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tHE ART of Zentangle

tHE ART of Zentangle

Happy Valentine's Day!

Maria writes:

In my readings lately, I discovered that Zentangle is quite "hearty". . . and in more ways than you might have imagined.

Definitions from my trusty dictionary:

HEARTY: adjective

  • Warm-hearted
  • Genuine
  • Heart-felt
  • Wholehearted
  • Exuberant
  • Unrestrained
  • Strong and well
  • Substantial
  • Abundant . . . AND
  • Nourishing
Nourishing I think, most of all, nourishing. It feeds our heart, frees our emotions. It supports our needs, wants and enhances our lives. One needs heart to create beautiful things. And in my heart, I just know these things.

Rick writes:
In our English language, "art" is found within "heart."

What a delicious metaphor for "drawing" on your heART's inspiration.

How do you access heart-felt art? Our Zentangle suggestion is to do it one stroke at a time.

Put your heart into each simple stroke with deliberate and loving attention. Leave the next stroke's concerns to the next stroke. When it's time for that next stroke, approach it with an open heart. Gently allow your heart (and mind) to open to what unfolds as you tangle and be gentle and relaxed about your expectations.

As you practice the Zentangle Method you begin to trust your heART more and more. You learn to trust that you'll know what to do when it's time to do it. You begin to discover the beauty that flows from within. You discover how good that flow can feel.


This blog post is the companion for this newsletter (published 2/14/2017). 

In that newsletter, we showed this tile:

This step-out shows how Maria adapted the basic waybop tangle for this tile:

We invite Zentangle Mosaic subscribers to post their creations using this step-out under the hashtag:


If you are not yet a subscriber, you can still download the app for free and search that hashtag to see what everyone posted.


Here are larger views of the fun heart images from the newsletter:

Indy, Molly's seven-year-old daughter, was watching our "Kitchen Table Tangle" video for waybop and decided to do one:



And for some more definitions . . .
  • Heartener: giving courage or confidence
  • Heartsome: giving cheer or spirit
  • Heartstring: hmm . . . what's your definition?


Original blog posted February 14, 2017 here.


Maria Thomas


  • Heartstring: the foundation of the amazing, magical Zentangle Drawing Method!

    Thanks for the step-out, Maria, and the challenge! Thanks to Ginger White for her observation about “listening to our hearts!” Zentangle is calling to me!❤

    JessicaDykesCZT39 on

  • Heartstring: a “suggestion” that hearts will magically appear

    Bonnie Johnson on

  • When I opened this newsletter and saw the first sample tile, I immediately thought “tuckering.” Such a lovely and simple example. Thank you.

    I’m looking forward to doing more with Waybop. Thank you.

    Linda M Dochter on

  • Drawing with the Zentangle method and my kit at the table provides peace, comfort and when it goes sideways as it does sometimes, humor and surprise. Sharing this with others expands the community. The heart of it comes from all of you at Zentangle headquarters and all of us practicing and sharing the joy. Maria & Rick and their passion to share what they created, well, there’s the love. That’s the heart string.

    Kathy Y. CZT22 on

  • Within “heart” is also “hear”. I listen to my heart when practicing my Zentangle pieces, and later will come back to gaze on the finished tile. The amazing part is not recalling doing it, but seeing the end product, I know my heartstrings were plucked as a beautiful instrument at that precise moment in time.

    Ginger White CZT34 on

  • Thank so much for the step-out for the hearty way bop tangle…I was trying to figure it out from the one Julie showed in the February 7 email and not having a lot of success…you have made my day!

    Pat Miller on

  • So happy to have a step out for the way bop. I’m not that talented so any instructions displayed make me so happy

    Thank you,

    Joanne on

  • Heartstring – that which is pulled in our hearts when compassion, gratitude, loving kindness, and joy in another’s success is felt spontaneously- “Your creation, generosity, and joy in zentangle pulls at my heartstrings “.

    Molly Siddoway King, CZT on

  • Heart string – any flow, pattern of events, or line of thought that carries you to your happy place where you are comfortable doing that which you love… like tangling.

    Holly C on

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