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The Mosaic

The Mosaic

Jen writes...

One of our favorite parts of a Zentangle class is when the mosaic comes together. The creation of this bigger piece of art from all the unique compositions will never cease to dazzle.

Usually everyone has followed a similar set of instructions, but there is such beauty and inspiration in the differences. It is delightful to narrowly focus on each individual tile and notice the different styles and directions the tanglers went. But, when you step back and change your focus, and absorb the art piece created as a whole, there is that “wow” moment. There is even greater beauty when they are combined. It becomes this woven tapestry of artistry.

At the end of May, we closed out the Bijou's Be Well Bundle series. As we look back on this series, Bijou and all of us at Zentangle HQ would like to emphasize the first and last step of the Zentangle Method, a moment of gratitude and appreciation. 

To all of you that participated, we invite you to take a moment and appreciate your tiles. Appreciate your unique creation, this little piece of art that only you could create in the way you did. Appreciate yourself for taking the time, for taking a few moments to slow down, breathe, and create.

And then we invite you to take a step back and appreciate that you are part of this worldwide mosaic of tanglers who all chose to add beauty to this beautiful world. From Macau to Madrid, Moscow to Mumbai, Brisbane to Berlin, Bengaluru to Buenos Aires, Phoenix to Paris, Toronto to Tucson, the list could go on. At moments you were tangling along with a world full of artists.

Wow, that is one amazing Mosaic!

If you have not already, we invite you to watch the series wrap up video with Rick, Maria and Molly and appreciate the different mosaics we created.

You can check our the worldwide mosaic on the Zentangle Mosaic app by searching #BeWell2023.

But wait.. there is more! If you love math as much as Rick, we invite you to check out his blog, How Many Mosaics?

With our deepest appreciation and gratitude.

Be well, be you,

Bijou and all of us at Zentangle HQ

Jennifer Sumner


  • So delightful! that final all-in-one mosaic is really impressive. I’m still working my way through the days and will post my mosaic when finished.

    Margaret Bremner on

  • Always the most wonderful end to most lessons with Zentangle, to remind you to appreciate your work over the previous hours, or if it’s a mosaic of your own work – perhaps days of work.. one should never forget the opportunity to appreciate.

    Ildica boyd on

  • Well, how great was this?! Incredible how many formations of bijous can create a wonderful design! It just solidifies that one has to be patient with the process to get a wonderful result!

    Heather Toswell on

  • This was my favorite Zentangle project yet. I especially appreciated the quiet drawing sessions in the videos. The near-silence gave rise to increased meditation for me. I intend to use that technique more while teaching my classes. Thank you for this gift!

    Gerry DeWitt, CZT 24 on

  • I found making four tiles for each day made delightful mosaics on their own. I have been posting my works on my office’s Teams site. When I brought in the tiles and they saw how small the Bijou tiles were, they were surprised the works were created on something so small. I find the Bijou tiles a delightful size to create delicate art on, just like the tiny acrylic paintings I made in Jr High. I love tiny art!

    I will finish and post on the Mosaic the last two days this evening. I look forward to spreading 21×4 tiles out and seeing what will come about. For the most part, I alternated the days so in only a few cases, every other day used black tiles and the rest of the days used the white tiles.

    I really enjoyed having that option available to purchase. I would have used the Translucen-Z set too but it was already sold out by the time I got to order. I recently ordered more black Bijou tiles for my meditative practice.

    When we finally move into a house, I will have a studio space to work on all the art projects currently set aside. Luckily, I can currently practice my meditative tangling while lying on my side and relaxing my spine after a full day’s work, which I am doing. I have some PPs waiting completion, too. Real Life can disrupt a daily meditation but I am working harder to find the time daily.

    Debbie Smith on

  • Well, I’ll admit that I had my doubts. How can such a tiny bit of art matter? It is remarkable how just my own tangling on those tiny tiles, with only my perspective and my experience, created such a surprising piece of art when I gathered them together. Thank you all so much for your insight and patience in creating such joyful surprises for all who dare pick up a pen. Love to you all!

    Kathy Y. on

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