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The Language of Love.

The Language of Love.

Julie writes...

One of the beautiful things about the Zentangle Method is that it is understood by people all over the world, regardless of region, culture, language or background.

The same is true for love. There are many different words for love, but the feeling is universal. This week we are celebrating the world-wide Zentangle community and its abundance of creativity, harmony and love.



Chrissie Frampton, United Kingdom


Dina Schaffer, Brazil


Marguerite Samama, The Netherlands

Shaochi, Taiwan


Marie Tvrdikova, Czech Republic


Jeonghee Ham, South Korea


Maria Tovar, Spain


Deb Bowyer, Canada


Ela Rieger, Germany 

Hiroko Matsuo, Japan 


Vandana Krishna, India (Kannada)


Claudia Schaulin, Switzerland   
Happy Valentine's Day to our beloved Zentangle community. Thank you for helping us spread the love.
Banner image by Maria Thomas, United States

Julie Willand


  • This is wonderful. You made my day <3 THANK YOU

    Karen Izzi on

  • Zentangle beauty radiates from every corner of our earth! We can share the love to each other through our pens! 💖

    Bonnie Johnson on

  • O how I wish I was this talented!!!!

    Joanne on

  • Lots of positive energy showing from various hearts around the World!

    Heather Toswell on

  • These are all so beautiful! What I particularly love is the diverse cultural influences in the images. You can almost tell where in the world the Tangler lives!

    Alannah MacPhail on

  • These are all so wonderful & inspiring! Thanks for sharing them. Each one is a great surprise to see. And the coolest thing is that for most of the creators, what emerged was most likely a surprise too.

    Rimona Gale on

  • Such love in all of them. Thank you for sharing them.

    Sue Lesle CZT on

  • Beautiful thoughts and Lovely tangles. I especially like Jeonghee Ham tile, love growing from the corner.

    grace on

  • All incredible tiles.Love gets a still deeper meaning seeing all these concepts and dimensions.greT works

    Akila Kalaichelvan on

  • Wonderful display of zentangle love from all over the world

    jill maxwell czt 19 on


    Darla Rae Duffy on

  • L❤vely examples of the beauty, creativity and talent Zentangle inspires in artists, worldwide! Thank you!

    JessicaDykesCZT39 on

  • Delightful blog. Thank you and happy Valentine’s Day to everyone 💕

    Kathleen McMurtry on

  • Thank you so much Julie! These just blew my socks off-😍

    Kathy Y. on

  • It’s LOVEly to see these all again! <3

    Margaret Bremner on

  • Such beautiful works of art and love from all over the world. What an incredible community Zentangle has nurtured and created!

    Pattie Grove. CZT36 on

  • Love, love, love…. The only real thing there is is love. Thank you for this article. Namasté!

    Karin, CZT Belgium on

  • so many talented people

    Jill Westenberg on

  • So many beautiful pieces of art to inspire me. Thank you.

    Margaret Hart on

  • I am always so impressed with the different styles. I learn every day that I pick up a pen or watch a tutorial and try it myself. Thanks to everyone for sharing your your talents and inspiring us!!!!!

    Caron on

  • Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

    Clara A Brunk on

  • It was wonderful to see so many beautiful “love” Zentangles from around the world. I only wish that it was over so soon! Great job to all of the tanglers out there.

    Barbara Burgess on

  • As a beginner, I am inspired beyond all expectation as I view these hearts from across the globe!

    Martha O’Bryan on

  • Each of these is so beautiful and represent the talent, the diversity, and the genuine personal investment in this beautiful artform. All so very different… each exquisite! Thank you for sharing your gifts with each of us. We are inspired! 💖

    Bonnie Johnson CZT36 on

  • SO beautiful! My smile just got bigger and bigger as I scrolled down through the amazing artwork from around the world! Thank you, everyone!!!

    Candice Ritchey on

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