Tangling with Julie feels like a quiet moment with a friend. ❤️

    Kathy Y. on

  • Tangling with Julie feels like a quiet moment with a friend. ❤️

    Kathy Y. on

  • I’m so in love with this project pack!

    Debbie J on

  • What’s a beautiful technique! I know i will use this in other projects – thanks!

    Donna Pilato on

  • I’m really enjoying this project pack so far, and today was no exception! Using the embosser is a new skill for me that I can see using more. I’m looking forward to trying it with the pencil we got in a previous pack (where we added water and used the pencil as a background or to form shapes to tangle around), lots of potential.

    Ellen Weinman on

  • I love the techniques you are using after the fun of Zentangling!

    Nancy Wilcox on

  • Embossing a tangle within a tangle is very elegant. Thank you for the video demonstration.

    Jackie on

  • That 3rd day was SUCH fun to do! Wanted to emboss tangles for quite some time but totally underestimated the cool effect it actually has! <3

    Yvonne Li on

  • It is so wonderful that Alfie is making new friends. Marasu’s dress is very pretty. I also especially like Nomi’s scarf. I think they both might become fashion influencers.

    Marty Greiner on

  • Wanted to mention that I’m loving all the detail in the pictures with the elves! I especially like Marasu’s apron.

    Llynn on

  • Marasu is an adorable addition to your helpers! I love her tangled skirt! Thank you Julie for a “mac & cheese” tangle with an elegant twist! I am going to try your suggestion to use color pencil instead of graphite. I have Col-erase Prismacolor’s color pencils. They can be blended with a tortillion and highlights can be erased. Thank you Linda Farmer for giving the link to your site and the article by CZT Maria Tovar’s dry embossing technique.

    linda Stephens on

  • I’m loving this Project Pack! Great video!

    Patti A. on

  • For those interested in learning more about Spanish CZT María Tovar’s Inkless Tangling (dry embossing, “técnica seca”) technique, she demonstrates in this tutorial:

    Linda F on

  • Huggins is one of my favorite tangles! It looks so elegant while being relatively easy to create.

    Viola Dean on

  • Love Marasu’s apron!

    Holly Moseley on

  • A familiar tangle with a it!

    Cathrine Nicols on

  • This Zen-bossing technique leaves a very soft and interesting pattern inside of the larger Crazy Huggins…Love it! ~ Rose

    Rosemarie Crawford on

  • Thank you for showing us another technique. I know I will enjoy adding embossing to my projects.

    Barbara Christmann on

  • Great lesson about embossing a tangle within a tangle.

    Gail Oliver on

  • Can’t wait to give my embossing tool a whirl! Thanks, Julie!

    AndreaR on

  • The zen-bossing technique is wonderful. Thank you for your 12 Days videos!

    Andrea on

  • I am using my smallest crochet hook as a scraper. Works great.

    Johnifer on

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