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Zentangle Project Pack No. 12 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2020 - Day 10

Zentangle Project Pack No. 12 - The 12 Days of Zentangle 2020 - Day 10

Alfie writes:
I became an artist after hearing Rick and Maria rattle on and on about this new thing they called the Zentangle Method. They had been rather obsessed with this project . . . more like a mission or calling than a job. It was with unrelenting passion that they began to teach this art form to all and anyone willing to hear them out. 
For a few years they continued this journey, never discouraged, only more excited each day. Until finally, one day, the kids said to choose: Either Zentangle, or all the other stuff they were doing. Without even a hesitation, they chose Zentangle. And, they never looked back. 
I appreciated this focus they had, the zeal they experienced when speaking of this new teaching method. I also appreciated the gentle nudge they gave me, insisting I try it. "Just once, and then we'll move on," they said.
Well, as you (tanglers) all know, that's pretty much all it takes: a quick peek, a funny sounding word, the exuberance of watching someone spinning a tile while drawing, the simple steps it took for you to uncover your artistic creative confidence.
In today's video, Maria is doing what we call a monotangle. That's is a Zentangle term to describe a tile using only (or mostly) one single tangle. In this case, it's a tangleation (a variation) of the tangle crescent moon, one of her favorites and one she always teaches first in a beginner class. Crescent moon teaches the principle of aura. Aura, is used so often in the Zentangle Method of drawing, that I can only think of a few tangles that don't contain this simple step.
Maria calls this tangleation moonpie. It is a combination of the aura principle of crescent moon, with the tangles knightsbridge and perfs, assembled just so. This version has it encapsulated into a teardrop/paisley shape, repeated over and over, drawn above the one before in a hollibaugh manner (appearing to be behind others).
One can only appreciate the quiet elegance of this simple (yet exquisite) tile. The focus is immediate, the meditation, calming.
Rick writes:
Once upon a time I owned a pickup truck. I only put one bumper stick on it. It read, "Don't believe everything you think."
That has been a consistent theme throughout my life. I enjoy questioning my (and others') beliefs and assumptions. Even though it can be disorienting at first, I am excited when I come to know something is different from what I was taught or what I had once believed. The knowing has always been more beautiful and expansive.
Perhaps that's why I love the beauty and playfulness of the tile that Alfie and Bijou are appreciating in the photo above; I love the symbolism I see in it. In this tile, Bijou is curious to know what's below this tile's intriguing surface. When he looks, he uncovers wonders, beauties, joys, and possibilities beyond expectation.
At the end of our Zentangle workshops, Maria and I always encourage participants to hold their tiles at arms' length and turn them this way and that. By changing your focal length and your orientation, you change your perspective. You can see your tile in a different way . . . in a new light. We sometimes talk about changing perspective on other things in our lives as well, "turning them this way and that" to see them in a different way and in a new light.
I am so grateful to Bijou (and Maria!) for this whimsical and elegant reminder to look for beauty and possibilities beyond the surface of anything I encounter.
Bijou adds:
I'm a big "fan" of Appreciation, too!
---- + ----


Welcome to the Project Pack No. 12 and the fifth day of the 12 Days of Zentangle!

It goes without saying that 2020 will go down in history as remarkable year. This year we all experienced the unexpected, the unknown and the uncertain. There were challenges that required our patience and strength in order for us to contribute to what the world needed.

In our Zentangle practice we encourage you to embrace the unexpected, the unknown and the uncertain as a part of your creative process. We encourage you to look for opportunities and to shift your perspective.

As we bring a close to a pivotal year in history, Project Pack No. 12 will offer us a magical time of rebirth, restoration, and awakening. We are excited to begin this year’s 12 Days of Zentangle, that we are calling the 2020 Zentangle Renaissance.

Day 10

Project Pack No. 12 materials available here

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