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Welcome CZT #33!

Welcome CZT #33!

Please join us as we welcome our new friends from CZT #33!

Each and every CZT seminar is unique and magical, and this one was no different! There is something special that happens when a group of individuals of different ages, backgrounds and from different countries, come together to create and to learn to share the Zentangle Method. All of us are SO grateful for those who travel near and far to share this time with us.

At this seminar, we had attendees from:




South Africa

South Korea


United States


We also hit a new milestone at this seminar. We now have our first CZT in South Dakota, US, which means we have a CZT in all 50 states in the US!

As always there was a mix of tangling and teaching and beautiful Zentangle art!










Thank you all for being a part of this amazing Zentangle adventure!

If you are interested in joining our family of CZTs, you can learn more about our seminars here. We would love to meet you!

-Rick, Maria, Molly, Martha and everyone at ZHQ!

Download a hi-res version of the class photo above here.



  • Dear administrator, Your posts are always informative and well-explained.

    Hollis Toft on

  • When and where is the next class?

    Peggy Hamm on

  • What a blast! The seminar was great, the people were amazing and the food was tasty!

    I have a couple informal interest groups coming up and would like to know what specific electronics you use. I have an easel & giant pad, but I wish I’d brought my old-timey overhead projector home from work! I figure it’s a laptop & projection unit? Do you have a model that works the best for drawing on? Without breaking my piggy bank?! Again, many thanks for a truly life-changing experience! CZTink‼️

    Tink on

  • Hi there,

    Thank you for a wounderful Seminar, filled with joy and many fantastic people!
    I enjoyed every moment!
    Thank you all nice persons in the Zentangle crew, working for a very well planned and performed seminar.
    I hope to see you again! ❤️

    Annika Wiener CZT33 on

  • Thank you for another incredible CZT seminar! What a great group photo! I love seeing Libby in front with her Grand Prize. So happy! It was so wonderful to meet and make new friends from around the world.

    Also, thank you so much for using my Zentangle art in your blog and the newsletter! I was surprised and excited to see my work here. (The three Zendala’s, and also the one with the “shell” watercolor, Zendala and triangle tile). Very cool!
    I am grateful for all you do and for all you give! Looking forward to more Zentangle adventures in the future! Thank you again! Much Love, Jaqui

    Jaqui MacMillan on

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