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Seventh Day of Zentangle

"On the Seventh Day of Zentangle . . ."

On the seventh stroke of Zentangle
R and M pre-strung, 
tan Zendalas swirling

Zentangle Renaissance unleashed a new phase of tangling as it inspired an outside-the-box approach to the use of color. Working with rich rusty tones, exploring depths of shadow and the power of light brought new possibility and dimensionality to every tangle. So it was only natural that we created Zendalas on this new surface.

In May of 2014, we introduced the Renaissance Zendala in both blank and pre-strung versions.

Today we have a playful challenge for you using the pre-strung Renaissance Zendala tile. You all got a different one . . . so let's see how this plays out.

Have fun!
Project Pack 02 ...Day 7

Rick Roberts


  • Another great day full of new ideas.

    Nancy Wilcox on

  • I love your zentangle, it looks easy, simple and elegant. Thank you for showing how to use colored pencils with zentangle.

    Maria on

  • Love the prestrung Zendalas. I’m really enjoy seeing how each one looks different using the same technique.

    M Moore on

  • Very fun! I’m learning so much about the use of white. These are all going on my tree.

    Myra on

  • Love the prestrung tiles and videos are so easy to follow!?

    Elaine Y. Olive on

  • I had sooo much fun doing this tile! I also enjoyed seeing everyone else’s since we were using various strings. Oh so fun!!!

    Debra Myers, CZT on

  • It’s so instructive watching & hearing you talk about the tan tiles with the ‘colours’ of white & brown in conjunction with both graphite & black – who’d have thought, & I’d certainly not made that connexion with the Renaissance artists that you spoke of. So so instructive. Thank you again. Each day now I look forward to your upload.

    evy on

  • Another great design. Love how the videos are so easy to follow.

    Lynne Caulkett on

  • Drawing on those prestrungtiles is so relaxing, I love it.Thank you very much for another few beautiful examples

    ria matheussen on

  • I usually don’t turn to the pre-strung tiles to work on. I have a couple tins of them but they just sit there. This video instruction was the incentive I needed. I like the tile I created!

    Mary Kay Watson on

  • Love to watch what you do with these. I always learn new things! Thank you!

    Kate Ahrens on

  • I’m keeping up with these! They are all great!

    Terri Young, CZT 16 on

  • What a relaxing way to to tangle!!! Thank you for the care you put into these 12 days!?

    Marguerite on

  • Really love the rhythm of just drawing lines. And then jazzing it up with some perfs and hilights for fun!

    Tharina Etsebeth on

  • I’m really enjoying these videos. Not only am I learning a lot but I am being newly inspired. Today’s tangle is wonderfully meditative; started to tangle and 45 minutes later, relaxed, I looked up at the clock…

    Looking forward to tomorrow-

    Tamra B on

  • Hi Maria and Rick, these Zendalas are truly beautiful. I love the Renaissance technique. I am still a neophyte !!

    Sharon Jerkovic on

  • I am truly enjoying each day’s tangle and watching the videos. As a beginner I am learning so much. Although I haven’t been able to do each day’s tangle yet, I am looking forward to doing them on my holiday days off.

    Sumiko on

  • I really enjoyed working with the pre strung tile in the first project pack—so I am very much looking forward to this one!

    Laura Oldham on

  • This week is really busy where I work, and even though I don’t have time to actually do the tiles till after Christmas Day, I am totally enjoying watching the videos. In fact, I look forward to getting home to see what wonderful thing you have in store for us each day.

    Jeanie 'JJ' James on

  • Every day gets even better.

    Andrea on

  • I ENJOY THE VIDEO OF DAY Seven. There are simple lines and purf then make a flower shape (or other shape according to the strings). Pencil shade and white charcoal make magic! I will practice the skill of using highlight and shade at the same time. The “sunshine” in this video makes me happy.. HaHa.
    Using a PN pen is much easier than using a 01 pen on Zendala. :)

    Wanyi, LIN on

  • Wow! I just did my day 7 tile, and this type of aura-ing is seriously cool. It deserves a name! I’d love it if the folks at the good folks at ZT HQ (or Maria’s and Rick’s grandkids) would come up with a name and publish it in an upcoming newsletter or blog.

    Pat Floerke on

  • I love that everyone is starting with a different string. The results should be really interesting and different.

    AndreaR on

  • I am excited about tangling on a pre-strung tile. I have never done this before. This is a fun 12 days.

    MartyG on

  • I loved the relaxing nature of this tangle.

    Jackie on

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