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TangleRootz: Peanuckle

TangleRootz: Peanuckle

Peanuckle is made with only two elemental strokes: one is curved, one is straight. Or kind of straight anyway. It is often considered a high focus tangle, but once you get the hang of it, you might decide its subtle weaving lines flow together quite intuitively and elegantly. It is simply constructed, yet its result is surprising and perhaps a bit complicated.

Peanuckle was discovered accidentally when Molly was “drawing” over a logo on some paperwork. The logo was made up of two letter S’s stacked. As she played around with the negative spaces and how to connect the letters, a new tangle was born.

Although some believe the name of this tangle is in reference to the peanut shape it resembles, the tangle name was inspired by a playful name Molly called her second baby before she was born.

Have you tried to tangle peanuckle?

And if at first you don’t succeed, just call it a peanuckle chuckle.

Learn how to peanuckle here.

Upload your tile to the Zentangle Mosaic App using the hashtag #peanucklechuckle and we will pick a user at random for a Zentangle surprise!

Julie Willand


  • The shading makes the peanuckle pop.

    Jill Holeman on

  • So nice! Good idea – to sent not only PP, but also somethink next.

    Zuzana Bruknerová on

  • Peanuckles was difficult for me. With this post I picked it up again and yes! It worked. This shows that taking time to get to know a tangle is important. Thank you Molly

    Irene Lammerse on

  • Nice!!!! I will do it!!!

    Valeria Rienzi on

  • I remember peanuckle from Project Pack with the alphabet letter “S”. Makes a nice border. Enjoyed using as a tangle today. Will keep it in mind.

    Johnifer Baker on

  • This one is definitely going to take some practice! I posted my first effort (done in ballpoint on the back of an envelope) on the mosaic. It would probably look much better with some graphite shading, and a little colored chalk. The more I look at it, the better I like it. Especially from a distance!😉

    Jessica Dykes (aka Jake, aka Jessilee) on

  • I’ve had quite a few peanucklechuckles with this tangle! It’s been challenging (and I’m a right-y, Laurieann) … but I think it’s time to give it another go. Thanks for the nudge :)

    Peyton on

  • Too funny! I just picked this tangle yesterday to try and here you are today showing me! Great video, can’t wait to try.

    Diane on

  • Ive struggled with this

    Maybe Rick or Maria can give a go at teaching it because it never comes together for me. Makes me sad. I’m a lefty that may be why?

    Laurieann Jacobs on

  • Peanuckle reminds me of piped basket weave cake frosting! Looks like a lot of fun to do!!

    Pamela M. Pandolfi on

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