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Sand Tangling in Wales

Sand Tangling in Wales

We received this treasure from Lesley Roberts, CZT in the UK.

Her letter explains it all.



Hello Rick, Maria and everyone at Zentangle,
I hope all is well.  I thought you might enjoy seeing these photos and videos of a beautiful sand circle created by some UK CZTs on Tenby North Beach (Pembrokeshire, Wales) last Wednesday.  
I was leading a workshop there for some CZTs and had organised for us to create a sand circle with local sand artist Marc Treanor who I had met up with on a previous trip.  It was all weather permitting – as heavy rain acts as a giant eraser, but we were lucky, the rain was only light.  Marc has his own website with the most amazing, beautiful work on it – he’s always been inspired by sacred geometry, and an interest in crop circles were what got him into this artform. 
Marc had not heard of Zentangle before I contacted him, but was genuinely interested in it and is so happy to learn more about it.  He was very appreciative of the Zentangle kit I gave him when we met up to discuss what we would create.  We decided to do this version of paradox with a hexagon in the middle and pentagons around the outside – which he had previously done in 2015, using sacred geometry ideas.   

He suggested we all might like to draw the sand circle too, so he provided rakes and some guidance on how to use them.  You can see from my husband, Martin’s time-lapse video that Marc created the outline of the sand circle and then he left us to create the strokes in the sand. 

He only used string and 2 bits of wood (and previous knowledge and experience, of course) to lay it down the outline – no other equipment!

Apparently this is the first time he has not drawn a single stroke of the pattern, we were so into it, he just left us to it!  We had an amazing experience, it will stay with us a long time.  It is impossible to draw completely straight lines with rakes and I love that our wobbly, imperfect strokes are not visible when you see the whole drawing. 


We had such an amazing experience – and wanted to share it with you.


Hope you have a great week
All best wishes
Lesley Roberts


Thank you Leslie, that was a delight!

You can contact Leslie through her Zentangle CZT page here.

And here's Marc Treanor's video. Enjoy!

Rick Roberts


  • Dear Rick and Maria, Thank you so much for sharing this. It is really amazing. I was “blown away” watching this! How very clever. Thank you to Lesley Roberts and husband Marc for all your efforts! I have shared this with several people including my grown children!

    Harriet Meltzer on

  • Two of my favourite things: North Beach, Tenby, and tangling. Amazing! I would have loved to have been there. Thank you for the great video. Best wishes, Nor’dzin from Cardiff.

    Nordzin Pamo on

  • Congratulations with this beauty of Zentangle on the beach. It’s fantastic! What a great idea, so thanks Lesley for sharing this unique project with us.

    STella PEters-Hessels on

  • Thank you, Rick. Just the idea is amazing. I was so hoping you weren’t going to show the tide water erase it, however, there was beauty in that as well.

    Debi Davis on

  • I loved this idea and it was so beautiful to watch. I am reminded of the Buddhist monks who draw intricate mandalas with colored sand. Once the design is finished (& photographed by appreciative viewers), they erase the whole thing. Their process and this lovely beach Zentangle, claimed by the sea, are poignant reminders of the impermanence of beauty and of life. Thank you!

    Leslie Hancock on

  • Just FABULOUS!!!

    Margaret Bremner on

  • After seeing this, I don’t want to look at anything else on Facebook, but just look at these photos and video over again. Spend time with it, let it really sink into my feelings of awe.

    Carol on

  • Incredible, thank you for sharing. Watched everyone with one eye on what the sea was doing. A real metaphor for life.

    Julia Ingram on

  • Would have loved to have been part of this – the experience looks fantastic, and the sand art was stunning. I am definitely up for getting involved if you organise another one Lesley, Thanks for sharing your experience.

    Lucy Farran on

  • A truly amazing and moving event! It made me so happy while in hospital recovering from pancreatic surgery. Bless you!

    Sharon Jerkovic on

  • Absolutely stunning…and a remarkable testament to the love of Zentangle! Thanks so much for staring!

    Jan Brogan (Sail & Be Joyful) on

  • Thank you SO very much to everyone for leaving your amazing comments about this! I am SO pleased I organised this tangling experience with Marc for this small group of CZTs – and can share it now with the wider world through Rick and Maria. I am very grateful to my husband Martin, who stood for about 5 hours at the top of the cliff with his camera set to take 2 second time-lapse shots …. until the tide claimed our sand drawing. It would not have been the same without his devoted efforts – I love that Martin’s and Marc’s videos are so different, unique to them – just like our tangles!

    Lesley Roberts on

  • Amazing piece of work in nature, Leave No Trace :)

    Josephine Wood on

  • Fantastic! This truly just brings joy – thanks so much for sharing!

    Shawna Oertley on

  • Wow! Keep this coming, the world needs more sand circles.

    Natalie Kessler on

  • This is absolutely incredible – thank you for sharing your inspiring experience!

    Heather Moffatt on

  • This was both creative and spectacular … what a memory to have! Watching the surf erase the beauty reminded me of the Monks who make those gorgeous sand designs and then gather the sand and return it to the ocean … Thank you for sharing.

    Joeann Beresford on

  • I wish we has a bit of a coast in Bavaria! The Sea is peaceful itself but with the tangling ladies on the beach even more! That a wonderful experience!

    Inge Frasch on

  • So beautiful…simply amazing.

    Paula Schneider on

  • Thank you for sharing this video. Amazing beach art work. I was surprised of the emotional effect the video had on myself and some friends when I showed them the video. Especially when the sea came near to the art work. Great exercise in appreciation and letting go!

    Karin Godyns, CZT Belgium on

  • A wonderful reminder to enjoy the beauty of the moment and then let it go. Non-attachment at its finest.

    Georgia Jensen, CZT14 on

  • A stunning piece of “beach art” to be enjoyed for a little while before Mother Nature takes it back.

    Jean F Kriebel on

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful, tranquil experience. Very inspiring, graceful and elegant. I particularly appreciate the videography capturing the metaphor for a moment in time as the waves take the pattern out to sea. What a zenful experience! Lovely to see familiar faces out there! :-)

    Julie Allison on

  • A-M-A Z I N G I’ve seen similar work done in the US and would love to participate myself. Does anyone know an artist who does this on the east coast?

    Linds Dochter CZT 16 on

  • The peace that Zentangle practice brings to us cannot be downplayed. What an accomplishment to do this on such a scale, and just imagine the awe and joy it brought to those who watched! Thank you for posting this.

    Ginger White CZT34 on

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