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Project Pack .04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Day 5

Welcome to Day 5 of the 12 Days of Zentangle!



Alfie can't wait to assemble the spinner into Maria's tangled masterpiece from yesterday. However everyone tells him, "It's not time yet, Alfie!"


On this fifth day of Zentangle, Maria returns inspired and discovers the beautiful magic of bunzos in the quaint seaside village of quabog where, at this special time of year, you can find the zenith flowers bloomING.
Project Pack #04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Day 5
Project Pack #04 -- 12 Days of Zentangle - Day 5

Deutsche: See video with German subtitles here.

中文: See videos on a China platform here.  
You can find the "12 Days of Zentangle" supplies in Project Pack 04 which is available at this link.


To see spinners that tanglers post on the Zentangle Mosaic app, search on hashtags:



We'd love to read what you have to say and each day we will randomly pick a person from the list of commenters and send that person a gift from Zentangle Inc

Our winner from Day 4 is:

 Valerie Hayes

Please send your snail mail address to so we can send you your surprise!



  • Love all the hints and tips we’re getting and quite the review of tangles. Thanks so much.

    Jo Diamantes on

  • Loving all these new tangles I’ve been introduced to.

    Need to get some white charcoal, it adds so much to the tangles ❤️

    Debbie on

  • really stretching with quabog!

    Jane Werthmann on

  • Bunzo was first demonstrated to me in a much different fashion such that it looked like bi-valves from the ocean, from my perspective. I knew they were created with pairs, but had an epiphany watching you, Maria, sculpt the space with a winding creature. Heading to start mine now! So cool. And of course I have been in love with ING for some time. So enjoy.receiving these daily inspirations!

    PamS on

  • Fun to see very old but less common tangles like quabog brought out. Thanks for sharing.

    Pat Floerke on

  • Aloha…Really enjoying your videos…nice to see how these tangles were drawn…and Alfie… so happy to see him adorn your holiday art display.

    Lois Stokes on

  • I’m loving seeing people shared their spinner progress – it will be so warming to watch these blank spaces slowly but surely fill.

    Jem Miller on

  • Love n enjoy this 12 days of Zentangle, CZTs sharing and tangling together is uplifting and inspirating.

    Irene on

  • Love n enjoy this 12 days of Zentangle, CZTs sharing and tangling together is uplifting and inspirating.

    Irene on

  • Three favorites and a new one to learn… quabog! After struggling with Day 4 (and then just letting go of perfectionism) I am looking forward to drawing these ❤️

    Beth Lovelle on

  • Today’s tangles were new and different for me. I didn’t quite get them the way Maria drew them, but that is OK. Although I’m not sure about mine. Still, in the spinner, all the tangles look wonderful. Thank you for such a fun 12 days of Zentangle.

    Karen Thayer on

  • Love how this project is encouraging me to expand my repertoire of tangles! Such fun!

    Debbie McComas on

  • Thank you for this holiday tradition. It is a little zone of zen during this busy time.

    Lorna Roberts on

  • Enjoying the 12 days of zentangle! The video is so helpful. Thank you for sharing. Now, back to the patterns — exciting to have new ones to try.

    Carol L Parry on

  • Quabog, never tangled but now, glad to know this little cutie. My spinner becomes every day a bit nicer, thank you!

    Ria Matheussen on

  • Similar to Alfie, I wait [sometimes!] patiently for each day’s lesson. Roosevelt wants to be involved somehow, but he’ll just have to wait! It’s exciting to see what was a blank canvas coming to life.

    Ginger White on

  • Thank you for bringing some tangles to light that maybe are not often used! Seeing them demonstrated by you gives them new life! Beautiful work as always!

    LInda JF on

  • So much fun watching these come together.

    Nancy Wilcox on

  • I really love how this is coming together!

    Fina on

  • Maria, Rick, and Team Zentangle, I am touched in a special place where my inner child lives, light shining there, bringing to life and view aspects of myself and my creative spirit that has been dormant, perhaps told to behave and be quiet long ago, and what I am feeling in this “revival” is glee and playfulness. I love Alfie and Bijou and all of you!!

    Polly Martin on

  • I am trolling your You Tube account each morning checking to see if the new video has been released. I am catching up on previous Zentangle videos while waiting.

    Delores Azary on

  • Like other commenters I find myself looking forward to the time of day when I can sit & watch your video. Quabog is such an exciting tangle, I wonder where that might sprout along a string or two. As for Bunzo I never did understand or get that it was in pairs & that they could go anywhere attaching themselves like limpets in pairs. Thank you again

    Evy Browning on

  • I am really enjoying seeing all these tangles come to life on the spinner. Thank you !

    Jackie on

  • Rick you outdid yourself. These are 4 tangles I didnt know about.

    Brenda on

  • I love all the tangles! I look forward everyday to this moment with Alfie ;-)

    Floor de Jonge on

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