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Project Pack No. 07 - 12 Days of Zentangle: Day 08

Project Pack No. 07 - 12 Days of Zentangle: Day 08

Welcome to the eighth day of Project Pack No. 07.
Alfie is so excited that Maria will teach today's tangle. He insisted he hold one of Maria's pens for today's photo shoot. However, all the tools you need to tangle along are in your Project Pack.
Today, Maria dives deep into the layered potential of a familiar tangle
Playing nicely with cadent, I found
The tangle was really profound.
By drawing just one
(philosophically done)
It kept me almost spellbound.

Please leave your comments below. Each day we will pick commenter at random to send a Zentangle surprise to!

Yesterday's winner is Carmen Clayton! Please send your snail mail address to!



  • I am so grateful for all your work. You brought something into my life of which I receive great joy. Project Pack 7 is such an inspiration again. Thank you!

    Rosemieke Coorman on

  • Wonderful, thank you so much- I’ll use it for Christmas Cards- it is perfect.

    Greetings from Germany, Julia,just become CZT

    Julia-Maria Weber on

  • Hello! I did a Cadent! I really love the blue, gold and white. Also i enjoy listening to Maria and Rick. It is contagious to hear you laughing!


    Nathalie Paré on

  • Really beautiful! I love working with blue and gold together!

    Jenna Black on

  • I love watching the tangle videos and Rick and Maria’s comments on the process.

    Gina Woodruff on

  • Alfie is quite charming! Thx for the awesome cadent tangle. Incredible once finished - drawing step-by-step makes it easier to do. So lovely with gold (gellyroll) and blue (charcoal) after the PN/01 lines. Gobsmacked by your talent! : )

    Carol Lee Parry on

  • Wow I love this!! So beautiful and inspiring!!!

    Cheryl Wolf on

  • Beautiful lines and gorgeous colors. Such an inspiration!

    Mary Yahnke on

  • Today’s project was quite interesting. Cadent was one of my first favorite tangles. It’s simple to draw, but like today, can turn into something very intricate and beautiful. I didn’t immediately see how the graphite would work over the gold, and was pleasantly surprised when it worked out so well. That’s one more technique now under my belt.

    Jonesy on

  • I’m looking forward to trying this one!

    Donna P. on

  • Even though i was the winner of the drawing yesterday, which i thank you< i still want to commit on todays tile with Rick and Maria. The Caden’s is gorgeous! CEC

    CArmen CLayton on

  • Each day the videos are the highlight of my day! Thank you for the hard work of planning and working through all the beautiful tangles for us!

    Linda JF on

  • Cadent is one of my favorite tangles. Looking forward to trying new things with it based on your inspiration.

    Caroline Tobin on

  • This one may be my favorite yet. Thanks for making these during the holidays. It’s nice to slow down for an hour.

    VGREM on

  • I’m really enjoying learning these layering techniques and being able to have a space apart from my current stress. The video guidance is so helpful.

    Valerie H. on

  • I am behind in my tangling but I do enjoy watching these videos every day!

    AndreaR on

  • Stunning! ~ Rose

    Rosemarie Crawford on

  • Love it! Absolutely gorgeous!

    Della Lamm on

  • Always thank you for the giveaways.

    Andrea on

  • Enjoyed this! Now I know what the Zentangle police sound like so thanks for that.

    Cathrine Nicols on

  • I like your laugh while you’re tangling, Maria. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Inge Rosa on December 13, 2019

    Inge Rosa on

  • Another favorite! I love cadent, and use it often.

    Debbie J on

  • So beautiful! Enjoying every day of this PP07.

    Sue Clark on

  • Love watching your videos every night! Beautiful tile!

    Berit Kyllo-Steinmoen on

  • Lynn G. December 13, 2019

    Wonderful 12 Days of Zentangle! Such a gift. on

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