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The Language of Love.

The Language of Love.

Julie writes...

One of the beautiful things about the Zentangle Method is that it is understood by people all over the world, regardless of region, culture, language or background.

The same is true for love. There are many different words for love, but the feeling is universal. This week we are celebrating the world-wide Zentangle community and its abundance of creativity, harmony and love.



Chrissie Frampton, United Kingdom


Dina Schaffer, Brazil


Marguerite Samama, The Netherlands

Shaochi, Taiwan


Marie Tvrdikova, Czech Republic


Jeonghee Ham, South Korea


Maria Tovar, Spain


Deb Bowyer, Canada


Ela Rieger, Germany 

Hiroko Matsuo, Japan 


Vandana Krishna, India (Kannada)


Claudia Schaulin, Switzerland   
Happy Valentine's Day to our beloved Zentangle community. Thank you for helping us spread the love.
Banner image by Maria Thomas, USA.

Julie Willand


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  • I love all of these heart Zentangles!!! Thank you so very much!

    Sandy Whitten on

  • Positively delightful!!!

    Margaret Bremner on

  • What a beautiful Valentines Day tribute! All the tiles are stunning, and showcase the incredible diverse potential for Zentangle. Thank you, Marie Tvrdíková, for reminding us just how beautiful the red pen on the Renaissance tiles can be! Happy Valentines Day all!


  • I couldn’t love this more!!! Thanks so much for sharing all these beautiful tangles!!!

    Ruth Gauss on

  • Each ‘love’ tile is fabulous! I wish I would have had a chance to look at the blog when I got it! Here it is, Valentine’s Day, and while I’m really enjoying looking at these, had I looked when I received it, I would have had so much inspiration to make some beautiful tiles to put on cards. I’m making a notation in my calendar for next year, to go back and look at this in early February, so I’ll be ready!

    Cynthia S Douglas on

  • Thank you very much Julie.
    I am so happy to be part of this post of the language of love. The idea is wonderful and makes my own heart rise wide.

    Ela Rieger on

  • I love all of these. Lovely, inspirational and if I could offer a new ‘meme’…. May creative drawing express the ‘real’ global warming.

    Judy Morgan on

  • What an honour to have my tile included – thank you. We will have been married for 50 years on Valentine’s Day. 😍

    Chrissie Frampton on

  • What an honour to have my tile included – thank you. We will have been married for 50 years on Valentine’s Day. 😍

    Chrissie Frampton on

  • What beautiful tangles all that love spreading round the world. It is also a reminder to give love to oneslelf. Thankyou guys. Very special xxx

    wendy tann on

  • Such beauty and diversity! Deb Bowyer and Leslee Feiwus, I feel the same. :) Lovely post, Julie!

    Jan Brandt, CZT 12 on

  • I feel honored to seeing my tile between these love beauties! Thanks Julie!

    I send you all, CZts from everywhere a little piece of Spanish 💚

    MAria Tovar on

  • How very beautiful are all these samples and examples of love. No matter of the difference in language, culture, beliefs, whatever, Zentangle art transcends them all to spread beauty, love, smiles, wonder, awe and so much more to a world which so badly needs all of those things. BIG GRATITUDE!!!

    Pam Stevenson, CZT 20, 31 on

  • These are wonderful – thank you! I am hoping you can add one more Zentangle heart to this collection, maybe with a simple step-out or tips? It was pictured in the email announcing the newest project pack and was dated 2/7/2020. It is with the Bijou box and says “love is in the air.”

    Jane on

  • Thank you so much for showing these amazing tiles in this block post. I love them all and they are a wonderful inspiration. I am so happy to be a part of the tangle family! Happy Valentine‘s Day ❤️to all of you all over the world.

    Ina Sachtleben on

  • Yesterday was just my birthday! And your letterblog is a nice present for me… as I am preparing my marriage for next may 9th, and take part to next Frankfurt CZT seminar! Iam very excited. Thanks to the huge Zentangle Community!

    Anne Laure Mare- Bayart on

  • Wonderful collection of hearts… Tangles and people!

    Kimberly Gilley on

  • Today was one of my best days since becoming a CZT. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching my class, and they enjoyed learning. I am so grateful for how Zentangle has changed my life! Thank you for the love and all that you do.

    Barbara Langston on

  • I thought for sure there would be an ultrasound with a Cartouche-like heart around it in the blog. ❤️

    KIm Kohler, CZT on

  • “Love is all you need!” (Paul McCartney) Thank you all at ZHQ and the Zentangle community for sharing the love wherever you may be!

    Jane R. on

  • “Love,love,love.Everything is love!

    LIsa Hoesing on

  • All over the world we are tangling, thank you Julie for a lovely post and send you warm regards from Belgium!

    Matheussen Ria on

  • What a beautiful way to show love for all over the world. Each is beautiful and unusual.

    Marilyn Iezzi on

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